How To Jailbreak iOS 10.2 All Devices

This video covers how to jailbreak iOS 10.2, 10.1.1, and 10.1 on iPhone 7, 6S, 6, SE, 5S & iPads. iOS 10.  A jailbreak can be removed at any time.  It makes your device more rare so value can go up.  iOS jailbreaking allows you to tweak any little area of iOS to your liking.  There’s no longer a compelling reason not to iOS jailbreak as it’s become more stable and safe. You can go back to a stock device, if desired.

This is a semi-untethered jailbreak.  It must re-rerun every 7 days (if you’re not a developer) but is a quick and easy process.  The iOS device must be running iOS 10.1, 10.1.1 or 10.2.  iPhone 7 must be on iOS 10.1 or 10.1.1.  If you’re running 10.2 on your iPhone 7, you’re no longer able to downgrade to 10.1 or 10.1.1.  Jailbreaking will void of your warranty but if the jailbreak is removed, your warranty will be valid.

  1. Verify you are using iOS 10.1, 10.1.1, or 10.2 (only 10.1 or 10.1.1 for iPhone 7) in “Settings” -> “About”
  2. Download “Cydia Impactor”, for your type of workstation (Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux) –
  3. Download the .ipa file from Yalu – (the version for iPhone 7 is towards the bottom of the page – iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1)
  4. Run “Cydia Impactor”
  5. Drag the .ipa file you downloaded to “Cydia Impactor”
  6. When prompted, enter your iTunes Apple ID and tap “OK”
  7. Your device will now jailbreak and when complete, tap “yalu102”
  8. Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profiles & Device Management”
  9. Select “[email protected]” and tap “Trust”
  10. Tap “yalu102” and then tap “Go” (each time you power off your device, you will need to repeat this step)
  11. Your device will now reboot and the jailbreak iOS 10.2 will be complete!

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