How to Jailbreak iOS 5 (5.0.1) on All Devices

It’s now possible to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on all devices, even newer A5-based devices. The method differs a little bit, so here’s how to jailbreak both ways.

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Brandon Chapmany says:

Guides and step by step tutorials, Jailbreak iDevice
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check, you dont have what to lose!!

Yahir Wright says:

Jailbreak Tutorail Tips & Tricks
you really need to read this.
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Dale Lewis says:

Unlock and Jailbreak iDevice free!
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Anthony Perez says:

does this work for ipad 2

ivisionification says:

does it unlock the phone too??

Julien Hart says:

any one else having the issue where the progress bar just sits at 1 cm?

DuncanQuinn says:

Everything you need to know about Jailbreak iOS. best tutorial, must see. learn more about it!

bongiisme500 says:

how do I update it as in from ios4 to this when my ipad2 is jail broken

Dipen Patel says:

@burhanashraf9 if I jailbreak the school willl know

Jonata Raf says:

How to unlock iPhone? Check this website Working

SkruffyPretzals says:

The site seems to be down so I can do it D: noooooooo

Dwash6124 says:

If it doesn’t reboot do u just reboot manually

5cool5man5 says:

where do we download the program?

Rob Thompson says:

when it says “waiting for reboot” it stays there and doesnt do anything!!!!
please help

besdong rboskhmer says:

Can I do and follow all the step for my Ipad 2 IOS 5.0.1 ? Please answer

Simon Bach Bjerring says:

You’ll find the links on the guide on Lifehacker’s own site: Just google
“Lifehacker, The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPod
touch, and iPad”

amazinguy1000 says:

Absinthe method does not work 🙁

xxdrakexx05 says:

thankyou this helped me alot , im a beginner but i did everything correct.!!

rainyblackskies says:

Will this erase everything on my ipod?

Austin Wright says:

whats the link to get redsn0w?

joe bob says:

for download?

TheJailbreakShop says:

could you link to a tutorial that jailbreaks 6.1.3?

Dause DuVall says:

I like this iphone stand. who made it?

whiteboy2k10 says:

Can you give me the name of your stand? I’m diggin it

ciara robante says:

okay, my itouch won’t turn on! what am i suppose to do now?



obshaky says:

This thing is pretty straightforward and easy, how can it have 4 dislikes
out of 19? Maybe 25% of LH readers are retarded -_-

Dextro Methorphan says:

Is this tethered or untethered?

Dipen Patel says:

You guys are the best can you tell me how to jailbroken a school iPad

vilmon98 says:

if your windows 7 you need to run as administrator

Goodbatosai says:

Is this worth doing? what do i get from jailbreaking?

ImValentineGuy says:

I need the pc version so I can jailbreak my 4S!!!

Haklerz says:

where can i download redsn0w?

Geylame says:

does this work with firmware 04.11.08

mvenom101 says:

@werty1432k 36.356% exactly….. loljks you idiot, there is none, you can
always restore by putting into dfu mode..

jakedasnake50 says:

how long does it take for the pineapple to run?

Zagster says:

@DuhKoDuhCantrell google is your friend

Mike DeCotis says:

it doesnt work 🙁 it keeps coming up as an error

joe bob says:


Alba Burt says:

Jailbreak_Secrets You Must Know> bit.lyRxrRzK|?a=E3UmQ

rx2g says:

every time i try this on my ipod touch 4g it crashes (the dont send box
comes up). i have the latest version of red snow and a windows xp computer.
also ran as administrator

burhanashraf9 says:


christopher dennis says:


12gnorant says:

when upgrading to IOS5 does my iphone need to be activated before

GadgetronProductions says:

Can you turn jailbreak off?

yousifya says:

i tried but it just reboots mydevice

burhanashraf9 says:

@dipen97 same thing as a normal ipad -_-

Barbralady86 says:

Megahackeris is lying u won’t get five bucks by doing that…u have to
download each app for 16-30 cents…and put in tge code JA614670

marlon brando says:

search youtube for Nyro app to see a awesome app after you jailbreak, i
love the idea of the app its like siri but you control the replys

Cass Tao says:

does this work for the 5.1 IOS?

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