How to Recover iPhone when it’s Disabled (iOS9)

This video covers how to recover your iPhone when it’s locked out or disabled and you’ve forgotten your passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode into an iOS device, six times in a row, it will be locked out and a message will be displayed, indicating that’s disabled. Unless you made a backup, before you forgot your passcode, then there’s not a way to restore your device’s data. You will have to erase your device, which will delete all your data and settings. If you have synced your device with iTunes or setup “Find My iPhone” or iCloud, then you can restore your device’s data and settings. Otherwise, you will have to restore your iPhone, using “recovery mode” (erases all data and settings), as explained below:

1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Start “Recovery Mode” on your device
Press and hold the Power and Home buttons, at the same time, until the device restarts. Keep holding till you see the “Recovery Mode” graphics.

2. Choose “Restore”

3. Tap “Restore and Update”

4. Wait for iTunes to download the software, for your device

Once the process is finished, you can setup and use your device.

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Jayden says:

Hi I’ve been trying to use this process I had a friend use his iCloud on my phone not only for his benefit but for mine also.. I now currently have no communication with him and I am now unable to acces my iPhone it’s been disabled and I can’t get into anything it won’t let me reset or restore and update using iTunes as I need to allow acces by responding on my phone while connected? How do I overcome this problem? Please help..

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