How To Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4 Untethered Jailbreak evasi0n Tutorial

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Kenneth Hawkins says:

If you jailbreak your iPhone does it still work as a phone on your Verizon
data/call/texting plan?

Lajos Varga says:

Steer clear of the ebay unlocking!! There are many shops that sell unlocks
that may damage the phone, a lot of us may seem to have lots good feedback,
however your phone might be locked after 5 weeks if you decide on these bad
unlocking methods. You may use professional service like mobileunlox, I’ve
tried it for so a lot of my phones, we can even unlcok the newest 6 and 6+.

Christie Mclay says:

will the jailbreak work if you don’t have a carrier? what i mean is an
iphone with no sims card, will it still work?

MC Sniping says:


Csala Ibolya says:

For people that want to unlock AT&T devices, you can go check out
MobileUnlox, this site can unlock all kinds of AT&T stuff as much as date,
even the newest 6 and 6+.

Sean Richardss says:


Rustams Nilobekovs says:

MAN Thx alot
works like MAGIC
Pls do a video How to crack/hack wifi password via Iphone.

jose torres says:

I have a question. I bought a iPhone 5s at a flee market. When I got home I
turn it on. It was like I just bought it new but then it started to ask for
some one else iCloud password. It says it locked and need password to
unlock. I know its stolen now but its to late to get my money. Do any one
know of a hack to get passed this? 

Bob Losa says:

Does it work 

Koen Leeuwis says:

He gives an error: Failed to retrieve package from the internet.
Please Help!!

Roberto Clemente says:

If i jail.break a.iphone will the apple id be erased to ???

Aleks Tzvetkov says:

does it works on stolen iphone(locked from icloud)

Ismail Cherkaoui says:

can jailbreak remove icloud from iphones ?

Filip Culshaw says:

Jag är också svensk

Ferriera Montalto says:

If you intend to unlock your AT&T stuff, you may use
attphoneunlocking(.com) , I have previously done a whole lot unlocking
using that site, it’s really awsome

somcorp0001 says:

Talking too fast. Couldn’t hear a thing.

HoneyBadgers says:

Should I create a backup

nathan hoelscher says:


Kamil Mamadaliyev says:

I cant do mine , it says its not supported ? can someone help me with that
…thank you ..

Ronai Carvalho says:

Isso funciona também no icloud bloqueado ? 

WhosPolo says:

Does it work with the 4s.

Jayy Dee says:

Is there a jailbreak without PC? 

Christos Olympiakos says:

it tell me that it failed to retrieve package info from the iternet please
help 🙁 what i have to do?

JonteGamingXBL says:

If something goes wrong, the phone can be broken then? Or it may
malfunction or the like?

patrick lowe says:

It’s stuck in configuration 

khole white says:

Can u jailbreak iPod 5

sahn kim says:

when i plug in my iphone 5 it says sorry the version of ios (11D201) of the
attacthed device isnt supported. what do i do?

Gruz Maya says:

Hello folks, have you got a problem unlocking AT&T phones? Many people do
because AT&T doesn’t permit the access to their database for those cheap
unlocks anymore. But you are able to still use,
we could still unlock any AT&T stuff you want.

Jakia Chaudhary says:

does this work on a solen phone?O_o

xKr0wnX says:

if it gets “stuck” just keep waiting… Stop bein impatient

carl sorensen says:

Det fungerede for mig

hilsen Danmark

OhhWobble says:

mine is stuck at the Configuring system (1/2).. part 

TecnogamerPro says:

All the apps open correctly now?

Amiraah Abbas says:

im really upset I tried to jailbreak my iphone5 with 7.0.4 about 10 times I
watched the video , my pc close the program before it is done, pleas help
me !!!

paramvir gill says:

It does not work for me. it does not say done at the end or anything it
just disappears and when i open evasion app it just freezes on a white
screen. please help

amorzinhobr br says:


boss king says:

I took the risk and everything worked great

shane vardanyan says:

Plz help at the end it just closes evasion on my computer and i cant get
cydia after that !!

Ian Salas-Loto says:

i did it and cydia did not com up it was still envation plz help

Thomas Rimmington says:

i feel like my cydia is broken because when i try to get an app off cydia
it is blank… is there a fix to it?

Gregor Coleman says:

Real method to jailbreak your iOS device!
JailbreakBj. co m
Best one!

YOGI PTZ says:

I’m stuck in modifying roofs it reboots and when I’m on the lock screen
evasion7 closes 

boss king says:

hey do you have to delete everything on your iphone

Tee Gee says:

what do I do the cydia does not show up on my phone

DJ Kenny B says:

right at the end the software closes any ideas ?

FaisalRaidsMC says:

PLEASE HELP!!! i click it i unlock my device then the app Evasion 7 on my
computer crashed and cydia doesnt download please help!!!

Chib Sokha says:


Allen Butler says:

I dont trust this video, but i found best tutorial only here
Viisit. *JailbreakBj. com*.
Real one! 

Kim B says:

i have a iphone 5s and it gets stuck on Configuring system (2/2) PLEASE

Hala Yakine says:

If u have apps on your phone will it delete your apps and reset your phone
(like delete contacts and all)

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