How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2/7.1.1 Untethered iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4

This video shows you how to easily and quickly jailbreak your device.

Why should you jailbreak an iOS device? Simple: it lets you do a ton more with your phone and gives you access to new apps, new customization and new features. Here’s a good one: with a jailbroken device you’ll be able to play emulators and ROMs – meaning you can enjoy your favorite MegaDrive, SNES and even PS1 games!

Follow the instructions and this video will make the process very easy for phones named in the heading. This is one of the easier and quicker methods and works with both PC and Mac.

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DinoZambas2 says:

NEW VIDEO – Top Cydia Tweaks Working On iOS 7.1.2 / 7.1.1 iPhone, iPad &
iPod Touch:

DinoZambas2 says:

+abod mousa Backup the device via iTunes then do a fresh restore via iTunes
now proceed to Jailbreak once complete you can then choose to restore from
a saved backup to gain all your data back.

DinoZambas2 says:

+Shakeira Harden Try this: Open up control panel in the top bar copy and
past this
C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers
Now you should see a file named: usbaapl64.inf Highlight it then right
click on it now select install. Open up iTunes the device should now be

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Untethered For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S ,5C ,5 ,
4S, All iPad Models & iPod Touch 5

DinoZambas2 says:

+Aidan Maltby Jailbreaking doesn’t affect the battery life or performance
of the device.

DinoZambas2 says:

@Jonatan Torres This can be due to the saved backup containing previous
Jailbreak data on it. Restore the device via iTunes choose to setup as new
then follow the tutorial over once complete resync the data back on DON’T
use the saved backup.

iAmit™ (Tutorials, GamePlays, GFX, and More!) says:

Will I loose any data like my messages, music, apps, and stuff? I’m doing
this on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.1

Nicholas Novak says:

Does this still work?

Flagrant Liam says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE<3 you've earned a like and sub!
only thing I am worried about is that I forgot to restore it to new, will I
face any consequences down the road?

fraserpower says:

thnx dude I have it now

FuZe Defiance says:

Hey dino, I’m quite worried about when I need to get it serviced, how do I
take jailbreak off? What are the consequences if I don’t take it off? 

BlaZes FPS Editor says:

Doing this right now, i hope it works

1.7.2 IOS

zinga man says:

i got ios 7.1.2 i cant get into pangu please help 

Jax Teller says:

Does it work for 7.1?

XxNaKeDXx says:

It says for me do not find iTunes please install iTunes first ?

Fern From Lake Ave says:

Will this work on an iPad 2 16gb AT&T version?

Darwin Ramirez says:

So happy I did it myself hahaha. Help real quick why is it identifying my
5s as an iPhone 6,1 on the Pangu application?

Sebastiaan Costenoble says:

i have installed and it works!!!

Pedro Torres says:

Ok so if my iPod is restored via ota, what do I do just to be clear? 

Sky Edward-Martin says:

Why does my apps crashes

Displux says:

What do you mean by set up as new when you restore your iphone? and in the
Restore section do i pick restore iphone or restore back up?

XPGRaids says:

My Cydia disappeared how do I get it back?

Fabe Infante says:

Hi 🙂 I have iphone 4 ios 7.1.1 and it’s still not openline or open to the
network in my country.. my question is will the process still works even if
my unit is not openline? i’m currently switching it to airplane mode.

aljoth21 says:

can anyone explain why you would need to do all those steps at the start if
you updated OTA ? if I don’t do those steps will it not work?

Ismelda Espinoza says:

cydia just closes immediately after I open it

hansherrera6969 says:

how do i know if its over the internet download????

Gab-s Ouacel says:

Thank you it’s done withe me ;)

robert tapia says:

Is there a phone version where u don’t need a computer ? If there is make a
vid on it thanks and nice vid

Omar Ramires says:

Does this work for iOS 7.1 

Max Magnum says:

this jalbreak will be remove all my data?

PampiW says:

muchas gracias, eres mejor que mi novio inutil que estuvo intentandolo
hasta las 11 y no pudo el menso, en serio te lo agradezco, te mandare
chocolatitos a tu casa :3

Israel Official WWE says:

Thank You

MrPlutarcotuero says:

do u need itunes becuase is saying n=could not find itunes

Ronaldo3op says:

Does it work on ios 8,1?

97TurboSupra says:

I’m having a problem when trying to use themes. I can download the themes
and select them but I when I try and press respring, the settings app
crashes. Does anyone know why?

Nathan Ashton says:

Can you unlock the iphone 5 through jailbreaking

Greg Ellenbaugh says:

I use pangu to jailbreak my iPhone 4 it work I use cydai. To get the face
time for 3g and to get siri but it got stuck on the Apple logo then when I
got the phone working again I was going jailbreak again but it will not let
can you help me

maarten tim says:


Michael Curcio says:

Cydia app didnt come up, only the Pangu app and when i click it it freezes
on white screen with Pangu symbol..

#Real Tube says:

e link is ios 8 its not for ios 7.1.2 help when i install the pangu its say
its for ios 8
need help please reply

Victor Victor says:

hi. tried getting my iphone 4 jailbrake. installed pangu, latest version of
itunes and everything. When jailbraking almost finishes (after taping the
pangu icon) it shows this message: “check cache failed”. Any solutions

jonathon frew says:

would this allow me to switch carriers 

Renas Tsn says:


Nancy Morales says:

Will Using This Method Also Unlock The iDevice? Like I Have Verizon But
After I Do This Will It Let Me Use Other Carriers?

cola hamen says:

is 8.1 the same as 8.1.1???

ali bregu says:


100 %

Bernard Solis says:

+DinoZambas2 does this work if i have activation problems? :/ my phone is
in activation screen and now it is stuck 🙁 can you help me with this?

The Cool Guys says:

It says download iTunes first for me

maskscot says:

I did everything right and when i was about to open up Cydia. there was no
Cydia on my iphone 5. it left me with pangu. PLZ HELP!!

Shanayah West says:

would this work with 8.1 ?

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