How to fix forgot password on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

A lot of people face an issue of forgetting their password or passcode that they set on their idevice. For example the passcode which is a 4 digit number is set so there is no unauthorized use of the persons iphone , ipod touch or iPad.

But sometimes a user may forget this code. In the video below, we show you exactly how you can go about recovering this valuable password in order to be able to use your apple device again. Fix your forgotten password today!

On behalf of JailBreaksiPhones we thank you for watching the video below. Please feel free to share this post or comment below if you like or have questions on the instructional video.

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asmaa farid says:

When you do restore does your phone delete everything?

Elise Esposito says:

hey my old ipad is like that. but I don’t want to restore and lose my data.
anyway I can fix it without loosing everything?

Boss_980 says:

If my iPhone 4 is jailbroken will it get rid of the jailbreak if i do this?

Xx360katescopex X says:

thx bro

kayleighpaigexox says:

My friend took my ipod touch 4th gen and he changed the password but he
forgot it so now im stuck with it guessing the pasword and each time it
says disabled for 60 mins ect and i dont want to loose all my photos or
videos!!!! Helpppp?!!

Matthew Belamont says:

is there a way to save all of you photos because I need my photos

Thanh Hoang says:

Does this erase everything on the iPod

Anthea Geo says:

hi will this delte all my photos in the phone>?

Jason Mclalan says:

I Know it deletes everything but do you get your Space back

Isyss Riggins says:

Can someone plz reply a link to where to go to get itunes PLZ! ( hp
chromebook )

Katie Simpson says:

it goes to voice control when I do it and my iTunes is not working and I
thought u hat to sync ur device

Jorge Guzman says:

Does it work with any type of computer for example a hp computer. 

singgih agung saputra says:

Many thnx mate..

Max Therrien says:

How the hell does someone disable it for that long… Thats what i want to

ShrektPvP_ says:


XBlackCatGamingX says:

My home button is broken tho

matthewsteel86 says:

It worked the like and subscribe button worked!!!!!!! So did the dfu mode
thing thanks :)

Pandora Olive says:

Is there a way to undisable it and still keep all of my pics?

Rachel Murphy says:

thanks my ipod was just the same!!!!!!!! :)

ELaus Tinusi says:

error 3014 comes up restoring… help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaming Godzillaz says:

Did i do something wrong? I LOST EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GirlyStuff says:

I have no iTunes, and this is my moms iPod and I accidently locked it

WyldFire says:

if you restore your ipod, etc, do you lose all the data on it?

Camly Nguyen says:

Instructions start at 1:13

Karen Grijalva 〈3 says:

this video has helped me soo much many years ago and its still helping me
today! thank you! (:

Mechanical M says:

What happens if your ipod is locked like this and the lock button doesnt
work? please help.

Diego Rodrigues says:


Nate Portillo says:

My mom found an Ipod touch 5th gen on the ground while walking the dog

Red1ztv says:

you are awsome!!

Maria Girgis says:

right when i clicked on this video my ipod restored. Lol

Cara Sun says:

It worked and I have a cracked iPod to I toled my friend and it didint
worck so maby it only work’s on iPods

Emilie Shelton says:

Does it have t be on the computer it’s synced to?

rebecca cannizzaro says:

does it only unlock it or does it keep everything that was on it? (like
photos, contacts, music)

gerardo nieves says:

thanks it was very helpfull

Darastrix says:

Your accent keeps going from American to British 

Tyger G. says:

big thx worked like a charm !!!!!!

2010LQ says:

wow i dont know what just happened but trying to follow the instructions to
unlock my passcode my phone shut down fully charged and wont turn back on
at all! did I messed it up for good?

Brooks Harrison says:

thanks this worked great!

Lee Dar says:

It works. Thanks


hi what can i do if my home botton doesnt work ?

tsumiki- chan says:

Bout to flip a table tthis shit worlds I swear just when I was about to
click restore,my laptop updated ://///

Stephen Carrigg says:

Thank you soo much! This has helped me soo much! I thought y brother had
tried to get into my Ipod, but it seems that my Ipod was like yours. Phew..
Thanks though.

Naimat khan says:

i followed the steps and it WORK AMAZING!

Eli Bravo says:

Dude ur so fucken awesome it actually worked

katie jolley says:

thxmy is the same way so thx 

rubeka mileska says:

it happened with mine but I don’t have iTunes an it was 23,538,840

TheOffxcial JoshTv™ says:

dang people still watch this video but it help me out

Mark Read says:

Thanks it worked

Emily Kratz says:

Thank you SO much!!! This worked when nothing else did. :)

Michelle Agyei says:

Thank you so much you are the best!!!

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