Break in disabled iPhone

….in one minute.

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Michael Adams says:

still works clutch !

Xavier Merino says:

It doesn’t even work

Catherine Hanson says:

slayyy thank you so much for this you saved mee

esteban gonzalez says:


Deairra Williams says:

it says i ineed to unlock it first

Delaney Moore says:

my end button wouldnt work and the number was a fucking 911 hotline. Im got
grounded, and the cops took me to the station for prank calling an
emergency number. Like wtf. I tried it again the next day and it didnt even

swagga m says:

still works yo

Steve Day says:

how do i do that on iphone5

smf smf reaL says:

error accoured

Ont Chee says:

My daughter says you saved her life-and thank you <3

Jeff Creek says:

u awsome g

Shotta says:

My iPhone is blocked and disabled, how can I get my music and my photo back
without losing anything?

Toshendra Singh says:

thanks dude it really worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Justen Dollaz says:

Simple. 2 mins flat. Appreciate it.

LuCkYbUt1111 says:

This happend to my cousin and its still going on,but it just said,” I pod
is disabled” and it did’nt say try again in … Minutes! It just says” i
pod is disabled”And nothing else!!! 

Rene Robles says:


Anthony Brown says:

no you dont mate.. restore it and saves all your stuff except your apps…
you obvious dont know how to restore it. if you want your apps back just
download them again in your apps store. you already payed for them so you
just dowload them for free..

Chelsea Smith says:


lemart morrow says:

Text me at 707-809-9141 to help me

GyspyKiller90 says:

it does click the restore button after 1:30

LexThea says:

thanks so much !!!!!!

Dasean Dehart says:

Omg thanks!!!!!

Basketball435 says:

Thank u soooooo much!!!!!!!!!

magnavox1121 says:

worked great thanks

KIDiHOOD says:

this is nuts it worked the first time!

Michael Byrd says:


Jade Vega says:

this really worked

Adrian Hartman says:

I have an iphone 4g and it doesnt work. Somebody knows other ways?

mrmalik14 says:

man i been on the computer for 2 hours looking at hundreds of videos. you
just blessed me. Thank you.

Marco Tamay says:

Thank Youu Soooooooooo Much Bro!!!!

p1ojita209 says:

and then what u do after that?

BroimfromDallas says:

Does it erase everything???

eoc98 says:

Dude bro you are the best dude in the world I love you!!!!&!!!!!!!!

Praxed100 says:


koopalings123 says:

it works i did it

559wc says:

Do you lose everything in ur phone after you do this bro? lmk asap!

Erica Camacho says:

I know thats what i was saying Like what the fudge!!

Amy Haskett says:

this is awesome thank u so much


what the f#[email protected]&^..i miised something…please help

UNH111 says:

i need help!!!

100itsbutters says:

Thanks this really help! 🙂

Kasey Wislon says:

Blame it on the accccccchol 😀

Alex Hambleton says:

omg thank you sooo much <3

Ali Ahmed says:


noEZway2say says:

how is stealing racist?

Paris Barnes says:

OMG thank yu!!! hahaha i locked my nephews fone! ugh wat a life saver

warriorselite1 says:

duz it take forever to restore bro ca nu messege me asap ive been trying to
do this and its the only method that works sow far but it seys 5 hours to
do it

yupitsme5lilly says:

does it delete anything

Larry Jackson says:

omg thank you sooooo much bro life saver really

UnholySwag says:

Mine won’t give me the picture of the usb pointing to the itunes symbol.

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