HOW TO: Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 with TaiG on Windows


Description: A tutorial that shows you how to jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 with TaiG on Windows. This works for iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.1, and iOS 8.2 beta as well. Works for all devices capable of running iOS 8.x such as the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5c, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPod touch 5th generation.

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SweMan574 says:


I did this and got Cydia, tapped it and tried to install it. Then my iPhone
(5, 16GB, Global, 8.1.1) restarted, and then when it opened some apps were
gone from the “Desktop”. Then I restarted it again but then ALL my apps and
icons were deleted from the “desktop”. But I can search for apps, then they
all work fine! I did a restore and everything, but please, how do I make my
apps come back to the iPhone’s “desktop”? I can’t even go into settings,
please help anyone!

陈凯文 says:

Why do you recommend unchecking the second box? Or in other words, why not
recommend installing 3k助手?

alex gonzalez says:

it doesn’t work on my iphone 5c 🙁 pls help I plug in my phone I have it
set up and then it press jailbreak and it send me to internet explore

MrGHLover107 says:

Can they please find a bootrom or iboot exploit instead of wasting
exploits. Then ill be impressed

Charlie Tsai says:

Fastest jailbreak I’ve ever seen !!
Is this safe ?? And I’m not quit sure if tweaks works for ios 8.1.1 now.
Please answer me !!

XiongBin Lin says:

wow the chinese are fast

EnemyofHK says:

(data sending to china, please wait)

boehserenkel says:

What is the second button for?

Haihong Yu says:



so far so good over here iPhone 6 plus 8.1.1 space gray 128gb

Mr.G3n3 says:

Does most of the tweaks work on ios 8.1.1-8.2?

Olderløkken Jr. says:

It comes up on Cydia:
Cannot Locate Package, and i can’t download anything!


Asyraf Md Rodzi says:

Anyone know does tweaks on 8.1 works on 8.1.1? Really pump up. 

Lewis Seymour says:

How do you carry your tweaks over to the next jailbreak?? Thanks

❥ Kirby3065939 says:

Something very odd just happened… I have Hey Siri enabled, and I had my
iPod touch 5 by my computer and starting at 0:27 of this video, and as soon
as what he said then was said, Siri activated…. I tried 3 times and every
time starting at 0:27 of this video is when Siri was activated… I didn’t
do anything…. Weird…

Marlon Picasso says:

What’s the purpose of jailbreaking anything? Does the iPhone or iPad run
better after jailbreak? Curious….

Arber Hoti says:

why dont work stuck on 30% ??? 

Chris Turner says:

They wasted an export on 8.1.1 when they should have waited on 8.2 for a
release then make sure it works THEN released it

Moataz Khattabi says:

Do u have to restore? And is it tethered or untethered?

Amaraa Lhagvasuren says:

Does linktunes and linkstore work on ios 8.1.1 ?

Oliver Baird says:

Are you sure this is safe because it doesn’t look like a proper jailbreak

Naman Datta says:

untethered right?

Renner Arruda says:

Why do I need to “fresh restore” my iphone? If I do the jailbreak without
make a fresh restore what happens?

Lauren Sharp says:

How do I get TaiG?

Phil Martin says:

You are very softly spoken but none the less, it worked… Lol

Mike C says:

Are all tweaks that are compatible with ios 8 compatible with the 8.1.1

Tyler's Network says:

this works I uploaded a video on my channel for those people who say it

lili joni says:

Is it unteatered

TheCraftyNick says:

it keeps showing an X

lchoppchop says:

When I run TaiG, it all I can do is either click a link that brings me to or asks me to click a green button
that just reloads it. Please help?

Michael Acosta says:

Anyone test this on the iPad Air yet?

Nahid Islam says:

If you have Windows 8 and there’s message saying “Windows had protested
your PC”, Tap/Click ‘What’s the risk?’ Then Tap/Click run anyway. 

Warmachine69 says:

Wow this isn’t needed when ios 8.2 is already in beta. We are burning
through exploits to quickly. We have already gone through 2yrs worth of
jailbreaks and it’s hardly even December 

arainla says:

This is the jailbreak world. You on your own. I wouldn’t do this on my
daily use device.

Christian Pasquariello says:
Dory Hoxha says:

so we can enter the icloud now? 

Angelo Lugo says:

Jeff brother I’ve been a follower on YouTube for some time now and you
brought smiles with that new jailbreak. Thanks! 

axel malcolm says:

My iphone 4s restarted at 50%

Efrain Lopez de Rivera says:

AWESOME! It worked on my iPad Air with iOS 8.1.1 —-THANKS!

Ahag20 says:

Does it work on iPod touch 5th generation?

Emad Ghaffar says:

Is this untethered?? Sry im stupid and also how much space does cydia

Or Franco says:

it stops on 30% and thats it….

Whos Challenger? says:


Jesse Reilly says:

Is this untethered?

Brittany L. says:

SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE PANGU JAILBREAK! (And yes, that warranted block
text.) Thank you for making this video!

Ayman omar says:

Thank u sooo much for this vedio actually i have been waiting for long time
ago. But i need all my apps and contacts and photos on my iphone 6!! So
could u tell me how to jailbreak without loosing any of my contents. Thank
i u again

Jordan H-w says:

Please help my iPad has stopped working because I tried to put it into
iPhone 6+ mode it hasn’t been working for about 2 hours and I can’t do any
thing I tried restoring it and it did nothing I installed taig and then
used upscale and now it’s frozen help me plz

Daniel Murphy says:

i get the error code 1004?

alexis ortiz says:

Does anyone know if this works on iPod touch 5? Im running on iOS 8.1.1
does it work on iPod touch ?

JOHN S says:

Jeff is there a jailbreak for the apple tv3? please let me know, I’ve been
searching high and low

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