How To Carrier Unlock Any iPhone

This video demonstrates how to carrier or factory unlock your iPhone, that’s currently locked to a particular GSM carrier, so it can be used with any GSM carrier in the world. Note that there is a cost associated with this. The steps are as follows:

1. Obtain the IMEI for your device
a. Access the phone dialer
b. Enter *#06#
c. Your IMEI should be displayed – write it down
2. Browse to
3. Select your device’s original carrier, manufacturer, and model
4. Enter the IMEI that you wrote down, in step 1c
5. Finish the process of obtaining your unlock code and then you will receive an email with your unlock code and unlocking instructions
6. Remove any SIM card that is in the device and replace it with a new SIM card from any other carrier
7. Once new SIM card is installed, boot up your iPhone and the message “SIM Not Valid” should appear
8. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and you should be prompted to activate your iPhone by singing in with your Apple ID

Your device should now be unlocked and ready to use with any GSM carrier in the world!

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