How to Jailbreak Your iOS 7 Device (iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, 4, iPad Air)

This video shows you how to jailbreak your phone with the wonderful Evasi0n7. Works for iOS 7 and 8.1.1. It’s quick and it’s easy and you’ll be able to get tons more out of your device once you do it.

From there, you’ll then have loads of new fun features and tricks to make the most of. Like the looks of Windows Phone? On a jailbroken iOS device you can change your theme to look exactly like that! Or how about teaching Siri a ton of new tricks now she has access to more of your phone’s functions?

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DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Untethered For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S ,5C ,5 ,
4S, All iPad Models & iPod Touch 5

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 Untethered All devices 1 Click Windows &

DinoZambas2 says:

So iOS 7.1 has been officially released Jailbreakers stay away. I will
update when there is a compatible tool.

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 / 7.1.1 Untethered For iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4,
iPad Air, 4, 3, 2 Mini, Retina & iPod Touch 5

zinga man says:

i got ios 7.1.2 and it wont let me downlod

DinoZambas2 says:

Apple have released iOS 7.0.5 DO NOT update if you wish to keep your

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 iPhone 5S & 5C Untethered:

Ismelda Espinoza says:

I rebooted my phone but cydia still does not open

Goku Brown says:

Thanks xD

KaRBoN DiIOXiDE says:

Is this even legal? DRM violations? Or will it just void your warranty on
the device? I’ve had my iPod 5th gen for nearly a year. Can this be
reversed? Sorry for so many questions. I’ve never done this before. :/

[The Sao] says:

Does it work for iOS 7.1.2?

kickATH123 says:

I’ve done evreything but when i click jailbreak it says failed to retrieve
package from internet PlzzzzzzzPlzzzzzPlzzz help me with this 

SDN-Gaming says:


Sergio Nascimentto says:

i need the download program, could you help me

Anmar Ram says:

i’ve got a problem i followed all the steps but i pressed the home button
it was a exidend know he is rebooting all the time plzz help what can i do
i dont have a backup

daisychainyou says:

When i get into jailbreak and press jailbreak it downloads for a bit then
says “failed during injecting evasi0n app (2/2) please re run the program
and try again” i have restarted computer and ipad, used all different usb
ports made sure itunes or anything else wasn’t open and itunes is updated
to the latest thing but it still says failed during injection. My ios is
7.0.4. I don’t undeerstand how do i get it to work?

Anigma Sinahon says:

Will this work on ipad air???

ishaan jadav says:

does it will harm or anything to my ipad

o0Spartan1170o says:

Hello kind sir i would like to announce a problem with me the jailbreak
tool now the problem i am having is that when i click the jailbreak button
it says ERROR: Couldnt retrieve package from the internet. plz help meh

Rick Taylor says:

Can I jail break. 7.0.3 

tyler mcphail says:

Does this work for 7.0.4 as well?

Stratos erbest says:

If you buy a new Iphone 5S and it is updated to the latest update. Can you
still jailbreake it. Do u need to downgrade?


Thank you so much :D

Kurze Kanal Pause says:

Is this legal ?sory for my Englisch im German

Jason Watson says:

Well done, as always, D7! Cheers!

DinoZambas2 says:

Evasi0n7 V1.0.2 has been released this fixes the issue with iPad 2

WhiteJacob says:

Can you help me I’m stuck on configuring device and it hasn’t rebooted

VecTroGamingUk says:

It says ‘ERROR failed to receive package from the internet’

Any help? I have run as admin and it still don’t work 

FUze clan says:

my evasion says can not connect to the internet but i am ? still not

Aris Gil says:

What if my iphone is on version 5.1.1?

LucasFahlgren says:

thanks for the help

Atıl Basgoz says:

Is it safe or it give risk 

James Channon says:

When i click jailbreak, it just says ERROR: Could not retrieve package from
the internet. If anyone could help that would be great!

Caniac_Shivan says:

When I tap the evasi0n7 icon it just stays on that white screen and doesn’t
reboot automatically

Antonio Alcantar says:

Can you still jailbreak safely if u have 7.0.4 but you updated it over the

Nancy Pich says:

ERROR: Failed to retrieve package from the internet. – why is that?

Gisela Soto says:

when i press jailbreak it says failed to retrieve package from the
internet. How do i fix this problem please help

LiverAddiction says:

you should make a vid on how to jailbreak with i.o.s 7.1.1

roman pavlovskiy says:

help when i try to run evasi0n7 it says “Error: failed to retrieve package
from the internet” im using an iphone 5s w ios 7.0.4 what am i doing wrong

Hector Vazquez says:

To unjailbreak a idevice do you just update via laptop ? 

BlueOstridgeGaming BlueOstridgeCrew says:

My phone will only stay at the apple symbol and it wont get off that can
someone help

forcedusername7 says:

wait what do you mean untethered? 

Christian Tamayo says:

Heeey!! Nice tutorial! 🙂 I just wanna ask 1 question. How long did the
jailbreak took you? :O

EricTheKing1101 says:

Mine doesn’t do anything! it’ll go through the whole process (skipping the
white evasion screen) and just have the evasion app on my phone, and
automatically closing the desktop one. it’ll say done and close. but it’s
not jailbroken, I tried clicking the Evasion app but it froze my phone
once. I’ve tried this 5 times already

Superminer 121 says:

Does this have a virus

Vy Nguyen says:

Thank you so much!! (:

Agustin Reyes says:

Does this jailbreak delete my contacts or photos or something personal? If
yes, how can i solve it?

Oddy Pena says:

hi , i have Iphone 5 7.0.4 i did the Jailbrake it goes all good but the
Cydia App never appears @ the end any, idea what i’m not doing right ? my
firware is 5.02.00

Idida Boom boom says:

I’m gonna try this in two days. Hopefully it works. My iphone runs ios
7.0.4 so it will work right?

Oliver jiggins says:

Will this work on the iPad original 

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