NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 Untethered – TaiG for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch 8.1.2

NEW iOS 8.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak Is Out! Taig 1.2.0 Jailbreak Latest iOS 8 Cydia on iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, All iPads & iPod Touch 5G.

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Top 20 Tweaks After Jailbreak HERE:

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EverythingApplePro says:

Brand New iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak!

EverythingApplePro says:

Full Guide & Downloads HERE:

EverythingApplePro says:

NEW iOS 8.1.2 Has Been Jailbroken! Why You Should Update Now & How To

Gon Gomes says:

I would update, but I dont wanna loose all my tweaks and cydia stuff..

PaperPie says:

I did this, all my apps are gone, including app store and settings etc.
What do I do now? 

eXtreMeGaMerssHD says:

Can I still do this if I updated 8.1.2 on my phone already ? cause he said
its gone interfere so did anyway still do it this way and did it work? 

ItzEnder ᴴᴰ says:

I am a bit too scared if my iPhone won’t update or some software or
something messes up! Can you make a video going over how to restore your
iPhone ios 8.1.2 if Jailbroken 

Sandu Zmeu says:

What if I already Updated my device from phone to 8.1.2 ??

FruitSlotMarket says:

If i Jailbreak my Iphone 6 on 8.1.2, and for any random reason i wanted to
revert back to my stock iphone (restoring the phone) will any damage
persist internally? For example, will my phone be slower, crash often, or
have some buggy issues which have been developed because of the jailbreak
before hand (even though its been removed)? I am not new to jail breaking
in general, but i am new to jailbreaking the iphone 6 so want to be
absolutely sure i want to do this. Id be glad to hear some answers, Cheers!

Nahum Figueroa says:

I jailbroke my two ipads and an iPhone 4S. All was fine.
I unlocked the iPhone 4S Sprint for Simple Mobile after w/ GPP, the phone
worked fine for a couple hrs, now I can’t make phone calls/send messages –
it says:
“Your account could not be validated. Please contact customer services.”
Help! What can I do to fix it?

Amine Boyz says:

How we do this jailbreak if we have Mac?


But my phone is already running 8.1.2 

Meatgamer says:

I downloaded TaiG extracted it too then ran it as administrator but it wont
reconizer my iphone pls help ASAP 😀 

Billy Croft says:

can your the jailbreak be removed if i have no backup on my computer

Gauruv Arora says:

Hey guys! I would appreciate if some could help with this problem. So I
know this isn’t necessarily a huge prob, but I accidentally downloaded the
3K app as well that I was suppose to uncheck. Is there a way I could remove

Deval Wright says:

After I jailbreak it, can I put my passcode and iCloud back on?

iz EEKO says:

so what do i do if i’ve already jailbreaked my iphone? do i need to remove
jailbreak and then install 8.1.2 and then jailbreak it again? fast answers
pls 😀 

MrDylan Greer says:

WAIT FOR redsn0w to come out for my device because TiaG screwed up my iPad

Marvin the greatist says:

and where do i download the TaiG?? when i click on “download” than it tells
me it will download File Opener. ???????????

Roblox Nubby. says:

I would so do this, one thing… My iPhone 6, has insurance, and i’m not
risking losing that… :/


whot if i have already updated my ios to 8.1.2 from my phone???? (sorry for
evetual mestakes, i’m not so god at whriting english)

jigasha says:

If i Jailbreak my phone will it mess with my service provider?

Kim Jeong Min says:

Guys, in case some of you are getting the “Decryption Error” or some sort,
you can try this alternate link here that I found:

Happy Jailbreaking!! :)

Crystal Thompson says:

Is there one for mac instead of windows?

Shayaan Ahmed says:

How much free space do you need? Is 4gb enough?

HamberShizzle says:

I still have 8.1.1 how do I update it on the computer 

Freddie Thomas says:

i have already updated through genral though

RopeGFX says:

When i will JB my Iphone, then it stops at 30%! Can everyone helps me?

stampingbear1 says:

Please answer can I enable the passcode and find my iPhone?

frankie sanchez says:

last night i encountered a new problem. im running ios 8.1.1 with the taig
jailbreak. everything was working properly (apart from respringing every
time i would use the volume button keys and the mute switch) but this first.

i turned off the phone and when i went to turn it on the phone basically
went back to original, like if it wasnt jailbroken. cydia and everything
was still there but that along with every app crashes. i cant receive text.
only settings and the camera app will stay open.

any possible ideas?? i already did a hard reset holding power and home a
few times. i also reset all settings but it goes back to normal

DTBoiz says:

EverythingApplePro Can you please find a tutorial on how to bypass the
Instagram disable of your account. My account got disabled on my iphone but
can still access the account on other devices. It doesnt let me make any
accounts either.

Gonzalo Torchetti says:

The cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 8.1.1 are still compatible with iOS

GabrielolXP says:

What if I already upgrade to 8.1.2 in my phone already?

q says:

So my iPhone is already updated to 8.1.2 through the phone itself is there
anything I can do?

Lexi Lomeli says:

If I restore will this delete everything on my device!!!!

James Richard Dancer says:

I get stuck on 30% iPhone 5S! 

crni1001 says:

i jailbreak my iphone 5 and says Sim card is not valid

Edited Name. says:

Hey, I jailbroke my iPad Mini Retina on iOS 8.1.1 two days ago, and as my
luck, iOS 8.1.2 came out. I was wondering, could you make a tutorial /
guide me on how to update from my current jailbreak? Thanks!

Nate Macdonald says:

please help. my mac just open TaiG in Text Edit after it unzips . what do i

Alex Payes says:

i am using windows i pad 2 and it gets stuck on 30 percent i have done
every step on here 5 times already i dont know what to do 

Karen Robles says:

ok, so I got questions. I’ve never jailbroken a device because I was always
under the impression that it would mess with things in the phone itself to
the point where I wouldn’t be able to restore it, but I’m seriously
considering jailbreaking my 5 now. #1: Am I still able to back up my phone
whenever I connect my phone to iTunes and is the music autofill and stuff
all the same? #2: Let’s say there’s a new iOS update and my phone is
jailbroken. If I update, will it just be like updating if your phone wasn’t
jailbroken? (all data stays on the phone, and the only differences are
whatever the update provides)

mosician01 says:

I’m sorry for being stupid, really. So, I can’t tell if you are being
sarcastic. There is no reason for you to be so that is why I’m wondering. I
thought jailbreak was bad but idk. So my question is…is jailbreak good or
bad? Idk if it is too complicated to explain its all good. Thanks anyway.

TheLifeOfDiogo says:

Do I only have to restore my device to uninstall the jailbreak? (sorry I’m
new on this iPhone thing :p)

MrBassmaster000 says:

What If I already updated my iPhone to 8.1.2 from my phone. Not using a
computer. Can I still jailbreak?

redhotking steele says:

so do i delete my cydia for 8.1.1 and then download this anf if so how do i
delete it without losing my contacts, pics, and other things. please help

TrevorAmovies says:

Ok I downloaded all these things but with one is it and are these all the
real things to instal? > Ez7z214, Handbrake, RARforMac So with one of
these is it? Cause i don’t want to instal another virus and all that.

ParadiseToXicGaming says:

do white iphones only have the white boot up logo or is that a theme or

Hardforbootsy says:

I need an opinion. Should I jailbreak my iPhone 5 c my parents would be mad
but we don’t have the money for games I’m freaked out

LiamFunGamer says:

why does it take so long to the manipulate result to load ?

Cookie Krazzy says:

to leave the cable on while its still rebooting?

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