NEW Jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1 Untethered Pangu iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus,5S,5C,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Mini 3 Air 2,4

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iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu Jailbreak Untethered tutorial and How to Download Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak steps for 8.1 can be found here:

Further Jailbreak and iOS 8.1 details, including more information on Pangu iOS 8 for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C iPhone 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, Mini 3, 4 owners available on Jailbreak Evasi0n:

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Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Urgent Update* – edited *11/29/14* – On 8.1.1? New Jailbreak iOS 8
Tutorial Here:

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

It’s *NOT too late* to *Jailbreak iOS 8* through 8.1 completely Untethered
on all iDevices

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*BREAKING* in light of iOS 8.1.1’s release (complete details here: iOS
8.1.1 Jailbreak iOS 8 Update, Release Patches Pangu iOS 8.1 iPhone 6 Plus,
iPad Jailbreak & More), you *should not* restore via iTunes, as it will
force you into updating to 8.1.1 and, in turn, lock you out of
Jailbreaking! LIKE so others can see and happy Jailbreaking! 

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

Awesome Update: Now that *Cydia* had been updated, the order in which you
restore from your backup is irrelevant – just open Cydia and install *all
available updates*

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*New* as of *11/19/14* In spite of *iOS 8.1.1* update (the firmware that
CLOSES this Jailbreak), there’s still *hope for Jailbreakers* post iOS
8.1.1 – Smash that thumbs up for an all-new Jailbreak, likely 8.2 –
iH8sn0w’s achieved an 8.1.1 Jailbreak – More HERE: iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak
Update, Untethered iOS 8 Jailbreak On 8.1.1 Achieved! iOS 8.2 Release & More

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Cydia Tweaks Update* – The iOS 8 Jailbreak is getting *better* with each
passing day, check out these EPIC Tweaks BEST 8 Top iOS 8 Tweaks 8.1
Jailbreak iOS 8.1, iPhone 6 Plus iPad, Pangu Compatible Apps & Cydia

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

Annotations to skip through some of the pauses are now live, although I do
recommend watching this tutorial in its entirety *happy
Halloween/Jailbreaking* :D

Jailbreak - iOS 8 - iCrackUriDevice says:

*Breaking Update* iOS 8.1.1 beta 1 has been RELEASED, the firmware *patches*
the Pangu for iOS 8 Jailbreak MORE here & Bootloop Instructions: iOS 8.1.1
Jailbreak Update, Beta Patches Untethered Pangu iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus iPad
Jailbreak & More *Important* ⬅️

Gameminima says:

I have the iPhone 5s on 7.1.2 jailbroken should I update to iOS 8 or wait a
little longer until everything is updated 

John Vahos says:

This is much better than the way I did it. I wish they would’ve already had
a Mac version. I HATE using Windows

Darnell Brice says:

its stuck on initializing, please wait, i did every thing but its not

Billy Gonzalez says:

For some reason every time I enter pangu, it always ask me to update to
1.1.0. I’ve updated twice and it does not go away, do you get this?

AvoidErrors says:

it doesn’t install winterboard

Pacmann1337 says:

I did OTA on all my devices including my moms and my gf’s and we have not
encountered any problem what so ever.

AznBlade56 says:

Finally, now we got the Pangu jailbreak in English. My jailbreak went
through perfectly. No need to use Cyberduck or winSCP to install Cydia
Great video of showing the jailbreak for iOS 8. :)

MrCrush02 says:

Thanks man, you’re actually one of the very few uploaders that I officially
wait for to see if I want to upgrade to the newest versions of
Jailbreaking. Thank you

derpybanana says:

Icu if we are already jailbroken with pangu 1.0.1 do we need to do it again

Faizaan H says:

NOTE: If you have already JAILBROKEN and have the Pangu app. go into the
app and it will notice there is an update and will ask if you want to.
Click yes, Simply then respring. Now you have the new pangu/cydia!

Dave Garcia says:

Hey man. Just FYI. Love the vids. Keep it up!

Reda Alasadi says:

My phone was all fine and everything was perfect but when i switched my
phone off then back on its stuck on apple logo

NotChicken says:

my iphone got a blue screen restarted and now it has an app called pangunew
with no icon

alnoiseplaysmc says:

hey when I did this my phone got stuck on the apple screen during reboot.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Andy Almendarez says:

Can you update apps after jailbreak?

Loki TM says:

yo yo is it possible to remove this jailbreak and whats the conciqueinces
if you did?

garbdoubt says:

Im on IOS 7.0.2 evasion7 jailbreak, so how am I supposed to do this without

Rahil Dhodapkar says:

Hey ICU, when I tried to restore my iPad 2, it said there were purchases
not transferred or backupped (That how you say it?). Anyways, I then
proceeded to cancel and to click backup numerous times, I tried it again
and it said the same warning. I checked preferances>devices and my device
was in the list! So I don’t know way to do. Any help would be appreciated a

TheCrazyGinger says:

If the jailbreak glitches and breaks or if my ipad somehow gets virus or
malware so i cant turn it on can itunes fix it so that i dont have a broken

donny beiskom says:

can i restore my back up after jailbreak..?

JesseThePotatoHunter says:

there is anew jailbreak tweak called untetheredheysiri that lets heysiri
work with out it being plugged in i had a feeling this would happen:)

Kontrol Ego says:

how will i go about upgrading to ios 8 jailbreak from ios 7 jailbreak? it
wont let me back anything up to itunes. The only tweak i have is FastFoward
and iFile. are these the reasons why it wont back up ios 7 jailbreak?

Ben Lin says:

+Jailbreak – iOS 8 – iCrackUriDevice i got a question, i already jailbroken
and when i downloaded this it says rejailbreak should i do it

iTs Javi says:

do I have to turn “Find My iPhone” off after the jailbreak is done? because
I keep getting stuck in bootloop. I thought you said passcode was fixed, it
was only passcode not find my iPhone? Thanks

Gamingkid123 says:

Do I need itunes for this cause when I try to download iTunes when I’m on
the set up part and it installs iTunes is nowhere to be found I need help

Gamer Universe says:

So I can’t jailbreak my iPhone 4? And I don’t mean 4s.

Tharnite says:

When I open Pangu it says “Initializing please wait…” then the text turns
red and says “Please make sure you download Pangu8 from and have
internet access” I have downloaded pangu8 from and I sure as hell
have internet access.

Aditya Srivastava says:

What will happen if I try to install an incompatible tweak with iOS 8? 

MitchKGraphics | Minecraft GFX says:

wow i cant turn my fking device on its stuck on the white screen then just
turns off! please help me! 

luis d says:

Hey guys, so i do the jailbreak…before i do a downgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1
i install cydia everything works ok. But then when the sources loading this
appear “Encountered a section with no Package: header” and i can’t install
anything and appear this “sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code
2” if any one can help me that would be great

Samuel Wang says:

After I jailbroke I later powered off my phone then when I powered it back
on it just gave me the apple logo and did not load, am I not supposed to
power down or is this just me?

Levi Stevenson says:

You should do a video on how to unjailbreak 

Joel Nowicki says:

I think there is still a boot loop problem, because I jailbroke my iPod
Touch 5th gen, rebooted using the Pangu app then it just kept booting then
going to loading screen.
I made sure I had a fresh install of IOS 8.1 before jailbreaking, had a
passcode enable after I restored from my backup, then installed iFile(need
updating) and Cydia substrate

Tan Yan Wen says:

Is this jailbreak safe??

KiwiKyleGaming says:

Battery life problem please help!

Mrnickkh says:

Hey! iCU,Please give me that wallpaper you’ve set on desktop please! I will
very appreciate :))))

Enrique Valencia says:

Pangu doesn’t detect my iPod touch 5

onilk deleon says:


andyandrews123 says:

Dont restore its not needed i done it without restoring and i updated over
the air its fine

Johnny says:

Is this safe or should I wait for an evasi0n jailbreak ?

Peter Smith says:

Thanks man, lucky i read your post before i JB

Brandon Asher says:

Well my device has aready been jailbroke and when i go into pangu app it
offers me to update to 1.1.0 and when i do it nothing happens it asks me to
do it again

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