iPhone 5 Hack – Custom Carrier Logo – No Jailbreak Required

Here is my tutorial on how you can change your carrier logo on the iPhone 5 or iPad without a jailbreak.

Mac Download:

Windows Download:

WINDOWS is Shift+Restore in itunes forgot to mention that.

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MuhaProductions says:

does this work for devices with no service running

snufkincat says:

It worked but it kept saying “There is no application set to open the
document” ????

Vigh Alfonz says:

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Hani Habbal says:

I’m running iOS 8.1.1 and it won’t let me select the ipcc file once I’ve
created it through CarrierEditor. Do you have a fix for this problem? +

Theonerithu says:

I am having the same problem. Someone help?

Gazsi Ervin says:

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Nick Peterson says:

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Colin Baker says:

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Fabio Duncan says:

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Guitar Gaming 2015 says:

windows link doesn’t work

Sienna French says:

does not work for Us Cellular

Eva Varkonyi says:

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PeriquinTV says:

sadly this doesn’t work on sprint iPhones. :'(

Predalien77 says:

Does this work on iOS 8 or ios 7

I have iOS 8

Shadoww Skinnerr says:

What Zeppelin logo pack was this

Zain Tesneem says:

once on itunes i cant seem to click the .ipcc file on my mac, idk what to
do? help please

Teagan The Best In The World says:

it doesn’t let me click on the file

Eskimo55 MC says:


Nibs Dimashki says:

how do you change it back 

Karanicz Anna says:

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Johnathan Dunn says:

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ov PREDAT0R vo says:

There was no tmobile US

Weather Man says:

Is it updated for iOS 7 (soon 8)?

MegaReach101 says:

there’s no cricket US

Arturo Martinez Jr. says:

I did exactly what you did and an error pop up always came up

symphony edwards says:

I don’t see the logos on my Mac, this video wasn’t that helpful

Ikhtesham Chaudhry says:

does this work for ios 7?

ulysses deltoro says:

does this work for cricket wireless iphone 5s

king petar says:

for ios 7??

Oakes Mills says:

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Adam Nosalik says:

Does not work for IOS 7!!!!

Driftay says:

WHY would u do this… SO much trouble, when you could just jailbreak… if
the phone breaks apple has no way of telling, bring it to them and they’ll
replace it easy. That is, if it does break. I’ve been jailbreaking for
years, and it doesn’t kill your battery or anything, as long as you are
smart about it. Just jailbreak u pussies

Avas Valeria says:

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mir sumon says:

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Nagy Marcell says:

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Cullen Blalock says:

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angelos clubb says:

Can u make a vid of a nike or Jordan sign or not possible

Eric Bridges says:


Prajwal Patil says:

this trick not work in my iphone 4…………in ios 7

Fox Miller says:

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brkbytkn says:

iOS7 ??

Dimitri Blake says:

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Julia eh says:

my mac says i downloaded carrier editor from an unidentified developer,

Alex Carrillo says:

Me and u have the same name lol

Prajwal Patil says:

any one dont trust on this video …its a fake video

Mondaini Steve says:

does it also works with iPhone 5s?

I like this blog very much so much excellent information.

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