NEW 8.1.3 Jailbreak 8.2 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.2 Beta Update iPhone 6 Plus,6 5S,5C,4S,iPod 5 & iPad

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iOS 8.2 TaiG Jailbreak Update 8.1.3 to achieve an Untethered Jailbreak and How to Download TaiG iOS 8.2 Jailbreak steps can be found here:

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Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Updated on **4-8-15*: Apple releases *iOS 8.3*, Jailbreak *Update*:

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*BREAKING Update (on **3-17-15**)*: Apple *released **iOS 8.2* – Jailbreak

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*FINALLY*, those who are *stuck* on iOS 8.1.3 can now *Jailbreak* – follow
this guide to first update to iOS 8.2 beta 1 / 2 and then Jailbreak
Untethered via TaiG or PP

Jake Shaefferr says:

Dude, thanks so much. Really needed this 😀 

RM Lobbies says:

i did everything in the video,but when i got to the TaiG part

i got this
not sure whats wrong

Kingsly says:

I got everything working, ask me if you need help.

SydniAnnCummingsx13 says:

So you can’t just jailbreak 8.1.3 you have to make sure you’re 8.2?

Fat Computer says:

Someone please help, My version on my 5th generation iPod is 8.2 (12D5480a)
not sure what the numbers in the () mean but its their. When i open TaiG it
doesn’t find my device and i can’t do anything about it. Please help me if
you know how to fix this.

David Shafir says:

hi icu, i have iphone 5s (A1533) running IOS 8.1.3 and i can’t update to
8.2 because its says “The iphone could not be updated because the firmware
file is not compatible.” please icu help me 

skiLLY ETD says:

I did all the steps correct, but everytime I click jailbreak, I get an
error with a red exclamation point. Please help.

RandomYoutuber says:

GREAT! THIS WORKS! after trying for about 5 days, I’ve finally got my
iPhone 5 running 8.1.3 jailbroken after updating to 8.2 beta 2. The hardest
part (AND I MEAN HARDEST) was finding the beta 2 firmware online. There is
only one site I could find that hosts them for free, and I’ve tried
downloading directly from that site about 20 times, and it failed each
time!!!! Today, I found another video with a link to all the beta 2
firmwares available for download via torrents, and that worked, so get the
beta 2 firmware you need from one of those torrents right away while their
still active!!!! START NOW!!!! Just two weeks ago, I’ve regretted being too
hasty in the way I updated my iPhone to 8.1.3 and THEN found out that I

shiv patel says:

please help, upgraded to 8.2 successfully but when i launch taiG, i get a
red up arrow and wont let me jailbreak, what have i done wrong?

Timothy Arnette says:

I am not doing this one. I will just wait. I will message up my iPhone 6. I
will have to wait for the next easy jailbreak. There are way to many people
having problems with this. 

Jason Malamut says:

Tried this on my ipad Air and PP wont go through the jailbreak process. Any

Kieran Duncan says:

what is ipsw? and what the heck is and how do i get it?

Evert says:

So if i’m update to 8.1.3 i still have my jailbreak? Or do i lose it and
need to jailbreak again?

CC Ranger says:

I Removed iTunes completely restarted and re-installed the version that you
posted, and downloaded the right ipsw file I checked plenty of times to
make sure it was the right version. But still when I shift click to update
I got firmware is incompatible. I then tried to re-do it all again but
when I got back to re-installing the iTunes version that you posted it
keeps getting rolled back and uninstalls itself from my computer note that
any iTunes higher than 12.0.1 I can download and install fine but then i
get the same incompatible message.

edit: I downloaded all the versions of ipsw for the iPad 2 and got the same
error for all of them.

Roy Sharp says:

WOw take a look at this guys working factory unlock for iPhone, With IMEI!!!

shiv patel says:

i upgraded to ios 8.2 successfully but i get some error when i try to
jailbreak, i get a red up arrow, how do i fix this?

Victor Nguyen says:

this takes so long to download T-T

xCamu says:

Everything worked fine but when I try to jailbreak at %50 it get stuck and
my iphone screen freeze.. then I get the ”Jailbreak failed” error -1004
and when I looked to the error website i read this ”-1004 Jailbreak fail
:This problem is caused by your computer. Please change to another computer
and try again.” But I tried it on another computer.. what should I do ? (I
already updated to ios 8.2)

DramaticIllusion says:

“Cant find apple driver,please download and install itunes.” help please!

Josh Clardy says:

wont let me update says the firmware is not compatible

Paulyn Castro says:

Mine keep saying is not compatible, but I downloaded the right IPSW. HELP! 

Max Celinder says:

Worked for me thank you!

Bip Saini says:

Iv’e changed it to .ipsw and when i go to “shift left click check for
update” I click on TaiGJBreak_1300.ipsw and it says the firmware file is
not compatible. Can someone help?! I have a iphone six if that helps…

Arsalan Habib says:

So I can’t jailbreak until I update to 8.2 beta?

Pedro Pena says:

Wow NO download link thats some BS

Isaiah Gill says:

#1 it’s a lot of questions being asked that he CLEARLY stated in the video
AND the video title… I jus don’t understand lol
#2 if I was to do this, when the real version of 8.2 come out and I upgrade
it to it from the beta version, would that remove the jailbreak ? 

Vasanth S says:

I just managed to get my Ipad Air to ios 8.2
This was my third attempt and i succeeded. Thought i would share you the
small difference i did. After downloading the ios 8.2 beta 2 file. Kindly
press shift and left click “Check for update” on your itunes. Please do not
press the restore ipad option. Hope this helps. Cheers

MagnusHenrik - Credian says:

I an Running iOS 8.1.2 and i’m jailbroken. If i update to iOS 8.2 beta 2,
and re-jailbreak, will i keep my sources/tweaks?

189sparky says:

If something did go wrong when jailbreaking would there be a way to fix it?

randolft qwop says:

how do i download ios 8.2 beta

Reynaldo Rivera says:

Hey! So I downloaded and installed 8.2 beta2 on iPad air but pp doesn’t
work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

kris hedges says:

I’m jailbroken on tiag but nothing pops up whenis search tweaks on Cydia

ILickPanda says:

Freaking youtube videos and their excessive amount of information. ALL I
Stop making it more difficult than it already is for crying out loud

Ceebzz says:

how do i check if my iphone 5 is a A1428 or A1429?

Extream569 says:

when i open TaiG it wont see my iphone, i have updated to 8.2 beta 2 but
its wont do anything, it loads for a bit when it opens but then it gives me
a red cross?

Lets-S says:

u are all so stupid xD u cant jb 8.1.2 or 8.1.3 u have to fkin wait for the
new jb

Luka Stolnik says:

Can I Jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta 3 or 4? Tnx

SwirlySquare says:

Tanner, this may be unnecessary, but can you record and upload in 60fps? By
the way, thanks for the tutorial!

Connor Delaney says:

Im confused can i jailbreak ios 8.1.3 or dp i need to go to 8.2? 

TheBro123 says:

I’ve been trying to do this for past hour, im iphone 5 gsm i updated to 8.2
beta 1 like a breeze, now im jailbreaking and it gets stuck at 50% on taig
then fails. Can someone please help me!

Endi Hajdari says:

Can i only update the software and dont do jailbrake? Plz tell me

Greg Daugherty says:

So I didn’t update to 8.1.3 although i’m on 8.1.1 and my jailbreak is a
little broken (i can’t update or get apps, it crashes from time to time,
etc.) should I do this tutorial?

Sergio Alvarado says:

do all the iOS 8.1.2 tweaks work on iOS 8.2???

Tim Hublou says:

For those of you having trouble jailbreaking on a mac using ppghost(for me
a tiny caution logo came up with an exclamation mark and chinese characters
which idk what they said), I gave up trying that and downloaded a trial
version of parallels. I installed that and set it all up, then proceeded to
download the windows version of TaiG as well as itunes, and got a little x
on that as well. I had to uninstall the version of itunes 12.1(using the
program uninstaller with itunes*GET RID OF EVERYTHING ITUNES*) and searched
up a version of itunes 12.1.1 which runs well with TaiG apparently. Its
also best to use Chrome as that has a native page translator which came in
handy. After you install that version of itunes, i rebooted Parallels (for
safe measure) and opened itunes with the iphone and then opened TaiG and it
finally, after 8 hours of trying, recognized my device. after that i
followed the video. ***This is for mac owners having problems. ***

MultiGamePlayer1000 says:

Can i jailbreak on ios 8.1.3 ?

Ali Azimi says:

When i click on ”Update” he keeps stuck on ”Iphone Preparing for
software update” can someone please help me? I will really Appreciate it.

Juleszszszszszs says:

When I try to update to 8.1.2 on my iPhone 5, I get this error message:
“The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (3194)”

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