How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Untethered – iPhone, iPad & iPod on iOS 8 TaiG

NEW iOS 8.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Is HERE! How To Install Cydia On iOS 8, 8.1, 8.2, iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, Air 1, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini 1, 4, 3, 2 & iPod Touch 5G. TaiG Is Fully UNTETHERED!

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Top 20 Tweaks After Jailbreak HERE:

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EverythingApplePro says:

Download Link & Full Guide HERE:

EverythingApplePro says:

NEW iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak OUT NOW!

Eduardo Junco says:

Can someone tell me what a jailbreak is (please no hate) 

The_Galaxy's_Dog says:

I updated my 6 plus to 8.1.1 in the settings app, can I restore my iPhone
to factory settings in iTunes then jailbreak without a chance of it not
working ? This worked for the iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak when I updated in the
settings app.

SlickkyBrandon2011 says:

Did everything correctly…clicked cydia..file system thing pop up..screen
went black…after unlocking it the default ios 8.1.1 apps weren’t
there…had to restore iPad 2 

Jig Pu says:

can anyone tell me if the battery life is any better for IPHONE 4s on

Camjam0616 says:

I have a 4s on 8.1 no JB. I want to update to 8.1.1 but my computer doesnt
let me update. Should i update with settings and the JB with taig? Someone
plz respond

Dennis Martinez says:

Im stopping at 30% HELP!!

SnipeStar47 says:

Just give us a mediafire link for downloading the jailbreak.
Its a lot better then your shitty website that you made.
I clicked on download i waited 10 min and i see that it is only a jailbreak
for 8.0.1 – 8.1.
You shitty youtuber.
go delete your shitty website and in the future give us mediafire links

SHhelaTd says:

I have the IOS 8.1 Pangu Jailbreak. Do I have to backup, restore and
update, re-jailbreak with TaiG, and restore from backup?

BlueSpindash says:

I’m terrified to do this to my iPhone 5S. Is it worth it? I did this once
before on an earlier iOS 7 Jailbreak and it made my battery drain so fast
so I restored. Is this going to change my iPhone experience at all in a
negative manner?

AppleTechReviews says:

IMHO this jailbreak is doing more bad than good. It’ll just increased the
wait time for an 8.2 jailbreak since apple will get ahold of it and patch

jakolantrn33 says:

how can i tell im my phone is cdma or gsm

sadeed khan says:

I restored my iPad mini to iOS 8.1.1 will it still work.

eLynA Travis says:

+everythingapplepro how about my tweaks in ios 8.1 pangu jailbreak can i
put it back?

gabe killu says:

my jailbreak didnt work until i signed out of icloud just putting that out

Lucas Janos says:

If i had a jailbreak and updated would it get rid of the jailbreak?

sadeed khan says:

And will it work while apps are installed because that’s the thing that’s
worrying me


Should i trust chineese developers?

Lewis Seymour says:

How do you carry your tweaks over to this jailbreak?? Thanks

MasterJeev1 says:


Jordan Darby says:

Running 8.1.1 on a 5s, jailbreak finished and I have cydia, but I can’t
download any tweaks. Says dependent on preference loader and mobile
substrate. I can’t find a mobile substrate tweak and I need mobile
substrate in order to install preference loader.

Ollie xxx says:

does it make sense to update to 8.1.1 from 8.1? 

TheNewBlood Dan says:

how do you update when the previous is already jailbroken? Is there a way
to get the jailbreak update before updating then once you get the
jailbreak, update the ios through itunes and the jailbreak stays on it?

I'm Skulk says:

What if my iPhone 5 is icloud locked?

gassykiller3 says:

I’m on iOS 8.1 jailbreak if I update to iOS 8.1.1 will I keep all the stuff
I previously had when I was in iOS 8.1 ?

SnakeVenomable says:

Wow, exactly 10:00 minutes.

Shahzaad Siddiqui says:

All it says for me is a red circle with a exclamation mark in it. And it’s
all Chinese. PLZ HELP ASAP.

Kal El says:

its not detecting my phone and the window has a red exclamation point on
it, any help?

stranotech1 says:

Don’t download!! It’s a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeZodiac says:

Hey Everything Apple Pro or anyone who can help, can you please help me as
i’m trying to jailbreak my iphone 5c. My computer recognizes my iphone but
the application for the jailbreak will not, i’ve tried many things such as
restarting my phone and computer but neither have done me any good. If
anyone has had similar problems and can help please do :)

Fail4FunTV says:

It doesn’t work for me.. I get this:

EnderPhobic says:

I used pangs for iOS 8.0.2 on my iPhone 5c, the jailbreak worked its just I
don’t have service and it says my phone number is unknown (I’m on my other

NB BN says:

guys i have question

what’s the point of jail breaking iphones if you can get an android phone
instead ?

konke swe says:

does iphone 4s work ?

Yo King says:

Mines stops at 30%
Even when restored. 

Isaiah Hughes says:

So you literally didn’t even begin to explain the instructions to do this
until 3:48
Way too long of an intro. One would get the impression that you just like
to hear yourself talk because you do a lot of it. Especially when nothing
you said of was any relevance 

lambers69 says:

can cellular data be used instead of wifi on the iphone.? also does the 3rd
party app do anything bad because i cannot uninstall it.?

Jared Kitzrow says:

worked great thanks!

Nahid Islam says:

Will it work better if I buy an iPhone from China and set the language to
Mandarin Chinese and and use an Chinese Apple ID. 

Sultan Awad says:

this is the fastest jb i ever done 

SecretAgent Stanely says:

Cydia does allow me to buy things off the app store for free right?

MillsProductions says:

hey, I have my iphone 5 connected but the software won’t recognize it. any

JohnPyn97 says:

Hey guys, I’ve just jailbroke iOS 8.1.1 and it works great but I was
wondering… Are there any Alkaline themes compatible with iPhone 6 plus? I
mean HD themes that don’t just look awful on a 6+?

TheBram716 says:


AbandonedFMJ says:

100% Safe? 

Rauleicho879 says:

I got Iphone 6, is it worth it?

JDOvee says:

I cant download TaiG because it keeps blocking it and when I use internet
explorer, it just not work. HELP ME PLEASE

Malcolm Ward says:

Which “Download” file should I click???? 

Michael Janks says:

Hi Buddy
just want to thank you for all your information, ben following you for
years and must admit i will only follow your recomendations, as you have
always given the best honest advice. And trust your videos always

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