How to factory reset any disabled or Password locked iPhone 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3gs or iPad.

Have you disabled your iPhone or iPad. In the video below, we show you how you can quickly and easily reset your disabled device back to factory settings.

Your locked phone can easily be reset back and work normally if you follow the instructional video below !

This video works for all versions of the iPhone : 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 any version or generation of the iPad.

Thank you for watching this video on how to factory reset any disabled or password locked iPhone.

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Thomas Jones says:

I do not have a computer to connect to iTunes! Anyway to rest iPhone 5c
without having to use iTunes??

YGG gang says:

Wuld u be able to make a new icloud account

Juan Gonzales says:

The iPhone still showed a password in order to open , help ?

Jonathan Campuzano Jardon says:

is the itunes your using the newest version?

sem says:

my i phone 4s remove id

Savannah says:

I don’t see the video to bypass icloud

Longchamp Pas Cher says:

as Cher Femme,

pc repair|computer repair|las vegas computer repair says:

I relish, lead to I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

jamsine says:

my iphone just went back to lock screen ..

eric says:

You gotta turn the phone off first

Mona says:

same here, it didnt work still asking for the passcode 🙁

moe oo says:

forget apple id passward

savannah says:

i cant connect to i tunes on my computer so what now????

Rean says:

Thanks it worked for me!

Terri Hampton says:

I dont have a computer and I no my password to my ipad mini my child was playing with it and now it says disabled but I no the password what can I do

jd says:

You are the man. THis worked like a charm. Have been through hundreds of blogs trying to find a way around icloud lockout–This DOES THE TRICK!!

soekie says:

My iphone5 shows a password nd I by mistake forgot it help please?

Broke--loving says:

Mine takes a while for the software to be downloaded !!!


Yeah waiting now but its taking an age, is it normal for Apple servers to be slow ? I thought my Internet was reasonable ? bought this phone from a heavily perspiring ‘thin like a whippet’ lad in his mid thirty’s in Cambridge bus station for £18.60 as I thought it was a fake Chinese iPhone 5s and i wouldn’t give any more than £19 ! stood my ground but i thought his persuasive eyes were gonna have me ! lol turns out its a legit iPhone 5 but with an old jailbreak (looks like) with a bloody menu pin ! Grr !! Lol
If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated !

Classic Game Room Sucka !!

hayley bates says:

How do I bypass i-cloud lock off of a phone I bought off of Ebay? I have searched for 2 months now and watched many videos but I can not find any way to get rid of it. Do you know how?

fmlll says:

same thing happened too me. i don’t think there is any possible way to get through iCloud. screw those thief’s that sell stolen iphones

Helen says:

I just went through the same thing. If you have a receipt proving you bought it off ebay you can send it to Apple and they will restore the phone for you. Takes up to 5 business days

Laurel Rose says:

Woo hoo! this worked for me! The phone also did not have the iCloud activation lock on it. Thanks!



Muhammad Enam says:

forget apple id or password plz help me

Guy who followed Directions says:

i just bypassed unknown passwords, reset, and installed the latest ios versions on a 5c and 4s flawlessly. THANK YOU. Also if this doesn’t work for you consider some add meds or just go jump off a bridge or high rise depending on your location. FYI you can drown yourself in your bathtub

tari says:

you’re a dipshit

Missiemoo says:

Hiya. …. bought an iphone5 in a job lot off ebay it’s disabled & saying connect to itunes!!! Problem is I don’t have a pc or laptop just my android phone 🙁 am I able to reset this somehow please?

airomee wind says:

I got an iPhone 4S from a friend but when I go to set it up it tells me it is still registered to the previous owner and my apple id and password cannot be used. I am iTunes to perform a complete factory reset as I did successfully with my iPhone 3GS. It’s a lengthy process for iTunes to download the iPhone software. So will see if I have to get rid of this phone or if the reset process is successful . Strangely I have never had a problem removing the iCloud settings of previous owners.

VB says:

I think this happens because they had FindMyPhone switched on so it’s still linked to their account. Either get them to log into the phone, turn the setting off and then switch iTunes accounts/reset again or alternatively ask them to login to their icloud and deactivate/unlink the phone from there.

lavi says:

I do not have a computer to connect to iTunes! Anyway to rest iPhone 5c
without having to use iTunes??

Richard says:

When i follow your instructions i get an error message when i press the reset option in the itunes saying i should check my internet connection and obviously my internet is working and when i press ok the 2 options of restoring or updating are greyed out .
Please help !!

Lucas says:

I have the same issue, before the download can complete the iPhone turns back on, removing the iTunes screen and just goes back to the lock screen, and then iTunes on the computer gives me the messege and an Error (-39).
Any solutions?

CARLOS says:


adam says:

Hi, I would like to ask somebody to make bypase to my iphone 6. IOS 8. Phone is broken and isnt possible to turn it on. Is it possible to make it. I have IMEI. I need unlock for icloud and register to my e-mail adress + find my iphone off. I tried on websides, but nothing. No body on the second line. So I would like to ask somebody to help me. if it will work, i will send you money – it isnt problem.

Thakn you

Solomon Ayalew says:

Thank YOU !!

Ishae says:

I need help I been trying to reset my iPhone and everything like my phone is disabled and I don’t have a computer to connect to iTunes and I don’t have an iTunes account at all I their any way I could get into my phone please email me ….. [email protected]

billy says:

Can u factory reset a password locked iPhone without using a computer

Derrick says:

No. The i devices ‘breathe’ iTunes to function properly, including carrier (cellular provider) updates.
Without access to your iTunes account via computer, you are stuck until you can adjust that connectivity issue.

val says:

thanks for tut working 100%

Lance says:

How would I factory reset an iPhone5s without the passcode and the phone is disabled?
But I don’t have a Mac computer.
I have two phones
I have an iPhone5c and an iPhone 5s
The iPhone 5c works just fine.
I just need to reset the iphone5s back to factory setting.
And I don’t know how to do that.
Can anyone help me?
My email is [email protected]

Rae Ann says:

when i pluged in my phone it says the IPhone software update server could not be contacted

plzzz help me

Steven Downey says:

Hello I have no computer to access to reset my iPhone is there anyway to do a hard factory reset like on the android phones?

Derrick says:

If you have an iCloud account and used it to sync the phone, you can log into the account through another device and access your phone.

kARIYAH says:


Derrick says:

Not if the owner backs/backed it through the cloud. It’s pretty much a brick in that scenario.

TJ says:

My iphone 6 plus screen is broken and it is black i cant use the touch screen and i need to reset to phone before I send it back to apple is there any way past my problem? All help is needed I ave to reset it before I am verified to get a new one.
Thanks all.

Joe says:

What if I don’t have the SIM card

CES says:

did not work for me….

deb says:

how do i get past the password on iphone 6 plus w/o a computer?

hasan says:

Woow thanks mate it worked for me on I phone 6 and is very easy to reset

Lisa says:

Hi, does it works for iphone 6s?

admin says:

Yes, it should work for iPhone 6s.

Callie says:

My computer says the iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. The device cannot be found. So now what?

Meuy says:

I need help restoring my iPhone to the factory setting. My son forgot the code for the phone and it’s disabled. How can I do it without the computer?? Please help me!

Derrick says:

You can’t. It needs to be connected to the machine it last synced to. Easier if he has an iCloud account. Then, it can be opened through another i device.

max says:

Iphone 6. I cant remember my id and my email to restore it. This will help me? What can i do?

Henry says:

Hey did you find your answer? I am in same position

kitty says:

my iphone went back to the lock screen.what to do?

fred says:

my itunes just keeps showing contacting the iphone software update what do i do

Set says:

My iPhone 5s will not move from the iTunes screen. The icon comes up but it will not go to the restore page HELP……

kev says:

i think i did it wrong, well the charger unplugged while it was charging and downloading so it turned on and i stopped the download and i don’t know how to start that download again because it wont connect to the itunes on the phone screen anymore like you showed us…and it just keeps turning on. it doesnt ask me anymore if i want to restart the phone

sharon says:

Hi there, I recently bought an iphone6 from ebay, and the seller hasn’t disabled their passcodes or reset it at all, and are now ignoring my messages… When I connect to my own itunes to update and restore it still asks for the old owner’s itunes password (not mine…) There is a screen lock passcode as well, so I cannot access the phone at all (currently just a paperweight!) Is there anything I can do to get around this, or am I going to have to buy a new motherboard/logic board? Any suggestions?

Julie says:

Hi Sharon,

To remove the passcode – connect the device to iTunes and hold down the power button and home button at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen come on – this is the little iTunes logo and a connector cord sign. You will see this come up after the Apple logo so keep holding the buttons. Then ok your comp screen you will be asked to reset the device back to factory settings – choose to do so. If this iPhone is still locked with an iCloud password than the onus was on the seller to log out of iCloud before selling the device and keep messaging them maybe. I hope the other way works- it will definitaly get the passcode lock off.

lrae says:

what if you do not have an apple computer

kenny says:

my phone still come back to unlock screen after everythhing

louie says:

same problem encountered on my iphone 5s. Restarted my unit and the only password I had do not work anymore. Tried to troubleshoot using itunes but says “iTunes could not connect to the iphone “my unit” because it is locked with the passcode’!
HOW WAS THAT? the reason why I connect to iTunes is that I need to unlock the passcode.

Matías says:


Arya says:

I have forgot my phone Icloud password. ..
Help me..???

Julie says:

Hi Arya, if I am not too late responding you just need to go to and enter in your and click on the white writing where it says if you forgot your Apple ID password. It will have options on how to reset your password.

Jash says:

Can you be logged into any apple account to do this? Or does it have to be the one the iPhone your trying to reset is established with?

Julie says:

Hi Jash,

Whatever Apple ID you need a password for – you need to go to and click on the white writing “forgot your Apple ID password” and then enter in your Apple ID and choose how u want to reset your password

shiv says:

what if you don’t know the passcode cause when i try this it says it needs the passcode before you can restore it
help me out ?

Julie says:

Hi Shiv,
If you have forgotten your passcode for an iPhone then the only option you have now is to connect it to iTunes and put it into recovery mode and chose to reset the iPhone back to factory settings. This will remove that passcode off the iPhone

Josh Jones says:

it says we need the passcode to recover the phone though , help me

robyn says:

this did not work for mine now it is stuck on the picture of the charger and itunes logo, lso have another iphone that doesnt have anypower to it at all help please

Julie says:

Hi Robyn – the screen with the charger and iTunes logo means that u have to connect the device to a computer with iTunes and choose to either update or restore the device. As for the other device with no power – connect it to your computer and open iTunes and on the device hold down the power button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds without letting go until you see the Apple logo come up on your device and then let go.

paulidee says:

Sorry but i dont have a computer to hook my iphone 3 or iphone 3s. Is there another way I can reset my factory settings without the password??

mayinjune says:

Please remember to backup your important data before you factory reset.

Jasmine Clemons says:

Is hard reset and unlocking the same thing for the iPhone 6

Jasmine Clemons says:

Yes I’m trying to find out if a hard reset and unlocking the device is the same thing

Julie says:

Hi Jasmine, no hard resetting and unlocking a device are two separate things. Hard resetting is done by pressing and holding the power button and the home button for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple Logo come up and then letting go. This restarts the device and fixes any glitches usually and also will help turn back on an iPhone that just wouldn’t turn on. Unlocking a device is only done through a carrier or somewhere else that provides unlocking services – Apple doesn’t unlock iPhones. If you are referring to a passcode lock then you must connect the iPHone to a computer with iTunes installed and put the iPhone into recovery mode to remove the passcode lock off.

Mo says:

Hi I have iPhone 6s and I forget my passcode so if I restore it would I be lost my photos and contacts


iphone recovery after passcode lock is hefty…. 1.51gb software updation is required for 4s….. one should need uninterrupted net connection…. any connection break means u have to start the downloading process from zero again…… !

Frank HENGGELER says:

I bought an I phone at a flea market, and as I go through the set up process it ask for the previous owners Apple ID and password. Any way around this?

Ed says:

I am not passcode locked out; I am “find my phone” locked out. Apple refuses to let me factory reset the phone without a court order. Will jailbreaking the phone get me around this despicable practice of theirs? I just want to factory reset the phone.

Lex Python says:

Worked a treat, as Americans assume you Brits say. Thanks for the information, relly appreciate it!

Sola says:

This only works for iphone that iCloud service is set to OFF.
What if the iPhone (4s) is bought Face to face transaction with cash but unfortunately both the seller and the buyer are ignorantly and truthfully unaware of a previous associated Apple ID… what can I do?

gustavo says:

hi, where can I downloal the program? thnx

sunil patil says:

i have iphone 5s 64 gb its not able to show the password so please support me i am totally frustrated how to open my phone very important data in there so please help me

pauline says:

daughters i phone 4s, forgot the password so it locked me out and said to go to i tunes, done this no luck so went into recovery mode it shows the i tunes symble but doing nothing

Brian says:

Had same problem. . Tred a zeros in password and it worked

Brian says:

All zeros

Cathryn says:

I tried this trick but for some reason when connecting phone itunes isnt seeing my iphone so the reset option wont pop up
Help! :'(

GH says:

worked like a charm! …awesome

Stephanie says:

OMG THANK YOU!! I haven’t used my iphone in 3-4 years and had forgotten my password. You rock!

David says:

do u need itunes on ur computer in order for this to work?

jerome says:

i have iphone5 ios 10.0.2 i try to activate but it says could not activate iphone. help me how to fix it

Arbin says:

My iPhone5 was locked and I have unlocked but it’s asking apple id I have forgot apple id. Help me how to unlock it

Melissa says:

How do I reset an iphone that has been disabled and locked without a computer?

AGREY says:

guys my iphone is diaBled how can i enable it without connecting to the internet

Melody Herbert says:

Is there a way to factory reset my IPhone 6s without a Computer, without ITunes, and without the password???

Bob says:

Got drunk and changed password to lock screen. Problem is I don’t have a computer so tell me How do I fix this without loosing anything? This is quite a shitty situation.

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