Jailbreak 8.1/ iOS 8 Untethered Pangu iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad and iPod Touch

This video will teach you how to jailbreak any device on iOS 8.1.

Download/ Full Text Guide:

Compatible devices
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPad 3rd – Air 2 / Mini 3
iPod Touch 5th Gen Jailbreak 8.1: /

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Tyler Walker says:

so how long do we have to wait for the cydia installation video???

ThisIsTurok1 says:

Nice, but IOS 8/8.1 is total garbage.

Why would I want to upgrade to something that will use even more memory,
more CPU, and take even more space on my iphone just to offer me some
worthless features I NEVER ASKED FOR?

I’m glad there’s a jailbreak out for those who have an iphone 6.
That is good news. Too bad they can’t downgrade to IOS7.

Miriam Sanchez says:

Works to ios 8.0.2?

MonsterMaan592 says:

where’s the download links?


Jailbreak Nation says:
My Name Is Ender says:

Honestly I’m very impressed with how fast the pangu developers make a
jailbreak for the new iOS’s

Like before, we got iOS 6 and it took ages for the untether to be released,
them pangu came along and gave us a free beer and we all had a good time!
Can’t wait till the Cydia installation video

Petar Pavicevic says:

I cant finish process. When i click blue button, it starts and then some
red letters show up and there is message with some stupid signs-iCloud-and
signs again.. What to do? btw iPhone A1429 is in my case, not 1428. help

neil asma says:

O ahve iphone 5Swith latest version of ios8.1. I have tried many times with
the new Pangu it fail to detect my phone. I tried in another computer also
it is the same. Any help please ???

kim ngao says:

Mine keeps stoping on step 4/6 …. It won’t work 🙁

Olle Skillius says:

+Jailbreak Nation its getting stuck on (4.6) and it all becomes red and
then the disconnect sound comes on and pango does not show that the phone
is connected and the loading field disappears and everything will be as
before and there is no pango app in the phone

mare92a says:

i have problem

Wan A.V.O says:

i found out that you need to turn your iCLoud off before you start if not
it wouldnt load. At least thats what happened to me

Isaiah Stephen says:

does it work on mac?

Blaise Potts says:

At 3:14 it gets stuck and then goes to red text and asks me to restart the
jailbreak… I dont know what do to.. Please help?!

david aleman says:

Im having trouble, can someone help? It says something about icloud and
iphone, Im using a ipod touch 5th gen.

жандос калибеков says:

why can not I on iPhone 5 A1428))

whiteiphonegod says:

I’ll wait till more tweaks support iPhone 6/6+ and are updated to iOS8.
Heck, I still have to wait for Pangu to come with Cydia.

Tizzy Cold says:


Jetblast90 says:


FlameTuned says:

Please, install the chinese system pack man

Mr. YouTube says:

Thanks for the vid

josh whitfield says:

do have to start with you device off or on

sage tiliakos says:

Is there any way to uninstall the pangu app? PLZ tell me!

Filipe Martins says:

help whenever I jailbreak my ipad is because after it has 2 4% downloaded
it breaks off and is there something in red what you can not read

Waldo Manuel says:

hello i updated my iphone 5 to version 8.1 and now he was no network. Can
someone help me please.

Juan Kuilan says:

Getting my iPhone 6 plus this week. I hope this works D;

GTAVince says:

Eclipse HD theme working? NoSlowAnimations working?

edward Madrid says:

If I update to 8.1 will my emulator be erased?

thien le says:

this does not work for iphone 6 plus ios8

Rexter Tenorio says:

its 2014!!!!!!!! but… i still laugh reading those non sense comments
below… hahaha

jakskelington666 says:

Anyones thoughts please: So I’ve been reviewing comments and all I’m
reading is people are getting stuck on reboot/apple logo. In addition,
Cydia app, which is the main reason many of us jailbreak, is not installed.
I remember when EnvaderJB would install cydia easily.
I’m thinking about waiting before I JB.
Would like to know what others think and will do?
Thanks All

sean zano says:

I have a problem jailbreaking when i begin jailbreaking my ipad mini the
progress bar only goes to 2/6 of the way done then after that the text
under the touch id together with the bunch of question marks goes red then
the button goes back to blue and when i press the button again the same
thing just happens. I tried turning icloud off but nothing changes. Can
someone please help because i really want to jailbreak my ipad mini

darrell clark says:

The new ways of jail breaking the iPhone is Pangu is a another time of
waste of memory you see iPhones have not got a lot of memory well some of
iPhones haven’t got a lot of memory but you see iPhone have not got a lot
of memory and Pangu will not support any apps with big launch apps what
have to be paid for Sachers if I downloaded apps what are not free it will
take up my whole phone memory drive and it will screw it but don’t get me
wrong I do love the jailbreak in and I do love Cydia to download it this
Pangu device instead of studio it will take the piss out of your iPhone
device memory trust me on this I have used Pangu for at least 3 to 2 weeks
so far and so far I am finding it hard to use it because of my memory and
because of my memory my phone won’t function properly and couple ways
resets itself and it never works properly and I have to take out Pangu
because I can’t have a iPhone what I can’t use or call or write
anythingi’ve always wanted a jailbroken device but always wanted one what
would have a lot of memory on but it is hard to do that because of Apple
has been planning acedia because obviously it’s not a loud but it’s a good
feature to have an iPhone but not when the memories for tea if you get my
point where I’m coming from Pangu is a good device good feature develop an
iPhone but not good with memory and other things on it such as rebooting
and appsand if you don’t know what I mean I mean Pangu what device memory
will take up your memory unless your memory is really good

Fabian Magallon says:

this shit dont work on my phone

Juan Barca says:

Ich kriege es nicht hin auf dem iPod toach es geht nicht ich kriege kein
Cyril darauf

willie terry says:

cant get past 1/4itunes error

seda mean says:

hello sr. when i download and start Jailbreak , i didn’t see the Blue
button . how can ?

Brandon Laroche says:

Does it work on ipad 2 ios 8.1?

H Farooq says:


steve gultz says:

it just stops before it hits half way through the install please help 

nigel3018 says:

How do I upgrade from 7.0.4 jb to 8.1 without losing information?

dkouy50 says:

Same problem here ?

tinashe madyise says:

How long did this or does this take ?

Parker Plays MC says:

Whenever I try to use pangu, it goes nearly a quarter of the way and then
says a bunch of japanese chararacter then something about icloud. Then it
stops working and makes me click the blue button again. Then it just does
the same thing. I have a 5c, is it a problem?

mega gonzalez says:

i did it already, its cool for now we also get p app to install apps

Shivam Raturi says:

it gives me an error saying something about iCloud.. does that happen to
anyone else as well?

Sebs Crafter says:

Thank god

Petar Pavicevic says:

and please one more question, when will i be able to download cydia?

Olle Skillius says:

+DinoZambas2 its getting stuck on (4.6) and it all becomes red and then the
disconnect sound comes on and pango does not show that the phone is
connected and the loading field disappears and everything will be as before
and there is no pango app in the phone

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