New iOS 8.3 Jailbreak iOS Update: TaiG & iOS 8.3 Release, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Jailbreak & More

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NEW iOS 8.3 Untethered Jailbreak TaiG iOS 8 development, as Apple issues their 8.3 iOS update. Complete details on future 8.3.x firmwares can be found here:

Ensuing the PP Mac OS X and TaiG Jailbreaks’ patch by Apple’s 8.1.3 update, iOS 8.3 isn’t supported by the TaiG Jailbreak. This video highlights the latest 8.3.x Jailbreak updates.

1. Official Pre 8.3 Jailbreak 8.1.2 Untethered TaiG iOS iPhone 6 Plus,6 5S,5C,4S, iPod 5 & iPad Mini 3, Air 2,4 Tutorial:

2. Apple Releases iOS 8.3 To The Public, Changelog And iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Update:

3. iOS 8.2 Jailbreak And iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Update, iPhone 6c Leaked, iPad Pro Rumors – TaiG Release Date Rumors:

4. iOS 8.3 Released, New TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.3 Solution In The Works:

It’s of the utmost importance that you avoid updating to iOS 8.3 to preserve your iOS device’s Untethered iOS 8 Jailbreak!

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Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Updated **(4-14-15)* – Apple *released* iOS 8.4 beta 1 – NEW Jailbreak
update *(Exciting New Development)*:

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*URGENT* – All *(current)* Jailbreaks NEED to Avoid Today’s iOS 8.3

Having said that, as stated in today’s video, if you’re on iOS *8.1.3* or
*8.2*, feel free to *update* – you’ll be covered once a new Jailbreak is

Wesley McWilliams says:

So if I’m a non-jailbreaker, do I do the OTA update or the iTunes restore?

Florian Walla says:

thank you for the update:)

Tyler Gordon says:

If I restore my phone completely and say set up as new iphone before i
jailbreak, can i restore from an icloud back up with out loosing my

David Cochran says:

Im running 8.2 jailbreak and my ipod is in rest mode . What do i do? I
tried the restart like 30 times its still in safe mode ir rest mode 

malek halabi says:

Wait so whats wrong with updating OTA then Jailbreaking when the jailbreak
is out ? because in the older versions like 8.1.2 i updated it OTA and i
was able to jailbreak so whats wrong with updating via OTA 

Joseph Long says:

i have a big weener 

Simon Norway says:

I’m thinking about jailbreaking. First I was skeptical, but after seing all
the awesome features I could get I fell in love with it. I’m thinking about
trying to jailbreak my old iPhone 5 first to see how I like it, and then my
iPhone 6. But I got some questions:
1. Can Apple detect it, or my carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile etc) like on the
Internet? Will Apple ban me and brick my iPhone? Will my carrier contact me
and block my Internet connection? My phone is still locked for like 5
months, but I won’t unlock it by jailbreaking.
2. If I restore the iPhone, and then use an old backup from before I
jailbroke my phone, can my carrier detect that it has been jailbroken
before it if I need to turn it in for example a broken home button? Or will
there be leftover files? My carrier got some thing that they can use to
plug in my phone and if it’s jailbroken there pops up a warning.
3. If I take an iCloud Backup while I have a Jailbreak, and then restore it
to that backup, will I still have the jailbreak? If yes, is there a way I
can turn off automatic Sync iCloud backup Shit?

Thanks ;)

Xtravulous says:

2 days after the release of iOS 8.2, I said “there probably won’t be a
jailbreak for ios 8.2 at all”. Than you aggressively replied saying how
there’s a lot more utilities now than there ever was, and said that I was
ignorant and wrong. Well now what lol.

David Ortega says:

I updated iOS 8.3 through iTunes :)

Josh Wachob says:

what should i do: my ios 8 phone was jailbroken but i had to replace it
because it broke and the replacement phone is ios8.3 should i just wait for
ios8.3 jailbreak or what

Nahid Islam says:

iTunes is the only media player that installs operating systems in phones.

Travis Som says:

Every YouTuber is saying different stuff, should I update to 8.3 or stay on

Adaptive Zero says:

8.3 : Only reason i updated for the new emojis skins lol

but cant wait for the JAILBREAK !

Zachary Quarles says:

When is the official release of a jailbreak for iOS 8.2

ChaoszYT says:

Wait, so i should update via iTunes (plugging in my device and it comes up
with the message if u wanna update to 8.3) and not update via what? The
built in software update on iPhone? thanks

Sentra Klauss says:

Should i update if im in 8.1.3 and would it affect me if i did? because i
need a jailbreak soon and i dont want to be setback again since cant

George Emad says:

do u know anything about battery improvements on ios8.3 because 8.2 battery
draining so fast …
please advice ..

kennedy aikhuomogbe says:

Should I update via. iTunes or Air update??

Rylee Harrison says:

I’m happy that we will get a jailbreak soon!!!!
Code: ITBdc

BuffaloGaming says:

I’m currently on 8.1.2 still XD and I jailbroke so if I update will I lose
my jailbreak? and also is 8.3 jailbreak out yet?

Ian Simard says:

To jailbreak i need to update or no?

Daniel Sizer says:

You said that if you are jailbroken, on iOS 8.1.2, do not update? +Jailbreak
– iOS 8 – iCrackUriDevice 

bibbyshibby says:

So App Icons are still stuck to a fixed pattern but we get a skin tone
adjustment on emojis? Absurd…

Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jensen says:

How to get flux for the iPhone?

ItsKylee | OneClipEdits | & More says:

I’m still on 8.1.3 and I dunno if I should update? Can you reply please?

Epic cykie says:

O shit I never update via iTunes what now, I am already on 8.3

Nahid Islam says:

I’m on iOS 8.2. I’m waiting for a jailbreak to come (due to a boot loop;
can’t even go to volume up safe mode; forced me into restoring my iPhone)
should I update with iTunes to 8.3? Or stay in 8.2? 

Gilbert Lozada says:

Ooooooops already updated ota

Rajiv Shaw says:

Apple is challenging jailbreak developer…..developers failed

Allan Chen says:

Is it determined then the 8.3 version jailbreak is going to come out

Jim Bob says:

Shall I update to 8.3

hshibeeb says:

how did u get f.lux on iphone?

Ahmed Jasim says:

should i update, i’m not jailbroken 

MagnusHenrik - Credian says:

I upgrade my phone to ios 8.3 via apples OTA update. If I downgrade to ios
8.2 then update again to ios 8.3 via iTunes on a PC, will I meat those
jailbreak complications?

PiEmasterNathan Gaming & Unboxings! says:

My iPhone 5 camera has not been working since I updated to 8.2, does anyone
know if this update fixes this issue?

Самир Мурадов says:

just fuck taig they are assholes they have been sold to apple. Apple paid
them big cash to stop jailbreaking and sell all known exploits so don’t
trust them jailbreak is dead thanks to this god damn taig and unless some
more good guys enter the scene with new jb tool ust be patient and use
kuaiyong and 25pp for piracy :D

Alexanderrox2010 says:

Well I’m on 8.2 on my iPad Air 2; should I update via iTunes to 8.3 or
leave it for now?

Cartoon fan says:

Is it true that in iOS 8.3 they patched the exploits 

Warlock777888jr says:

What does taiG 3K assistant do?

Carlos Madison. says:

My phone is jb on 8.0.2. & it’s been working great for a couple of months
but about 3 days ago. Instagram signed me out & said I violated terms and
said it was disabled. But my account still works fine on any other device.
I’m confused. Did something I may have installed make this happen or can I
fix it somehow? I’ve signed in on Safari & changed my name multiple times &
changed the password. Still nothing is working. I deleted the app,
rebooted, & respringed & redownloaded. Still nothing.

Kevin Sandoval says:

I have ios 8.2 so should I just update too 8.3 than? Or will 8.2 jailbreak
come out first?

PwnageRevenge says:

I am stuck unjailbroken on 8.2 should I just upgrade to 8.3?

SarahJustSarah says:

If I’m already Jailbroken and want to update to 8.3 can I just update via
iTunes or do I have restore then update. I dont mind waiting for the next
jailbreak with an unjailbroken phone. 

Sunshine rose Girl says:

I’m not jailbroken yet but I’m waiting for the jaulbreak to update

Isaia5puto says:

I want to jailbreak my iPhone 6 and I’m on iOS 8.2 should I update to 8.3
or stay on 8.2 and wait for the new jailbreak ?

Claudia Read says:

Ive updated to 8.3 so when can i jailbreak? ;(

DOGaming says:

Is there any way I can be notified when the iOS 8.3 jbreak is out?

betterbrick1173 says:

So is there a jailbreak for iOS 8.3? 

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