How to Jailbreak iOS 7 Untethered! (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, Cydia Tutorial 7.0.4)

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IMPORTANT: If your device was updated via over the air update, be sure to restore your device first then Jailbreak!


Jailbreak iOS 7 untethered with Evasi0n!

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Tom Rich says:

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Tom Rich says:

Want to #Jailbreak iOS 7 untethered?

Here’s my tutorial!

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 Untethered! (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G

Tom Rich says:

Want to #Jailbreak iOS 7 untethered?

Here’s my tutorial!

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 Untethered! (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G

Eva Varkonyi says:

There is a denial of access for a lot of cheap unlocks to your AT&T data
base, that causes most of the 3rd party unlocking sites not able to unlock
AT&T anymore. However, you can find still sites that can perform the job,
MobileUnlox is one, go google it, it’s the site I have been using for 2 of
my phones following the database shut down.

Jean Denis says:

Hi Tom I have an iphone5s and trying your evasion 7, its not working! My
device is stuck just after choosing the network then asking to try again so
no access to the main navigation screen.

Please advise!

Trogan Anett says:

For all having problems unlocking their AT&T phones, you can have a look at
mobileunlox.(com) for great service, it’s the fastest unlocking site I’ve
ever use, never took us more than 5 hours to unlock some of my phone.

Awesomegirlyswirly1.5 says:

That’s illegal I think….. I may be 10 years old but I’m telling the cops
on you. I have an iPhone 5c red. And I officially went to the apple store
with my dad and BOUGHT it! >:( I’m disappointed in you!

Devin loves Mine craft says:

Can ivasion be downloaded on Mac book pro

Darius Jean says:

Use *only* this site to *unlock* for free any iPhone.

Tiquarious Johnson says:

Download failed

ScienceIsMyDrug says:

Worked fine on my iPad 3, Thank you! :)

Headshot Central says:

how do u restore your device

ELxgDefender says:


August Johan Hedman-Mouritsen says:

So i have to delete all things on my Phoenix before jailbreak?

Bluford Strayhorn says:
Dylan Anderson says:

When I tyred it didn’t do anyrhing

Mehmet Can Atlihan says:

+Tom Rich Can you still install apps from the appstore, and go back to the
originall OS.. I have a iphone 5 and the warranty is over and it is getting
really boring to use and I cant afford any other device so I was thinking
to jailbreak it.. Thanks in advance, great video.

Nathaniel Galang says:

How long does it take?

ELxgDefender says:

Is this illegal

Parker Jenkins says:

hen doing the last step it kept telling me it didn’t support something??

Ricky Solo says:

Still working?

Dessa Stone-Pividal says:

were is the link

alfredo moran says:

mine dosent want to download

Kitty Katt says:

i updated my iphone 4s to ios 7.1 and got evasi0n 7 too, but when i go to
do it it keeps saying i need to plug in my phone even though it already

Omar Munoz says:

Hey, when I open the evasi0s it says Sorry, the version of iOS (11D201) of
the attached device is not supported I have on ios 7.1
Does it work? Please reply me
Thanks :)

Van Lain says:

You need iTunes

Gauruv Arora says:


pablo rosario says:

Excuse me sir great video but icant get asces to my iphone inside cuz its
not mine… i buy it.. but ican’t jailbreak it :(

tiras mitchell says:

+Tom Rich how do i downgrade my iphone 5s from 7.1.1 so i can use this

Penguin Pitzel says:

I’m doing it

driftmaster1628 says:

In my phone the evasion 7 app stays there and never get cydia, how come?

Enrique Tejada says:

Does it work for version 7.1.1?


Szerb Hugo says:

Don’t use ebay for unlocking!! There are numerous amateur unlockers, a lot
of us might appear to own lots good feedback, your phone may be locked
after 5 weeks if you select these bad unlocking methods. You should utilize
professional service like,
I have used it for so a lot of my phones, we can even unlcok the modern 5S
and 5C.

Furry Phinx says:

so what happens if I dont want to restore my phone do to losing music

Ray Vasquez says:


iV Frost says:

I didnt get cydia do I do it again?

Eric Feng says:


Richi Zero says:

Can u make a video that show how to jailbreak ios 7.1.1 without pc please
thank you.

victor rubin says:

thanks bro works just fine

Alex Da Silva says:

Not working for me. I get to “modifying roots” then Evasi0n closes on my
computer and I have evasi0n app but not Cydia? Can anyone help?


Lisa Croudace says:

my phone is iphone 5 ios 7.1.1 and evasion says that its not compatible?

aziz amayou says:

what about locked i phones ?

Michell Rice says:

BestRa1n Unlock and Jailbreak is Released , official website bestra1n com

ali farag says:

it says u need iTunes to run it when I double click it

Tania Hernandez says:

Do I have to backup my Iphone? Or it will save everything

niko bellic iv says:

What does the jail brake one do

Eric Feng says:


TANGO co says:

so do i get free apps and in game purchases

Tapan Hebballi says:


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