How to Enable an iPhone When Disabled Without Using iTunes

Forgotten your password? Then you’ll likely have tried and failed to remember/guess it. The result is that you end up locked out!

Luckily the video below will show you how to get back into your phone without needing to wire up to iTunes.

Getting locked out is frustrating – even if it’s only for 30 minutes. It can also land you in trouble if you need to contact someone. A useful tip is to keep your contacts written down somewhere in case you need to resort to the landline. Sometimes going analog has its uses!

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Gregory Lazich says:

lol, my phone glitched and got disabled for like 24,000,000 minutes.

Renata says:

what did you do????? that happened to me

Nyla Vox says:

Ummmm that’s not disabled, you did a hard reset…

jackzary Rodriguez says:

Those it work with ipads??

Zeinab Sharqi says:

this doesnt work if any one could help please answer i even restored it on
i tunes it still shows iphone disabled connect to itunes why!!

Terry Brocks says:


abby says:

right and it didnt work on my iphone so hes obviously wrong

awesomechino12 says:

Thnx it worked 

Kayla says:

Can u help me I have a iphone5c and 6 how do I unlock without itunes

Jason Dunbar says:

the only iphone ulocker is enjoy use
license key kaQnTZwf

matt says:

dude ur serial number does not work

Raed Radha says:

So crap

The diamond fanboy says:

i tried it and guess what

Marcus Lim says:

U did not set a password thats why can open

Tony Castro says:

what the hell…i just tried as your were speaking i was following for
nothing. Out of 5 stars i give you none.

[email protected] Terrance1697 says:

Shit dont work he lied

Camryn Milne says:

Mine didn’t work wtf??

Abhishek Balakrishnan says:

i will

Lauren Conner says:

Lie u tell 

Jonny Gilbert says:

doesnt fucking work

harsh panchal says:

hey. my iphone got disabled for 2,30,98,545 minutes ……………. can
you please tell me how to fix this problem ………………… please
tell me …………

MissCnn Cooke says:

That ain’t work…. just like everyone else said… plus ur not even using
a disabled phone. Smdh…. stop lieing to us…. get a life!!

Jostin Perez says:

What if your power button is jam??

Kelvin Nelson says:

Mine didn’t work

antor varna says:

eHowTech my iphone is Disable !How to activate

Keynaz Foster says:

Its still disabled

Hafijur Rahman says:

are you a stupid….!!

Chris Torres says:

I tried this with my iPhone 4 but it didn’t work. So please help me to
enable my iPhone 4.

Cy Mya says:

what if your power button is broken?

joel thomas says:


Elsa Rosario says:

hi i try that an it starts to reboot but doesnt work still diable any help
will be great

kyra nichols says:

this dont work i tryed it while he was giving directions and on my own it
still says its disable


fuck this coon

irenicusava says:

expert. lol

whitefire1997 says:

Please look up what it means when iPhone is disabled.


does it delete your things

Abdullah Ayman says:

what about ipad

Bethany Harkin says:

Didn’t work worst video ever

TyRay Wilkerson says:

Dose it work for ipods

George Karaouzas says:

u stupited

Amit Saini says:


JustJazmine197 says:

It didn’t work

Kedrick Garner says:

That shit didn’t answer my question!!!!!!

Ryan Pipkin says:

your video fucking suck you fucking reject

Willim Mos says:

i tried the same steps on my iphone 5s and it does not work, and the lap
top i used to sync my iphone with got stolen …now my iphone is disabled
the worst thing is i cant login to icloud as it denys my passowrd please

Matthew Coe says:

ya no my phone is disabled and this didn’t do anything

Jesus Dominguez says:

What if its disabled and on airplain mode and it says connect to itunes but
dnt have a computer

iveFALLEN says:

Your not an expert your an ex expert you fucking retard

it's shelby11 says:

what if your phone is disabled if anyone knows how to fix a disabled phone
please comment 

fashionbaby101 says:

what if it didnt work?? because on my iphone 4 it did not work.

Queen Marks says:

This sn

Tia Walker says:

Fuck u liar

Tara Nath Acharya says:


Shanaka Dilruk says:

my iphone is disabled its say connect to iTunes
please help

refrigerator repair company Spencer NY says:

Hello my friend! I wish to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include almost all vital infos. I

Marcela Clariza prescod says:

I had a iPhone4 but I lost my phone I didn’t know how to re-enable a disabled iPhone 4 without I tun see but it did not work ,

Marcela Clariza prescod says:

I had a iPhone4 but I lost my phone I didn’t know how to re-enable a disabled iPhone 4 without I tun see but it did not work , but I am going to get a chance to go to the phone shop and get a tracfora in august 25th .

deepak says:

Hi friends
Can someone advise me that how to fix iphone 4s without computer if u have any idea please tell me on [email protected]

Mara says:

My IPHONE4 is disabled and its says to “connect to itunes” how can i fix it without using using itunes or computer pls

Gabe says:

If your iPhone says something like disabled for 21 million minutes all you have to do is open the simple card slot and replace it with a working sim card and then reboot the iPhone and you should be able to unlock it

ketrina says:

i mean like there are different iphones our here,and mines is a iphone5c and mines is completely disabled where i cant use it no more, i’ve tried this and it dosent work so i’m guessing the best option is to contact apple!

Murtaza says:

My iPhone 4 is disabled! How can I open it now?
I have another problem also that my lock botton is also not functioning and neither my iPhone connects to a PC because it has got some problem in then port. So please tell me how can I open my iPhone now?

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