How to Jailbreak Your iOS 8.2 Untethered – Taig 8.1.3 to 8.2 Beta

This video talks you through how to jailbreak an untethered iOS device on iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2 Beta. It’s a quick and simple process but it results in a phone that has all the restrictions removed so you can use it as you see fit.

A lot of people are very nervous about jailbreaking their iOS devices and worry that they will void their warranty and possibly do damage.

Thousands of people jailbreak their devices every day though and this video shows you just how easy it is!

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EverythingApplePro says:

Download 8.2 Beta, Taig 1.3.0 & iTunes for Taig HERE:

EverythingApplePro says:

Incredible, Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Beta Untethered! Just Update From 8.1.3!

Christian Gabriel says:


You need to verify that the firmware is fully downloaded. In order to do
1. Go to the directory where the firmware is stored(Downloads)
2. Right click the firmware and click on “Properties”
3. Check that the firmware is close to 1.5 GB, if it’s less than that then
it is NOT fully downloaded and, as a result, the error on iTunes.

I recommend that you download the firmware out of a torrent site, mainly
the one +EverythingApplePro offers on his website. Hope this work for all
of you, keep jailbreaking!

EverythingApplePro says:

Mac Version Out Now HERE:

Shisui Uchiha says:

when will ios 8.2 be relaeassed and ipad pro

MrGamerBoy says:

I got error 3194 while doing the beta. Help?

Kevin Mateos says:

i tried updating to ios 8.2 beta and it doesnt work. did apple stop signing
ios 8.2?

Kenan Cor says:

When I hold down shift and try to update to the beta it says the firmware
file is not compatible. Please help!!!

DTBoiz says:

My phone is full with music and has no space will it work?

GTmoney5 says:

yessssss im finally back jailbroken i will be uploading the 8.2 file i used
shortly to mega iphone 6+

Chelaum AUM says:

So far f.lux, Cydget, BytaFont cydget, ColorFlow don’t work with 8.2 Beta
2… :(

MarkFromYouTube says:

It says “my iphone could not be updated because the firmware file is not

SydniAnnCummingsx13 says:

So I did this… But, NO FONTS for BytaFont will work & when I download
BytaFont tweak mode, my phone asks me to sign in to my iCloud 6 or 7 times
in an hour. HELP ME. 

azim shaik says:

everything apple pro the link for itunes os for 64bit windows system but my
system is 32bit it dosent work on my pc pllzzz solveee this plzz

Tran Nguyen says:

im recieving the message “Restore iPhone before Jailbreaking” i already
restored once and i feel like doing it multiple times will be pointless.
Someone please help? / Is anybody getting the same problem?

fernando zink says:

I downloaded the correct firmware and my iTunes is up to date and as soon
as I click to update it says

That file isn’t compatible

what did I do wrong?

James Richard Dancer says:

Stuck at 30%! iPod touch 5th Generation

Eli Porter says:

Hello i downloaded the Firmware (ios 8.2) from the link and it said a error
occurred right before complition i don’t know what happened i did
everything right 

Zac Panganiban says:

it keeps on telling me to restore before jailbreak. I already restored my
iphone twice but the message is still there. PLEASE HELP!

Anders sigernes says:

I have a problem when i try to update to 8.2 it says there is an unknown
fail please help ive tryed different computers

Major_SW3G says:

Will this wipe ur device

TerrenceLee channel says:

Does it works on iOS 8.2 public beta ??

Archwinged D says:

Guys help every time i download the file it says removed if someone knows
what the heck is going on pls tell me 

Erwin Sasotona says:

how could i upgrade ios 8.1.3 to ios 8.2 beta? please help me.. i know how
to jailbreak but i don not know how to upgrade ios 8.1.3 to ios 8.2 beta.

Bryce DeBoer says:

When I try to download the app it won’t fully install. It will load half
way then stop. Why is that? 

Jetaime Gaming says:

+EverythingApplePro Can i use 8.2 Beta 5?

Mohammed Alkhodary says:

Error 3194 when updating to iOS 8.2

sherzyman1 says:

it says its not compatible. Someone plzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhoneiPod Jailbreak says:

Hi EverythingApplePro i have a Problem!
When i try to Jailbreak TaiG stugs at 50 % and i dont know why because i
cant read Chinease!!
Please help me !

David Carrillo says:

i keep trying to download the beta , but it says its not compatible i have
the iphone 6 , every time i click on the iphone 6 link it downloads the
sevens firmware, please help

Zachinthehat says:

Mine tells me I need to restore….
-_- what the fuck!

Lyrics7 says:

Everytime i try to use the update file to update my ipod to 8.2 my computer
gives me error 3194 can anyone help?

ExtremeAutocorrectFails says:

I keep getting 3194 error. What do I do?

Andrea Morkly says:

it always gives me error 3194 when i try to update to ios 8.2 on itunes…
any solutions?

Alex Elan says:

it says my iPad could not be updated because the firmware
is not compatible help?

Abishek Josiah says:

Can we just update the software to iOS 8.2 from the iPhone settings then
jailbreak.please answer

Real Greatness Vlogs says:

it Says its not compatible

cody heacock says:

can u plz help me it says this firmware is not supported PLZ

Sumosity says:

ive been jailbroken on 8.1.2 for about a month now and just found a backuo
with pictures i reslly want. if i do restore from update on itunes will i
lose the jailbreak??

Harpreet Grewal says:

I jailbreak my 8.2 beta 2

but now battery life is terrible!!!

if I remove my jailbreak n move back to 8.1.3 ,will I loose my movie box??

dzariff rosman says:

Managed to upgrde to 8.2 but it didnt work on the the TaiG instead it says
it needs TAiG firmware upgrade tool to recover. and the links for for
methods are all chinese (T.T)

Squiddy says:

is it worth to jailbreak from 8.1.2 to 8.2 beta 2?

Tobi Madara says:

i download the right firmware in my ipad 2.
i download ios 8.2 beta 1.
i also downgrade my itunes. same result!
how to fix firmware not compatible! pls help!

Anonymous Gaming says:

Erorr 3194 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrex758 says:

still work?

Zer0360 says:

Guys this is fake. TAIG have already dismissed this guy saying they havent
released a jailbreak. Unsubscribe from him!
Dont go to his website.

MRlovebmx1 says:

Hey i just updated to ios 8.2 beta but theres a activation error saying
that if i am a apple member then to go register my device-.- please help

Justin Shupack says:

i have it u whore

Or Afriat says:

You can send me an explanation of what clicked after I find you gave?

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