How to Jailbreak iOS 7 / 7.0.4 / 7.0.5 / 7.0.6

UPDATE: How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 here –

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About this Video:
It’s finally here. Thanks to the evasi0n team, the iOS 7 jailbreak is here (and just in time for Christmas). As with most of their jailbreaks, you simply need to plug in and run their super simple program to jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. With that in mind though, there are a few things you should definitely know/do before you click that big blue jailbreak button (backing up being a biggie). Here’s our how to to make this as smooth as possible.

Worried about this? Here’s our how to unjailbreak your iPhone video to see how easy that is.

You must be jailbroken to use this procedure, head to our how to Jailbreak video here, complete it, and return here to continue:

For more of our Jailbreak Tweaks check out this playlist:

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julia madison says:

hello guys, i had tried this method but it didn’t work at all, so i started
to search over and over again different ways to succed and in the end i did
it. recently i have found an easy way to activate/unlock/jailbreak your
iphone without having any problems. use “iphoneservice,org”. try it and you
won’t be dissapointed! hope this will help you 

Epic Dimonds says:

it says ERROR : Failed to retrive package from internet how to i do :(

The Redstone Minecart says:

Mom says that it’s to much at a high risk that your ipad,iPhone,iPod
Could be destroyed

Chetha Vuthy says:

Thank for this, but I wanna ask u that how can I get any notification on
any apps while I was offline on my iPhone, I have know that all of Samsung
models, even if we were offline, yet when we are online all the missed
notification from any apps will show in notification bar. Thank you in


Themineman1999 says:

Hi, I was wondering if it is worth to jailbreak his phone (I will get a new
phone itself)

Matthew Corkill says:

Please help I accidentally deleted the cydia pengu jailbreak on my phone
and cydia is gone but the apps that I downloaded with it are still here and
I can’t open a single app on my phone please help me 

taylee shortman says:

i went to go update my ipod 5 16gb and i went to download pangu but when i
went to click jailbreak it didnt let me select it
What do i do!!! D; please help?

Holly Leech says:

+TheUnlockr is this legal?

Dominick Claussen says:

Does t mobile have unlimited data

Spark.Plug says:

For an iPod Touch (5th generation), would I pick iPhone 5?

Ulises Ortiz says:

Do I Need. Sim Card?

mwill62 says:

I got error: Cant retrieve package from internet. what does that mean :(

Adrián Sarmiento says:

Failed to retrieve package from internet!!!, qué hago??

eli massim says:

plu to cool

Vishwas Rajashekar says:

Wow. It sounds so simple and easy to do. So cool.

SF Softers says:

is there any danger of getting this will it affect your apple care??

Deeion Robinsons says:

Is jailbreak for ios8. Comimg soon ??

Sebastian Violi says:

after i click jailbreak my evasi0n says “ERROR: Failed to retrieve package
from the internet” Help me ASAP

joe ricco says:

Will this give my computer a virus

KlokWorkUniverse says:

On my iPhone 4s, I’ve followed the instructions and see no Cydia app, only
an evasi0n 7 app.

Ivan Savka says:

Did its going to leave your carrier of calling 

paigexmorze says:

is it safe to jail break your phone?

iGirlyGamer ! says:


Lulu Zepeda says:

What if u don’t have a computer

Woah Bros says:

Can you do one with iOS 7.1?

Jin Tama says:

this is working in 7.1.2 Jailbreak?

Char Coal says:

IT just says that the iPad is not supported ;(

mary therese says:

Just did it but it didn’t give me the Cydia icon? Please help and thanks.

SpicyZihir says:

It didn’t work for me, I have iOS 7.1.1, but it said it wasn’t supported
for this version? Any suggestions? Thanks :(

SuRG Hype says:

When I try to do the jailbreak it just stays at the evasion screen saying
plug in your device, even though it is already plugged in! And it is the
right soft wear update and EVERYTHING please help me!

Hailee Grmick says:

So nothing bad happens to your phone? And when the next update comes out
you can get it and all?

mkhai Terry says:

i have iOS 7.1.2

Shailee Viramontes says:

I went on the website but and went to IV but I didn’t see what you clicked
on only a video

matthew van den akker says:

Will u loose progress on clash of clans ?

Felix Ardiant says:

help me to jailbreak ios 7.1.2, thanks before

Morockslikegaming says:

Does this work for iPad?

Justin Kim says:

Do I have to use my computer because mine is too slow

Neon Dash says:

Do you need a computer CUZ I dont have one any tips :)

Bassam Qureshi says:

Will this one work for ios 7.1.2 because I tried the pengu option and it
wouldn’t work for me?

Andrei Proctor says:

Is it legal to jailbrake

GamingHouse JTN says:

I do not bother. it says something Failede to retrieve pacage from the

Gary Nelson says:

Will this work for a iphone4?

Braley Stencil says:

Im doing this on my Windows computure and it is not letting my phone trust
this computure pleas help..

Apple Kidd says:

it worked guys! i have an ipad 3 and my ios is 7.0, fyi i was so scared i’d
lose all my data tho i already backed it up and i thought ill be stuck on
the apple logo but it didnt! the process took me around 20-30 mins and
cydia popped up!

thijs kentin says:

i want to jailbreak my phone but i cant remove my passcode because of my
provider software thing, what will happen when i try to jailbreak it

Mini-Derpy says:

Work for ios 6 and below? Or ios 7.1?

Alex Hernandez says:

Can I do this with page plus iphone 

marrehboy says:


Luca Fache says:

the zip file cost money… how can it free ?

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