How to fix iPhone iPod iPad is disabled. Reset iPhone iPod iPad password passcode

This video shows you how to place an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into recovery mode to Restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod. You Have to do this if your iPhone, iPad or iPod is locked or disabled and you don’t know the password.

My Name is Joseph Trimmer. I Majored in Economics. Im Part of Gen Y, I’m a nerd/geek and proud of it. I encourage people to speak their mind loudly.
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Matt Bell says:

Thanks so much i found an old iPhone 3g and i could not put it in recovery
mode until now thanks again

তানভীর আহসান says:

But when processing recovery, my phones turns on automatically with showing
a message to input passcode. How can I fix it?

Aryaman Sharma says:

My iphone is fully disabled. Its home button is not working too. I didnt
sync it with itunes earlier. Plz help ,anyone. Its ok if the data gets
deleted. Plzz help ASAP

Roxanne Greene says:

thank you! it worked!

oswald mickens says:

plz i need real help my ipod is disabled for 22,735,798 min

MsNvM3 says:

So what if it says its corrupted and not accept the recovery mode?

Kaylee Martin says:

thank you so much my aunt really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

Mateo Pineda says:

What if the power button doesn’t work

puremoe08 says:

Fake don’t listen To him 

puremoe08 says:


Karthus TheDeathsinger says:

thx bro

PZ Beatz says:

very helpful thank you

Joseph Trimmer says:

No problem! Glad I could help! Thumbs up and subscribe!

omar gomez says:

i did what you told me but now i have to update it and wait for 5-6 hours.
can i just not get the update or am i gone have to wait?

Alexa Morales says:

First video to finally help me! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

MrPsp7001 says:

dude does this have to take like 5 hours

barrondonavan90 says:

This works

Joseph Trimmer says:

It will erase everything. If you have any of that on your computer you
could sync it back.

Kelsey Strother says:

What do you do if your lock button is broken?

_helenxo says:

Thank you for that, it was helpful & it’s working now 🙂

Joseph Trimmer says:

Im glad I could help out! Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more cool
and useful videos!

Joseph Trimmer says:

No problem, glad I could help you out! Please thumbs up and subscribe!

tymiah cooke says:

my iphone is completly disabled i really need help without itunes please
help me!!!!!

orangeduckable says:

does it delete all data????

Girlygirl23468 says:

thanx heaps XD

Maria Mercado says:

I was about to say why r u recording this on a Nintendo 3ds

DirtyDevilJD says:

Hi Joseph, I tried your steps & did everything as you instructed but it
didnt unlock my ipad. It said at the end that it was unable to restore
factory settings because ipad is password protected & that I needed to
enter password to complete restoration. Can you help? Is there something
else I can try? I dont know my password…

saba khan says:

its saying its not eligible for this rebuild…

Hhannaxoxo says:

Thank you my iphone 5 was being stupid -____- i looked at like 15 or more
vids but found this one the most helpful

Joseph Trimmer says:

Yoya Ahmed, error 3194 usually indicates that Apple can’t reach it’s
servers for validation. Try disabling your security software and try again!
Let me know what happens! SUBSCRIBE to my channel so we can keep in touch!

Joseph Trimmer says:

Glad to help. Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE

Joseph Trimmer says:

You need to place the device on recovery mode. Then restore and setup as a
new device.

Casey J says:

Thanks mate!

Mark andEvan says:


Sally Otoole says:

if you do this does it get rid of all your songs and pictures?


Big help thanks!

Crystal Becky says:

Omg Thank You so much

jcierra314 says:

When I did it, nothin popped up but the apple the went right back to the
unlock screen. I do not have iTunes. Is there a way to do it without iTunes
and why haven’t I gotten the iTunes screen?? HELP!!!

Joseph Trimmer says:

Thanks! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Glad I could help!

Kayleigh a says:

how do you set up it up as a new device ?

treyharry8 says:


Cass Reynix says:

my computer wont allow to get itunes!!!:(

Joseph Trimmer says:

You are very welcome! If you want to help me out please subscribe!

MinecraftNoobLemet says:

If i havent a save of the Ipad. can i still get my stuff back by

_EDW1N says:


juhnette says:

What if u dont plug it in to the original computer it was plugged to when i
first got the ipod?

Bang Yeah says:

Thank uuuu!!!!

Joseph Trimmer says:

What’s wrong with the computer, what happens?

Joseph Trimmer says:

Thank you for sharing that!

Joseph Trimmer says:

Make sure that when you restore from your back up as it might have the
forgotten password saved in the backup. Instead, set your device as a new
iPhone and that would do it. Let me know what happens Pat!

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