How to Jailbreak iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, 4 on iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.4 with evasi0n7

Free video guide on how to jailbreak iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 on iOS 7, iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 7.0.4 using evasi0n7 for Windows and Mac users.

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dave gale says:

sorry I don’t know what I can get after jailbreaking. I am really looking
for a keyboard like thickbuttons. I know there are keyboards that make
the keys a different color but that doesn’t interest me and where could I
get a list of things from cydia? Thanks Dave G.

fliva017 says:

I can jailbreak ipad2 with it please ? 

JunPinn 476 says:

Will this work for windows 7 ?

nick davies says:

ERROR : Failed to retrieve package from the internet

beeman butcher says:

How do u back up

Cemal Prodz says:

Works this too if you iphone locked ? i don`t now my itunes email and
password anymore thats why i want to jailbreak it

Хомяк :D says:

Sorry, the version of iOS (11D257) of the attached device id not supported.
11D257 – 7.1.2.

Vass Orsolya says:

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Daniel uchiha says:

Will this Remove all your stuff if you dont back up?

Darvas Otto says:

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Jack Butten says:

if you need to jailbreak an iphone, ipad, etc…i recommend
it really work’s
easy, safe and fast…must try it

Nelisha Carrasquillo says:

whats the website

Maxim Bauer says:

Does it work with 7.0.2

Alfie Brewster says:

Does it work on iPhone 4s. Ios8

TrollingGuinea says:

The evasi0n software closes after it finishes and nothing happens on my
phone, no cydia, just the evasi0n icon. Someone pls help

PuteBordDelux says:

i was jailbreaking the ios 7.0.2 and is fails at 2/2 syas ” cant retrive
pack from the internett”..what is the problem?

joe siva says:

mine says failed injecting evasion please return to home menu

Lakatos Marta says:

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codking Kofoed says:

i did all of this but as soon as i clicked on the app it rebooted my device
and now my device doesnt turn on it just shows the apple logo for a couple
of minutes and then goes black its been like this for a day now

Cathrine roddriguez says:

My iphone is the iphone 4

Mast3rs Tutorials #2 says:

after i finished my phone froze on boot up

phouthonn yim says:

it very easy

MonsterJamShows says:

This helped Me So Much! Thanks iPhonehacks, I Got My iPhone 5 And My Dads
4s Jailbroken. Thanks So Much! Hope All is Well!

Bluford Strayhorn says:

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Lansford Ovin says:

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Schacht Prall says:

I understand the fastest site for unlocking AT&T stuff, it’s
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samih18 says:

i did this but didnt get cydia help ?!?!

Cathrine roddriguez says:

Is the jail broke. Is a bad thing? For your iphone because I want to do it
and I love. My iphone so much plz anyone tell me?!?!?!?!

phouthonn yim says:

thank so much it work

Andrea Merritt says:

i have the iphone 5c ios7 1.1 and it says that my phone isnt compatible for
the jailbreak /;

Luis Dominguez says:

It didnt work 

Mohammed HASSAN says:

I cant click on jailbreak

Roguewarrior120 says:

you can also go into your setting and switch it so you can download
anything from anywhere

beeman butcher says:

Then how did u say that off your phones screwed up

larry ford says:

so I have the latest ios version and when I try to jail break it says not
able to connect with this version. what can I do??? any ideas.

Who_Is_Dara says:

if something happings that goes wrong like we have to pay every thing we
can sue the channel 

ishmael marshall says:

It didn’ for iPhone 4 for me and I have 7.1

Leroy Hing says:

can it work on 7.1?

jeffrey tang says:

after the reading kernal message my screen goes like this; it reboots shows
the apple then shuts down then reboots again then shuts down and it goes on
and on and on. was is suppose to exit?

Rylie Stevens says:

Wow great video, thanks a lot 

mario quiroz says:

Sorry…. It leaves evasi0n7 on my phone I’ve tryed redownłoading it again
but same problem

chrystll1 says:

it tells me that my version is not supported ? it is 7.1(11D167) and i have
a iphone 4s

mrzspongebob1022 says:

I tried to do it and i went thru all the steps but when its over Cydia does
not appear anywhere.. 

Christian Smith says:

Mine says “sorry the version IOS (11D201) of the attached device is not
please help!

lbrafford21 says:

I got cydia but i pressed user and i got to have a cydia key

Marcos salinas says:

When i get to the “Welcome! Evasi0n is a…” screen it says
“sorry, the version of iOS (11D201) of the attached device is not
supported.” HELP

r14balu says:

3GS does not run iOS 7 losers 

marjorie saltos says:

what happen if is iOS 7.1.1 

PapouseQ says:

NOT working for Ipad 4 🙁 The Ipad 4 NOT go to reboot :(

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