How to Jailbreak iOS 8, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 and 8.1.0 Using the Official Method

Why jailbreak your iOS device?

Well one fun reason is that you can teach Siri to do all sorts of neat new tricks. Ever wished you could get her to turn off or restart your phone? Done. Sick of Siri’s attitude? Install Sara instead. You can also change her voice with AnyVoice!

But how do you do it? Well, if you want the official method for safely jailbreaking your iOS device using the more modern iteration, then just watch the video and learn!

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roblox6613 says:

were do i download the cydia it only takes me to a site

Eric Gonzalez says:

Hey bro I have the iPhone 6 and I’m kind of scared to do it

blueJP says:


Irving Chavez says:

This fake. If you look at his clash of clans it has a little red dot on the
right top coerner, which means a notificatin and when he is “putting his
password”, he probably has another exact same phone with same case but
runing ios 7.1.2 but with a windows 8 theme. The pangu people is already
making a jailbreak for ios 8, but is not out yet. 

Lionel Dabiel says:

Sa ne marche pas! 

Alexander Ascencio says:

Those this work 

NachokerGamer: Tu canal de Juegos Indie y mas says:

not works please help he goes me to the page ios8jailbreak. please help

Captain Cod01 says:

Do I need WiFi?

Paula Deen says:

Mine doesnt have the 2

Igor Decnop says:

The link isn’t working

Leonard Jennes says:

What can you all do with this , free stuff??

Tristan Pina says:

Thanks works great!

Eliot Ball says:

Can this break your iPod ??

Thunder Spark says:

Thank You bro ^_^

NoInfo07 says:

Hard raboot wurks, even though you have ios 6 bootscreen and dock, it still
is l3g1t

GrimReaper says:

What clash of clan clan are you in

Taro says:

Those it. work

Alliance Gaming says:

It doesn’t work anymore 

Sean Fitzpatrick says:
Chris Proctor says:

will this work with Iphone 6 with ios 8.0.2?

Danny apodaca says:

Does this mean I can record

Diego Guillen says:


luke hyperspeed says:

Yup. It works 

Thunder Spark says:


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