NEW Jailbreak 8.1.1 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.1.1 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5S,5C,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Mini 3, Air 2,4

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iOS 8 and 8.1.1 TaiG Jailbreak Untethered Tutorial and How to Download TaiG iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak instructional steps can be found here:

Further Jailbreak and iOS 8.1.1 details, including more information on TaiG iOS 8 for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, iPhone 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, Mini 3, 4 owners available on Evasi0n Jailbreak:

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Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*ALSO* – The video has finished processing *in 4K* – this is the *first
Jailbreak* tutorial in UDH!

Shao qin Ma says:

The only reason I’m staying on iOS 8.1 is because I don’t want to re

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Wow* – What an AWESOME time for Jailbreakers, we now have a NEW *8.1.1
Jailbreak* utility for all iDevices


good thing i did not upgrade. no mac support smh 

Stat Poizon says:

I’m using iPad 2 and it stays stuck on 30 percent help

Cherzong Cha says:

iH8sn0w showed off jailbroken 8.1.1 and TaiG released an 8.1.1 jailbreak.

John Loco says:

Thanks bro it worked 😀 

GotMyDickStuckInAToaster says:

When starts jailbreaking, it just stops at 30% :|

Shade Zepheri says:

so should we upgrade to 8.1.1 and jailbreak m8?

Kdyso says:

Do you think this jailbreak was a waste ?


Now is Tia safe, because taiG Is known for malware with the evasion7 when
it was first released, plus taiG has rushed this and got ahead of panty for
pirated Chinese app stores. It doesn’t sound safe, check MuscleNerd and
iH8Snow’s Twitter and i0nic’s

Fran Alves says:

your hand shakes a lot

Conlin Murray says:

Do i need to update to iOS 8.1.1 because I am on 7.0.4 and I’m not
receiving any new tweaks on cydia its been the same for about a month or
two? I tried yesterday to update to 8.1.1 and i got the error: 4005 and
tried again and got the same error any way to fix this or can i just stay
on 7.0.4 (iPod touch 5th Generation)

Cliffdog1212 says:

Hey guys. recently my phone was having some issues and im not quite sure
why. i havent downloaded any new tweaks in the passed week or so. but today
i was using it and it wasnt opening apps when i clicked on them. and so i
tried to restart it thinking it would take care of the issue, but now its
stuck on the boot logo. i tried holding down the power/home button to
restart and even did the volume button thing too. nothing can get it off
the boot logo. im on 8,1 i believe and never had any of these problems
before while jailbreaking. the iphone wont register in itunes to restore
either . when i plug it in the computer will make noise like its
registering but i cannot click on my phone in itunes at all. if anyone
knows of a solution i would very much appreciate it guys thank you.

MonkeyVenomGamer says:

I hope this doesn’t make me sound stupid… but what happened to redsnow?

TonysTechHelp says:

Getting “no service” after jailbreaking and following all the steps, do I
have to restore again or something?

eLynA Travis says:

Could give me an better option?
Should i update to the latest ios 8.1.1 and jailbreak or stay with pangu?
Pls reply asap :)

Ace Blue says:

Is Evasi0n now resting in their coffins because thats the only JB utility I
trust, and so far, no news on ios 8. Im using iPad 4 ios 7.0.6 :D

kz24lakers says:

Im stuck at 30% did everything right

PhOieX says:

so if i update my iphone 5c 7.1.2 to ios 8.1.1 and did the tiaG it will be

Fahad Mohammed says:

nice video keep it up,
just a quick question:
I’m using a jailbroken iPhone 5s 8.1,do you recommend upgrading to 8.1.1 or
wait a couple days?

Cherzong Cha says:

Looks like the Chinese are releasing jailbreaks for the $$

Warmachine69 says:

Wow this isn’t needed when ios 8.2 is already in beta. We are burning
through exploits to quickly. We have already gone through 2yrs worth of
jailbreaks and it’s hardly even December. I miss the evaders! When they did
it right

Vincent Brdar says:

what about iPad 4.

Podex Nachorrax says:

Have you noticed any bugs with this jailbreak ?? You are so cool man, lets
see if you read this comment

Cody Mistery says:

stuck at 30% pls help

MyCarGoZoomZoom says:

Thank you for repping us ipod 5 users

Sam Lowe says:

how did u get it to open in the first place diego?

Sam Gordon says:


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Thank you for reading and please thumb up because i am SICK of waiting. 

Chris Peguero says:

Is this jailbreak untethered?

MiLLiOnZlanGO says:

Is it just me that cant find cydia substrate!


Hey ICUiD ! Great vid tutorial! Would you determine this jailbreak as
“safe” ?

IceFlames39 says:

Icu how do you update your jailbreak without losing anything? I have a iPod
5 on iOS 8.1 and want to do it on 8.1.1 because it’s faster on old models 

Kenny Dupra says:

Can I enable my pass code again and not go into endless boot loop like 8.1.

Fares AlSaleh says:

is there actually a difference between taiG and pengu jailbreak ? i mean
should i jailbreak now or wait for pengu ?

iosgameplayedition says:

Is ipad 4 compatible???

Danial Boom says:

Hey icu, love your videos but should I stay jailbroken on 8.1 or should I
upgrade to 8.1.1 and jailbreak?

Miguel R says:

Very Nice Early Xmas Gift for those who updated to 8.1.1 !! Now they get a
chance to jailbreak!! Keep up the good Work Bro!

Sam Barnett says:

what happens if you updated to 8.1.1 on your phone and still jailbroke it
without restoring 

slowe says:

does not WORK , says run as admin , but u cant because 7zip tells you to
not windows . so even if u run as windows admin it says ACCES DENIED

kwame76 says:

I keep getting stuck on TaiG at 30% for 10-20mins then I get a sad face and
error 1004 I have iphone 6 8.1.1 (12b436) please help I watched and follow
the steps…

Diego Hernandez says:

stops on 60% any word of advice?

anzaga5 says:

it is safe apple pay with a jeilbreak device ? thanks for the info … 

beastRobb37 says:

Does this work without issues on the 4S? The Pangu 8.1 jailbreak had a lot
of issues

Qu4ntumZ Z0n3 says:

I just jailbroke my ipad on 8.1…and now this comes out… sigh… fml…

Edgarcsandoval says:

I have iPhone 6 is it worth to update 8.1.1 ? To jailbreak 

Jaden Ramos says:

its been stuck at 60% for like 30 min! plzz help

terry says:

mine also was stuck at 60%^. Did you get a fix?

Mato S says:

helppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzz i canttttt jailbreak itttt -_-
nothing show after i connected my iphone just showing this ! .

x SyZz says:

When will they release 8.2 because im getting a 6 for christmas and want to
jailbreak it when i get it. Also is this safe and no viruses. I am just
wondering because it just kind of popped up like pangu did

An Nguyen says:

i need link to download TaiG 

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