How to fix disabled iphone for iOS 7

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This is an updated video explaining how to unlock your iphone when it is disabled.

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Michelle Bonner says:

What if i Never conneted it to a computer

RasingLaw says:

Thanks man it worked :]

Francisco Portillo says:

It doesnt work people puro cuba

Kevin Rattan says:

What if you never synced your phone with the PC?????

Andrew Hanus says:

It would have been nice if you would have actually showed how to do this.
Kind of a pointless watch for me.

Conrad Kisaka-Kisegerwa says:

Just a video of the f***ing phone!!!!

Sokun Sours says:

BLUH BLUH I leave a NO LIKE listen to yourself OMG

chris b says:

i follow the instrutions from another vid now my whole screen is blank an
my phone wont even switch on. help

abdul fernandez says:

water jr

livedloved says:

TT TT today junior

hellboy80004 says:

How are you fucking idiots complaining, he told you exactly how to fix it.
He never told you how to reset your password

Jorge Adame says:

Don’t forget my change.

tunechi carter says:

Lmao blorge said nigga im donw lmao

tunechi carter says:

This shit didn’t work at all and that bitch jorge is gay af

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