NEW Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 & 8.1 iPhone 6, 6 plus 5S,5C,5,4S iPod Touch 5th iPad 3,4,5,Air,Mini Cydia

Works with iPhone 4,4S,5,5C,5S iPod Touch 4th & 5th Gen & iPad 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generations. iPad Air, Mini and Mini Retina all on 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 7.1

Pangu Jailbreak Download:

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Salah Baja says:

Works at iOS 8.0.1 ??

XxTouhouGamerxX says:


Drew Nasello says:

problem downloading pangu from website for windows. says webpage
unavailable :(

Ahmanduh says:

Does this work with IOS 8?

Rose Tyler says:

Thumbs down vote for lying.

Logic Lobster says:

What does he mean by “restore your device”? I wanna jailbreak but I need
that clarified 

Nick says:

ios 7.1.3 doesn’t have a jailbreak….

420 BLAZE IT 360 NOSKOPE says:

It’s not working for me, Help me please.

Justin Benton says:

So any other language besides English is funny and “doesn’t matter”? Wow.

Richard Dauda says:

Had some problems downloading it off your website, guys just go directly to
the pangu website if you have problems

Gimo60 says:

ive been wanting to jailbreak my ipad for so long… and i finally got to
do it <3333

Chris The Savage says:

God bless you man this really worked 

Yamil Montes says:


heaven dubose says:

Why would you put iOS 8 in the description and then tell us that its7.1.
Like really 

Brittney H. says:

I did jailbreak with Pangu, says everything worked, but Cydia does not show
up after the process.. Can anyone help? 

Sardar love says:

why did u type new jailbreak ios 8.0?and u can’t jailbreak ios 8 huh????

Lanos Lajos says:

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to have a look at mobileunlox.(com), we unlock all AT&T phones updated,
also the most reliable unlocking site I’ve ever use, never took us more
then 5 hours to unlock my phones

Dilix idgaf says:

Work with iOS 8.2?

Lisa Hart says:

i need the download link for Mac os X all its giving me is one for windows 

James Ambrocio says:

do i have to download itunes for this???

The gamer 1000 says:


summer nesar says:

can you use this to jailbreak ios 8?

Yasmina Ezzeddine says:

does it work on a turbo sim card phone?

Ahmed waheed says:

download worked for me Drew Nasello

KRoMEOS says:

Was the intro music a techno remix of Roxas’s theme? ._.

narutoguy304 says:

Okay. In the description it says ios 8 . .. . Will it work with ios 8?!

Player - Lxwz - Editor says:

i didnt get cydia how do i get it??

Jack Poland says:

Do you think it’s safe to jailbreak my personal iPhone 5s? I just don’t
want anything bad to happen to it. Thanks in advance.

Harris Aradon says:

it doesn’t work for iOS 8.1.1?

Manix Intes says:

this guy is horseshit! 

Jo Holland says:

+Logic Lobster it means to reset everything and it erases any info stored
in your device including apps.

12DJRedRose12 says:

i need help with everything

marry johnson says:

i have jailbreak my iphone easy and simple at iphoneservice,org
i didn’t face with any complications.
hope this will help you :)

Nathan Diaz says:

Something happened at @5:55 almost like he cut the video and then recorded
again @5:59

Eduardo Chiavini says:

Work in IOS 8.1 ?

Vmovies says:


AlexthekidRS says:

iOS 7 and 8 is not compatible for iPod touch 4

akiey36 says:

My mac cant download

Andy Lao says:

I didn’t restore my ipad, will there be any problems in the future

Daniel Masarsky says:

can’t download for mac

Danish shahmi says:

my computer cannot install pangu why

hope replay

sorry because my english is very bad

Jacob Zeno says:

And that is why I subbed thx so much!

Cheryl Rainbow says:

If you restore, can you sync back to your previous backup ?

Jonathan Verduyn says:

Random login past midnight and I see this. You’re a god.

stefan Allardyce says:

can you change back the date after you have jailbroken it? 

Tance Angelkoski says:

Thanks bro very much u r the best :-D

ak47victorzz says:

woooooooooooooow nce man thank you so much

Neru Guitar says:


Edward Cruz says:

Thanks for the Heads up. I just installed on my IPad Air

jordnot says:

Will it do anything to my abonnemang?

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