How To Downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2 & Jailbreak Untethered

You find you have just updated to Apple’s Latest IOS software, in this case version 8.1.3 and suddenly things are not as they were. Apps become unstable, new functionality gets added and you are used to the old system. Basically this is apple’s way of forcing us to use their new software on our iphones and ipads whilst we were just fine with version 8.1.2 . Now the question is what do you do? Well the best answer can be summed up in one word : Taig.

Using taig untethered jailbreak will help you downgrade your IOS versions easily and the best part is that it works with all these models : iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 1, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 & iPod Touch 5th Gen.

Enjoy specifics of this in the video below.

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EverythingApplePro says:

In Case You’ve Updated. Downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to 8.1.2 & Jailbreak

French Kiss says:

Keep getting Error 3194 :(

Kaan Bulbul says:

Like if u dare to stand next to tim cook (boss of apple) with a jailbroken


Please help soon I reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy need help. Does still

Luke Meiritz-Reid says:

The Art of Jailbreaking Your Apple …Coming To An Abrupt End ???

Hilarious Apple are doing everything to Stop You trying to get away from
your Restrictive iOS … !!!

And Yet you Folk continue to Support the money $$ making controlling Empire
that is Apple … LOL

How To Downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2 & Jailbreak Untethered: hp://

Egyptian Doctor says:

hey +EverythingApplePro I have 2 questions:
1. is the downgrade still working (today is 18.02.2015) ?
2. if yes, would the downgrade work if the update was made directly from
iOS 7?
Please answer me asap .. thanks in advance

MrGamerBoy says:

Can I downgrade as of 2/27?

Manke Johan says:

Hey, so I HAD a jaolbroken 5s, everything was eorking fine, until I
downloaded a tweak called Bytafont. This screwed up my device, every letter
and number was in questionmarks…only way to fix that was to update to ios
8.1.3.. I tried uninstalling bytafont and the font and tried to backup, but
nope. So now I am here with 8.1.3, and I was thinking of downgrading, but
does that mean I will get every tweak I had back?? Including that
Please help

KING LEO says:

Does this method still work or nah? Anyone ?? 

Gambit says:

I’m getting the ‘Unknown Error (3194)’ Could anyone help me?

Sam Courtney says:

Does this still work as of now? (22/03/2015)

CrazyBadassNoob says:

Why can’t you just put the download links in the description?

Ludo Clement says:

+EverythingApplePro i cant find the download link for what you need to do
with that hold shift and click on check version and click on that file but
i cant find that file download link 🙁 please help me

// Jessica // says:


Trine Røstad says:

where is the Option Key? on mac

Kasper Borucki says:

I need help when I try to downgrade it says it’s not compatible 

DesirE - Geometry Dash - Thanks for 50! says:

Can someone plz help me! Ok, so I just finished downgrading to ios 8.1.2.
So I opened Pangu8 V 1.2.1 and it says ITunes version to old, Please update
to version 11.2 or later. I have the latest version of itunes! Please help

Angel Redondo says:

Does this work right now?

HamaDDisco says:

Does this downgrade still work ?

Aluzion AciiDz says:

Does it still work?

Its Explosion says:

I keep getting error 3194 can someone help

Appie Mkadmi says:

i always stay on a ios version untill there is a new jailbreak for the new
ios update 

XeTroy 1.1 says:

Does this still work?

barr cain says:

This doesn’t fucking work. I tried this fucking thing 50 times I downloaded
the right file “IPHONE 5C CDMA” and guess what? It’s not fucking
compatible. Good try, but try again.

TogiDazGems says:

Does is still work today?

Tomb Clan says:

for me in taig it says cant find apple driver please download and install
itunes but i already have it please help me out thanks

Mohammed Alkhodary says:

apple has stopped signing ios 8.1.2 

Thoalfqar says:

OH MY GOD it works u r the best 

martie mulhall says:

please READ!!!!! if i have not updated ios 8.1.3 can i still jailbreack
8.12?????? help…

Eren Yager says:

I’m sticking with 8.1.2 till iOS 9

Timothy Q says:

I am selling my iPhone 6+ and Trying to unjailbreak it to restore it, can
anyone point me in the right direction? I have already tried DFU mode and
restoring it from there, it comes up with an error. Thanks!

davion glogangboy says:

if i downgrade will i lose all my stuff on my ipod

Jrekka Matee says:

i have a jailbroken iphone 5, at this moment it is at 8.1.2, if i upgrade
to 1.3 will it get rid of the jailbreak? please someone help

Raffaello Morga says:

hello I have downloaded the software, and though it does not install on my

Evan Canellakis says:

When you downgrade do you loose the extra space Apple gave in IOS 8.1.3?

Dilavar Walia says:

is this still work pls reply

MangaBaRi says:

so i have an iphone 5c and its jailbroken but i need to bring it back to my
local apple store as theres a manufacturing fault with the phones screen so
i want to get my phone replaced will the jailbreak effect their choice to
take my phone for service
uk based

John Landefort says:

PLEASE I NEED HELP i try to downgrade my ipad air 2 but i it didn’t work.
Now im stock on the itune logo

TechPimp says:

Can anyone confirm me if this still works as of now?

iTz Zachu24 says:

Why does it keep telling me This iPhone can’t be restored. Error 14.
I literally don’t see anyone else with this same issue… 

john paul pamintuan says:

I have downloaded the firmware for my ipad 2 but they not compatible? can
you please help me.

Bilal Takriti says:

Is it still working please answer me??

Benny Autin says:

Hi, i updated my iphone to 8.1.3 and i want to jailbreak it, I downloaded
the iPhone7,2_8.2_12D445d_Restore.ipsw but when i tried to down grand it it
tells me my iPhone could not be updated because the firmware is not
compatible… Any help pls…. 

Isee you says:

+EverythingApplePro +EverythingApplePro does this still work, please answer
fast (and when im doing, this it shows the error 3194 , i have final
version of itunes and iphone 5, and i have the current firmware, please
help ,)

onizuka kill says:

So like i can upgrade to 8.1.3 and downgrade to 8.1.2 and jailbreak ?

mystic7441 says:

how do I download an ispw firmware file? everytime I do it becomes a file
or opens up itunes

Jonathan Sokolowski says:

every time i try to go on the downgrade and click restore ipad it says its
not compatible help plz someone :(

TGRW Gaming says:

Does this still work?

Matty Kane says:

Everything Apple pro is it still working

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