iPhone 5 Jailbreak!

The iPhone 5 has been jailbroken!

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June Ling says:

what is the ranking between HTC ,samsung and Apple?

Mery Tinson says:

I meant about the security, i heard attiphoneunlocking is really secure, i
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Ahmed El-Ziery says:

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la belgique says:

Fucking lies

Malcolm Mitchell says:

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juana lorenzo says:

can you tell me when the iphone 5c jailbreak is released


buy a factory unlocked phone , jailbreak , use as gun , or let the kraken
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June Ling says:

may i know apple is better than samsung?

shenduboy says:

youre a fckin faggot.


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djaforma says:

Thanks !!! RedJB didn’t even load ………….

TheJailbreakShop says:

what about iOS 6.1.3? Does this work on that?

Piet den Hertog says:

I just visited that site, apart from the annoyance. The file provided is
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HARLEY S. says:

Mst be awkward sitting to the Camera and talking to urself

karla rose says:

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TheChickenrun3 says:

there’s nothing official about it dipshit

Benswan187 says:

Sort it out just get a android simple!

Jony M says:

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shane carberry says:

you’re stupid why would you put your phone number out on the internet

Kevin Chavez says:


GAMBLE812 says:

The fact that you have to disable adblock to visit the site is suspicious.

June Ling says:

may i know iphone 5 already jailbreaken ?really?

ByDeam says:

Can you do a iphone 5 jailbreaked geekbench test? 🙂

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