Enabling a disabled IPhone without a computer.

No computer needed. Just a wall charger.
And yes, you can keep all your data ­čÖé

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Hergu Lama says:

like u n the music… nothing else.. ´╗┐

Steven Mendez says:

doesnt work tried like 10 times prob works for you mattyb rocks´╗┐

Francys Rules says:

didn’t work´╗┐

Doris Brown says:

This video is a major FAIL! Pressing the home button with the on/off button
servs to make the screen flash as if it’s taking a picture but doesn’t. It
doesn’t bring up the slide to turn off screen. Second, the annoying music
needs to be turned off on this video. You can just talk and walk us through
it or don’t add any music at all. SMDH´╗┐

Pagedestiny says:

I tried on my [email protected] iphone you probably did it but not for me

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