Learn how you can hard reset an iPhone 5S / 5C when it is frozen and not responding to your command. In this video you will learn the different method which you can reset an iPhone, whether you just want to restart it, or erase all content and data and [More]
I show how to hard reset your iphone 4s through recovery mode. If you forgot your password this will get you in but you will loose ALL your info. This is a last resort, it will set the phone to factory settings. Please like and subscribe. Thank you! If you [More]
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This video shows you have to hard reset an iPhone that has a password. This gives you the ability to set a phone back to its factory settings and to use it as though it were brand new – but to do so you don’t need to get through the [More]
Find out how you can perform a hard reset the iPhone 5S. In this video there are two methods, one method will simply get you out of the frozen mode and the other will completely erase all the data and content on the device. This video works with iPad, iPod [More]
iPhone lässt sich nicht ausschalten – Hard Reset Was tun, wenn sich das iPhone nicht mehr ausschalten lässt? Aufgrund von Softwarefehlern kann es durchaus vorkommen, dass sich das iPhone komplett aufhängt und auf einmal nicht mehr bedienen lässt. Hinzu kommt, dass sich das eingefrorene Smartphone dann auch nicht über den [More]
Unos ejemplos, que porfin indican como hacer un soft y hard reset en un iphone. Lo que pasa es que el iphone no trae muy especificos los menus, entonces aqui especificamos como hacerlo. Soft reset. Quita todos los ajustes que le has puesto tu al telefono Hard reset Restaura el [More]
how to unjail break iphone and restore it to its original firmware software, u need itunes for this, so first of u got to power off the iphone then connect it to ur usb iphone data cable then hold the power on/off button for 10s then with out letting go [More]
Hard reset Apple iPhone iOS7 using this handy guide and you will return your iPhone iOS7 back to its original factory settings. To hard reset iPhone iOS7, simply follow our steps below or follow along with this how-to video. What will a hard reset do to my phone? A hard [More]
Découvrons comment faire un Hard Reset sur un iPhone. Un Hard Reset est une remise à zéro du téléphone, cela supprime toutes les données et restaure les paramètres d’usine du téléphone. Pensez à sauvegarder vos données ! iTunes est requis pour cette opération.
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Quick tip: don’t hard reset your iOS device if it’s unlocked! Otherwise, go ahead and follow this device and you’ll be able to quickly reset your device to factory settings. This way, you can enjoy a device that is just the way it was when you bought it. This is [More]
Here’s a quick video on how to power off your iphone or do a power hard reset on the iphone. The demo is made on iphone4. This method works on different versions of iphone. This takes only 2-3 minutes to do.
This video shows you how to hard reset your phone removing everything including the password. This is a useful trick if you have been locked out. It’s also super useful for anyone who just wants to restore their phone back to the way it was when they first got it. [More]
Hard resetting an iPhone 4 is very easy and this video will talk you through the process. All you need to do is to press two buttons at once and hold – the power button up the top and the round home button on the front. The video demonstrates how [More]
This quick tutorial will talk you through how to hard reset your iOS device. This will work on any Apple device (except maybe Apple watch) and will put you back to factory settings right away. Why might you want to factory reset your phone? There are plenty of reasons but [More]