What’s New in iOS 8.3? Jailbreak info & New Features!

iOS 8.3 is the latest update from Apple for iPhones and iPads and it looks absolutely stunning. Continuing the flat UI that we’ve seen in other recent updates, iOS 8.3 also brings along more customization options, performance tweaks, animations, effects and features. What’s more, it also continues Apple’s move towards a slightly more ‘open’ system. There’s even new emoticons and new keyboard layout. This video will talk you through the new changes so you know precisely what to expect and how to get the most from it. Find the changes that others will miss!

For a full list features, watch the video below and enjoy the best of what apple has to offer yet !

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NourJ HD says:

Should i wait for jailbreak ios 8.2 or upgrade for ios 8.3 im confused af

iTwe4kz says:

If you want to stay up to date on the Jailbreak news for 8.3 – be sure to
follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/itwe4kz

Spencer Mccall says:

Hey Itweakz I restored my iPhone 5s bc I thought the jailbreak was draining
my battery. Now I’ve updated to 8.0.3 and I’m still experiencing weird
battery fluctuations 

Junior Perez says:
Steph Urx says:

Is there a way to get the emojis with jailbroken 8.1.1 devices?

Christian Rogers says:

Yes! Finally the Fucking wifi issue is gone!!!

Gmagic Bitch! says:
smartin1018 says:

Lol. “Scrolling emojis”???? That funny because android has had that for 2
years now.

Dante Cartagena says:

Ugh 8.3 is so tempting but I wanna keep my jailbreak.. Decisions…..

alexandre dubois says:

i did the update on my phone 8.3 i will be able to jailbreak my phone ?
cause someone told me apple patch the hole for jailbreak iphone 8.3

Poseidon says:

I’m still on 7.1.2 lol but I downloaded 8.2 on my computer but I didn’t
install it because it wasn’t jailbreakable. If 8.2 becomes jailbreakable
will I be able to install 8.2 on my phone? 

Gon Gomes says:

Can I update to iOS 8.2 without updating to 8.3?

Veronica Sander says:

The iOS 8.3 update isn’t available on my phone yet. Is there something
wrong with my phone? Shouldn’t every one with an Apple iPhone get it?

Edited Name. says:

Shall I stay on 8.2 or update to 8.3? Because I hear that the 8.2 Jailbreak
is still coming out, so I want some opinions please


Great review man ! Keep it up ! And if anyone of u guys wanna know how to
JAILBREAK ios 8 check it in my channel !

Jack Barclay says:

Spazzy control centre on iOS 8.2

Soak Reax says:

Do u know when iOS 8.3 jailbreak will be available 

AndrewProductionsTV says:

If I buy a new iPhone 6 from apple right now, will it come on ios 8.1.2 (or
any other firmware version that supports a jailbreak)?

Diego Pavesio says:


byyClassy says:

There should be a jailbreak tweak for the emojis

Edited Name. says:

Thats one step closer to the Jailbreak! JUST A LITTLE MORE GUYS AND GALS

Mprsve says:

Guise, if you want a jailbreak start downloading 8.2 now. (Search up 8.2
IPSW, you’re not able to download directly from iTunes and you’ll manually
do it with the given file).

I’d personally back up me device by taking screen shots of tweaks,
repositories & settings.

*But don’t update until TaiG releases the jailbreak.*

whispers delgado says:

so weird looking at a stock springboard lol. they need to jailbreak this so
i can update 

Said Allan says:

How do i disable my password for free purchases?

Teh Mc-Cookiez says:

I’m jail broken 8.1.2 on my 5S. If someone tells you that jailbreak doesn’t
make your phone slower then that’s total bull. Jailbreak constantly freezes
my phone and it restarts randomly, boots into safe mode once in a while. It
might be one of my tweaks which sucks because I have a lot. Anyways I
really hope 8.3 will be jail broken because my wifi keeps disconnecting and
it pisses me off. 

abdullah says:

Anyone knows how to get to the password settings on iPhone?

Wilhelm Bagcal says:

how can i unjailbreak ?

Vaughn Swann says:

How to get new emojis through jail break

hazey pig says:

can i jailbreak my iphone 5s 8.3?

Antenio D'Amico says:

Is there any tweaks to download the new emojis for 8.3?

Brian Deo says:

Is there a jailbreak tweak for the new emojis?

Butch Jones says:

Great job! Now if only we could get rid of that apple watch app.

Koen Frohn says:

how are you gonna downgrade?

ImVenting says:

can i jailbreak my phone? I’m actually on 8.1.3

RonteThoee says:

Should i stay on 8.2 or update to 8.3?? For jailbreak purposes

ABI KHALIL Raquelle says:

how to fix blue screen on iphone 5s please hlep

Overboard Pranksters Tv says:

iTwe4kz, in ios 8.2 my camera didn’t work so fine in video mode no
problem’s but in photo mode that don’t work

Sergey Karchmit says:


McDrengen1 says:

Siri speak Danish now :D

Ihau Yang says:

New Emoji’s are so cool!
Can’t wait for the 8.3 jailbreak!

Ricardo Martinez says:

Hey itweakz nice video thanks for the feedback!!!

Kevin Abirasniette says:


Jacksuel Homar says:

Is it true that colors look better?

sony kaka says:

ios 8.3 have new function is auto call speaker volume is good now. now my
i phone 6 ear speaker volume is very high better than previous…now i can
hear high call speaker volume,, and photo folder icons is changed and
messages and emoji and car play option and so fast speed…i love it,,its
better than ios 8.2

cavity1010 says:

I’m jailbroken on 8.1.2. I think I’ll wait for the 8.3 jb before I update.

Jake Kittel says:


Davion Buchanan says:

Look it’s me

Lucas Gudz says:

Is there a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3

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