How to Fix iPhone 4s iOS 7.1 WiFi Disabled problem !! (WiFi Greyed Out/ Disabled Fixed!)

iPhone 4s iOS 7.1 WiFi problem Fixed!(Greyed Out/Disabled)
Manage to fix WiFi problem with the hairdryer and freezer method!
THIS IS NOT A JOKE! This really works
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Dude! that Bok Choy in your fridge is old and moldy throw it out

mohamed badawy says:

pla i tray it but i do heating and wait 2 min that but it into freezer ?
it work but for the rest of day , next day not working

that means i will do this every day ???? i need your help asap my phoe 4s
with IOS 8.2

Roper122 says:

It works… it’s just not permanent

So.. back to square one 

Adam _bomb209 says:

watch my video
How to fix wifi grayed out on iPhone 2014

Joshua Wulf says:

I put mine in the oven to speed up the process and then into my freezer. It
did not fix it. I think this video is a fake.

V6K1D says:

i went for a shit and was still loading up (turning on) lol

NAB B says:

It worked. I turned my iPhone 4s off and heated it near earphone jack area
for about 4 minutes until it felt hot to touch but no message appeared
saying”phone need to cool down”. Then i kept it in freezer for 10 min in a
zip lock plastic bag. Then turned it on after 5 minutes and wifi started

Mimi Codreanu says:

Thank you so much, it works!!
I can finally get on the Internet!!

Alexander Vagaev says:

[email protected][email protected]#RIALY??>?!!!

Jason822 Plays Minecraft says:

LOL. Condensation will form inside the phone. causing fast overheating.

al theway says:

music way to loud
fingernails way to long

this works i repair macbooks gpu issue with a heat gun and a freezer
just dont use wifi for long periods or it will go out gotta open it up
and put a weight on the chip and heat it slowly so it resolders it self
back on thats the perm fix

MrA16 says:

Did they fix it on ios 8 ?


+Z-MINER check this out, a risky treatment for iPhone 4s

NiceSongs4All says:

Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

V6K1D says:

Worked for me nice one mate i ow you one

Gabriela Málková says:

I have ios 7.1.2. a haven´t got greyed out problem. The botton work great
but if i want to connect to my Wifi it write me Can not connect to network
. How fix it.???????????????????????????????

yudiawan rahman says:

just tried this trick and the display in one of corner of my iphone were
burnt out (getting dark) , i dont know maybe im doing it too long when
heating up with the hairdryer …. 🙁 …just becareful when you guys
trying this method 🙂 

Annie Emms says:

it worked. I’m now my mothers favourite daughter, I fixed that iPhone!

Charles Maximus says:

I can’t fix my wifi problem I did that method but nothing happened plz
teach me how

Lastwiish says:

I just did a soft reset by holding the power button and the home button
while my iphone was plugged into my computer. My wifi is now working,
hopefully permanently. 

WhiteBoy Mike says:

It works every time ! After it cools down just shut phone off and turn it
back on, and wifi is back in on position ! Thanks !!

Mohamed Deeb says:

fixes the problem for permanent?

Eddie RosA says:

Bro this really worked that’s so crazy only use the hair dryer for 2min
screen started to heat to quick but everything works perfect

Envision Technologies says:

Lol my Wi-fi worked when I just turned off my iPhone, then turn it on again
and hold the home button for like 3 seconds. This would basically ‘refresh’
the iPhone. If you do not trust the hair dryer option, you can at least try
this. But I do believe the hair dryer option would work lol.

Dominique Sagarbarria says:

my ihpone 4s was ios 8

Ezio Auditore says:

Work on my iphone 4s

Jorge Felices says:

I have to accept I was doubtful this would work… it did work. Thanks so

emmanuel tinashe mhako says:

worked for me!!!

Tolga Can says:

From hot to cold, instantly ?
Like, that’s not gonna brake anything right guys ?
anyone who actually tries that, needs to learn basic physics

makki shigusubi says:

I just put it in the Fridge, maybe the phone was under constant use, it
just needs to be cooled down, I need to wait a bit and see how long this
effect will last until then, hopefully the phone will do just fine.


holy shit dem finger nails doe

Lemordred DK says:

Are you a lady with man’s voice? Cause you have sexy lady’s finger nails! 

lucky OUTTRABADY says:

Trop de la boulette! Thx. I hope that ios 8.0 can fix the problem.

Fredrik Stave says:

Thank you very much. This method solved my problem in 10 minutes.

kote caava says:

worked but only for 5 minutes help pl 

Taeyeon Kim says:

what’s the name of soundtrack?

Hannen-Amelia Wahab says:

How long did you blowdry the phone for? appox.

Perla Chacon says:

Ley me try this

Patrick Zahirniak says:

it mdosent work

talia Kruger says:

This only works for 10 minutes and then it stops working again. Not good

Melanie Drozz says:

I love you, It’s fixed horaaaaaaaaay xD

Ramzy Hawash says:

Working with me with upgrading to ios 8 then in the freezer for 10 minutes
only …….Thank You veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

Timothy Yellowshed says:

thank you this helped alot

Jeroen S says:

Works!! Didnt have to put it in fridge just let it cool down for about a
minute, thats enough and switch on and it works!✌️

darshni16 says:

I can’t believe this method has actually worked for me! The wifi greyed out
on my 4S, tried resetting the phone- didn’t work. Phone is out of warranty
so there was no point taking it back to apple. Thought I’d try this out coz
of the live demo in this video.. And OMG! It worked. Only thing is reading
the comments below, I hope the wifi doesn’t grey out again. Thanks for the

Cameron Thomas says:

what if you dont have a hairdryer?

Jose Jr says:

Ok, my iphones internet is broken I tried every solution possible… Time
to fucking blow dry it!!

Who is Tristan says:

wifi still didn’t work

BigAepple says:

it dont works at me

Moustafa Zein says:

fantastic it is worked with me thanks

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