How To Jailbreak Any iOS 7.1.2 Device in 5 Minutes!

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This is FearxxxMExxx, and today, I’ll be making a video on How To Jailbreak Any iOS 7.1.2 Device in 5 Minutes! Below are all the helpful links:



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Max Fattoruso says:

all my apps are gone. explain?

xatonyHD says:

When i start pangu it says “error could not find itunes on your conputer or
itunes service didnt start” what do i do?

WexfordGamingNetwork says:

.so i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 , if it does brick it ( i know, very
little chance) but will i be able to restore it if it does happen? ( idc if
it has to reset)

XxPokemonNationxX says:

Someone help pngu just sits there and says loading resources please wait
but after 6 hours i goto check on it guess what it says loading recources
plz wait HALP

Dallas Kush says:

This worked perfectly with my Iphone 4 (7.1.2) 6.2 GB, Only problem I need
to address that is after the jail-breaking of your Iphone, it’ll take away
some Giga bites as I went from 6.2 to 4.5. Hope I’m not limited to
downloading some fun games and apps but was it worth it? For those who are
scared to do this DO NOT JAILBREAK YOUR IPHONE. If you panic you’ll
probably skip some steps and for those who are ready “go ahead” Make sure
to follow every single last thing he said, for those who are getting
kickedout of Cydia, Go back into it wait for the files to update and
either/or your Iphone may or may not restart. If it does I just left it
connect to my computer wire. After it’s all done Cydia should load with no
problems. I hope this works for you guys and I’ll update everything if my
phone BRICKS or Nah. Peace and Love

Googs says:

what should i do? it says check caches failed? please help

Apocalypse Asylum says:

Hey Fearxxx it sais Preparing Filesystem im scared 🙁 is that normal ?!?!

Catopus says:

just a warning jailbreaking your phone can fuck it up sometimes.

Jaafar Farhan says:

After I have jail broken it, every time I unlock my phone the apple logo
appears and reboots my iPhone. I tried to restore it but iTunes says to
turn off “Find my iPhone”. BUT I CANT cause it wont let me unlock. I tried
rebooting it and nothings working. Help man! What do I do?

Gordon Freeman says:

Do you know a fix? like once i start pangu, it just stays on “loading
resources please wait.” Never proceeded ever, is there a solution?

TamahawkGaming says:

Im worried that my ipad will get bricked ;(

I dont want that to happen with the first weeks of this ipad ;(

Kinzlee Watson says:

Can you set the time and date back to normal 

Andy E says:

you said 5 min but it took longer

kao sae says:

keep getting “Jailbreak Failed”

Maria Rivera says:

I have not tried it but um does it cause a virus in my phone or will it
still work? Because my mom wont let me jailbreak and i want it to be
jailbroken so bad so please reply!

BlakeEvk says:

Does this work for iPod 5

Intense112 | MCSG says:

What happens if you delete cydia?

samuel jones says:

um is this on the latest ios 7 on iphone 4s?

Seems Legit says:

What are the benefits for this like can we mod games and stuff? 

Ingrid Padilla says:

Do I have to back it up?!

herp derp says:

It wasn’t 5 five minuets… FFFAAAAKKKEEE


i lost everything how could i get it all back

Apaulo says:

Everytime its halfway it says ‘click pang on my device’ i click it then it
says pangu is not respeonding on my device all the time …why?

Oscar Cook says:

Mine says it couldn’t find iTunes 

jd liston says:

mine goes to ios 8 how do i go to 7.1.2

Yalda Yusufi says:

Hi I have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 and I followed exactly your procedures in
the video here. My iphone has been unlocked but now when i turn my phone
on, all my applications are gone!! i can only use the search bar and even
with that I cant open all my apps especially the important ones such as
Phone, App Store, and all the apps that the actual phone came with. Even
the ones I downloaaded as well. All apps are not showing and I dont know
what to do. Please help! 

Jeremy Outhensacda says:

what if my phone is unocked? cuz my phone Is will it like erase the thing
my phone is unlocked to any carrier . will it still work and I have the
iPhone 4

joseph gomez says:

the pangu homepage looks different for me. i can use some

jakebmn bochmann says:


TheCod .Player says:

When i start Pangu it is just a red thing on screen can you still jailbreak
it? Please help me. When i press on the red thing it takes me to the
internet and shows me the ios 8 jailbreak

Matteo Howell says:

i dont know whether to jailbreak ma new iphone cus it might mess it up

Orion 1v1er says:

I don’t have a computer :(

Datek111 says:

To me when i open pangu it says ERROR! Could not find iTunes on your
computer or iTunes service did not start

Kiarrie Gates says:

i did this and it will not let me unlock my phone . my phone keeps
restarting how do i unjailbreak it ?

Tanja Lee says:

What If Cydia Comes Up an says Preparing files den it restart your phone

Luke Matthews says:

Mine said preparing file system and then restarted. Now it doesn’t have
cydia! when i tried to redo it, it said this phone is already jail broken.
please help!

Rohith Vijayakumar says:

wtf…. my previously installed apps are all gone… is this normal? what
do i do???

Bailey Johnston says:

did u have to restore to factory setting before u did it cause i didnt haha
and it worked fine i think haha

magicisreal703 says:

does this work for a iphone 5s

Tunisian Angel says:
creeperinmyyard says:

Cydia is saying preparing file system (cydia will exit when complete)… Is
that bad?

Nathan Smyth says:

Does jail breaking compromise the security of the phone? I’m afraid to do
it in case i get a virus or something

RatedYT says:

hey man is this jailbreak unthethered which means i can turn off my phone
if i want to

Stigmaify says:

I got “Dump caches failed”?? Help

Noe Puebla says:

can you still trade in iphone if jailbroken because im afraid to

PirateGames says:

Do i need to back to it up? 

App nana / Appjoy Company says:

YO DUDE thank you so much now i can get alot of tweeks and some free stuff
with this jail break you earned a new sub and a lilke!!!!!

TheZilencerGaming 24 says:

do i have to delete everything on my phone

Maria G says:

cydia keeps crashing what do i do i cant open the app

Crystal Gilmore says:

Can I do it on a ps3

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