iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak – iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c iPad 2/3/4/Air/mini/Retina mini iPod 5G

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PanGu (Windows) ►
PanGu (Mac) ►
▌**(On Mac, right click (control click) on the program, and then click open in order to open it up).**

In this video, I will be showing you guys how to jailbreak your iPhone 4/5/5c/5s, iPad 2/3/4/Air/mini/Retina mini, and iPod Touch 5G fully untethered. This jailbreak is compatible with iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 (7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2) Enjoy!

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AppleTechSpot says:

Yes, PanGu is compatible with the iPhone 4s :D

AppleTechSpot says:

I won’t be able to have my *100K SUB SPECIAL* video uploaded today. 🙁

But that does give more time for you guys to ask me any questions that you
would like –> *Post your questions on my Twitter page @AppleTechSpot with
the hashtag “#ASKME”.* :D

AppleTechSpot says:

*PanGu for MAC has been RELEASED*!! Yes, the Mac version of PanGu is now
out. A *NEW PanGu (Mac) download link has been posted in the more info*! 😀

*IMPORTANT* – If you *download PanGu for your Mac*, you need to *right
click (control click)* on the program, and then *click open* in order to
open it up.

Enjoy the jailbreak everyone, and don’t forget to like, share, and

AppleTechSpot says:


*PanGu STUCK FIX* – If PanGu does get stuck halfway, and you don’t get the
PanGu app, just close out of the jailbreak, and then run the jailbreak
again. You should then get the app.

TheYungaznboy says:

Please reply I need help. When I update my iphone 4 to ios 7.1.2 and use
pangu again it says my phone is already jailbroken but i don’t have cydia!
Help D:

Maingq Malawo says:

Can you put the actual date back or will it go away

Jack Fishbaugh says:

I can honestly say that this worked perfectly for my iphone 4 running on
7.1.2 without ANY problems. I am not sure why so many people have problems
with this :/

Anthony Sanchez says:

Does it delete your apps ? And I have a IPhone 5s 16gb and it has iOS 7.1.2
, can I jailbreak it right ?

Black Diamond says:

This shit doesnt work. He only does it for the youtube money

Raiza Telindo says:

Can I Ask A Question?

Does Jail Break Can Harm On Your iPhone?

FacePalmGaming says:

Does this work with IOS 7.1.2 or will it fuck up my phone? iPhone 4s by the

Jose Luis Gonzalez Arredondo says:

plz help after jailbreaking I turned it off and now the apple logo keeps
flashing and wont turn on

Jan Bryle Declaro says:

I’m not allowed to jailbreak anymore my mom said it can break my iPad cause
of that stupid tweak guest mode.

Jaybull The Australian Minecrafter! says:

Using an iPad2 7.1.1 the jailbreak gets 3/4 done AFTER it runs and restarts
the springboard, then above the black loading bar i get 4 RED question
marks looking like this ‘????.’

It doesn’t go on any further from that? I’ve re-ran the break and even
restored the device to try it again, any ideas ATS?

sahil ali says:

Dude can I update my iPhone 5s after jailbreak!!!!!

2FAB4U says:

Cydia didn’t show in my settings. Please help. 

yam316 says:

i can change date again back to auto?

TheTetrisBlock says:

it says trouble injecting for my iphone 4 can any one help

KayyMulaaTv says:

Crashed On Me After About 1 Hour Can You Help?

Aron Toor says:

A red button comes up on pangu, I click it and it takes me to the site…

Aidan Mounts says:

can it work for ipod 6.1.6

Ninten dude789 says:

I notice that the title says 7.1.2 as well. Does that mean that Jailbroken
7.1.1 is safe to update to 7.1.2?

I’m a noob to Jailbreak.

Jessica Ricci says:

how do you re-jailbreak i jail broke an iPad and after i did it facetime,
messages and the app store disapeared and so did cydia PLEASE HELP

SGLilyTS says:

What does jail breaking do?

JvmHD - Fifa 15 Trading! Tips N Tricks says:

I jail broke it and it wiped my iphone :/

Harry Gary says:

+AppleTechSpot do i need to restore my ipad to to jailbreak it

Captain Killah says:

Thanks dude it worked i was a littke scared tho 

Captain Cox says:

i made a backup before this because i knew it wouldn’t work (which it
didn’t) well anyways my sound wouldn’t work after trying this so i restored
the backup and now it just shows the apple logo on my ipad screen and i
cant do a thing about it so my $600 ipad is ruined and i have to get rid of
it unless someone knows what to do which i highly doubt that…

Austin Sandberg says:

When I open the app pangu a red pop up makes me go to another page what do
I do?


Can you change the date after jailbreak

pandaOTR21 says:

I have Ipad 4 just tried to jailbreak, I completed then there was no 25PP
or Cydia, ATS please help (i’m going to retry now)

hoogivesacrap says:

i can’t even jailbreak my old iPhone 4, it either says failed to install
caches or it will start to reboot then just says connect device and click
jailbreak to begin and the iPhone continues to reboot but then i have to
start again. i have been trying for so long using windows versions, mac
versions, old versions, new versions for so many hours and it just won’t
work. Help?

S Man786 says:

Do you still have everything when you jailbrak 

hershey gurl says:

Does anybody know about how long it would take??

worldoftanks666666 says:

only a dumb minded fucker would jailbreak his /her phone/tablet. i once did
it and it completly fucked it up it would not respond or do anything so i
went to a repair shop and luckly they restored it for 7 pounds.This is a
risk for your life dont do it smart people.

Zubaidah SSHJ says:

It didnt work for me! And my app store game centre disappear! Pls help
me!!! How to get my things back!

ISRGamingIL Yakov says:

It does not work for me because when I open the software then it will not
let me use it it seems to me something in Chinese or Japanese red and it
just does not give the software to employ p I click on that red thing I
find it fits the site pangu

seyla san says:

you can tell me about untethered and tethered jaibreak?? i don’t know about
it. thank for reply!

aidan [email protected] says:

When I open pangu v 1 it is loading resources and that’s all it says please

Sonica Shah says:

Could u make a UNjailbreak tutorial with panga 7.1.2? That would help SOO

LasVegasStripHotels says:

I want to jailbreak my iPhone 5,but I’m not sure if this is safe or not.I
have my iPhone 5 on the IOS 8 Gold Master Beta.Please Give
Suggestions!Thank You!

arley sanchez says:

i was following every thing u where saying but after the pangu got to like
25% downloaded and after i changed the date it stopped and said dump caches
failed after that i tried do it again but it it still stopped can u help me

Emily Scarfo says:

Dump caches failed?!

Seamus Cassidy says:

can you still do this if you have 7.1.2

Bilal Malik says:

Thanks a lot it worked u have a new sub keep on the good work :)

Sam Hall says:

Can I change the date back after I download the jailbreak

Xx4TLMean02 xX says:

When it finish jailbreak do I put a passcode on again 

Rikko Astrologo says:

Does it work for 7.1.2

victor kristiansen says:

well my phone got destroyed or it got blackscreen

ignacio pacheco acevedo says:

en mi iphone 4 no se instalo el cydia

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