How To Remove Password From Iphone 6 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 3G 3GS or any IPod Touch or iPad Mini

This tutorial will wipe your phone clean however it will also remove the password from any of your iphone devices (4,4s,5,6,6+ and more). It will  even work on your ipod touch or iPad Mini.

The best part is that if you have a disabled iphone for which you have either lost or forgotten the code to, then this video tutorial will help remove that prompt, thereby freeing your phone. You will now be able to enjoy the full features of your iDevice.

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Wm Marsh says:

I personally used =>> *US.unlock-iphoneFREE*.*com* I was skeptic at the
first but I recieved my code the day after as promised! I’m not one of
those spammers, just trying to help out. Don’t pay, get it for absolutely

Cuddlycocaroach Nico says:

How did u know iphone 6 or 6 plus was coming out in 2012

Sylvester Paul says:

REEEALLLLLYYY getting tired of all these fake free unlock sites. If you
really want to unlock your phone for free, go to=>>

Ali Khan says:

How did this come out in 2012 but knows about the iPhone 6 lol?

Joshua Hernandez says:

wait dosnt that mean that all my saved content is gone

Harvey Specter says:

hello guys, recently i have found an interesting site which helped me to
unlock my iphone!
it was simple and fast, also i didn’t have any problems and more important
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TheNobleNibbler says:

I found an iPod with a passcode. Now I can use it thanks to this video

Marzia sparanzzi says:

I need help! i found my old iPod and i really wanna use it, but i forgot
the passcode and the home button doesn’t work.. it hasn’t been synced with
iCloud and i don’t have find my iPod enabled so i can’t just erase it from
there! someone please help?

RogerDowd says:

All information about jailbraking
*JailbreakBJ. com*
Working tutorial!

Nolan Chesley says:

Not a iPhone 6

hannah denby says:


Soxlos Babylocos says:

Does it have to be done on a Mac computer? 

Juan CloM says:

why is there a lot of spammer with the unlock shit?

Mark Grow says:

The easiest way ever is *Unlock-iPhone (.info)*
Just fill form and they will send you unlock code.

wwix says:

Dose restoring your phone only work with macs?

Jesse Fernandes says:

omg you talk way too much dude just show us how to disable passcode


Does this method still work? and do you have to have the same iTunes
account as the phone?

Erion Bruçi says:

what might happen if your computer will turned off during reset ….what
will happen to iPhone he will be broken ???

Manuel Guizar says:

thnx man it worked great for me :)

Erling Lindseth says:


Sue Payne says:

You heard guys, there is a new method to unlock iPhone devices, online, all
you need to do is to insert IMEI!

Dominique Young says:

it doesn’t work on mine! and I really need my phone, it says we
cant connect to “”‘s iphone as it is protected by a passcode

pedro saenz says:

The iPhone 4s in the video is not even running iOS 8.1.

Bobby Harris says:

youre a bitch

Sama Mostafa says:

will i need my icloud account after doing that?

Ken Mendoza says:

I have i cloud ajd it said i cant restore it because i have find my iphone

Szigeti Fernanda says:

Buddy-ES!!:), I have to share with you this:, i was searching hours on the
net to find a reliable permanent unlock provider juppe!! cos im an iphone
master, your website was providing reliable permanent unlocks over many
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Sally Baker says:

That’s to erase pass CODE, not passWORD!

Rain/ /Yaki says:

i found an iphone and when i try to factory unlock it the itunes symbol
comes up in red. Then it wont let me factory unlock it and it just asks to
connect to the iphone again but i cant because i dont have the password.
PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE contact me anywere or skype me whatsYaki i really
need help please help

CJICantLie says:

TY for this video. It was useful. But I must say, it would have been more
useful if your volume levels were higher. I turned up my computer volume
and the video’s volume all the way up and still could barely hear you,
making it a bit harder than it needed to be. 

Angel Merino says:

thank you so much

charlie thomas says:

if I am signed in to apple ID will it forget that apple ID as I don’t
remember the pass code or apple ID password ??? HELP PLEASE ???? 

Karter Bomboane says:

check this out , working iPhone unlock for free here!

TheKrodos1 says:

What the hell? This video was upload in 2014! How the heck did you know
about 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus and iPad Air???
Wait, can you change the tittle of the video after you uploaded it?!

Gene Warner says:

Unlock any iPhone for FREE in 10 minutes check here:
Viisit. =>> *UNLOCK-IPHONEFree*.*com* Safe one!!

jakob björklund says:

whats? lMEl?

Clody B says:

I used the recovery mode to unlock my iPhone but by the time it reaches
4%-5% it says ”phone locked with password please enter the password before
continuing” but the thing is a friend gave the phone to me and he doesn’t
remember the password so what can I do to fix this ? 

Leonard clinsman says:

This does not work , all you need is enjoy use
license key 9BZD435T

Pat Pinyopich says:

Yes it worked. I have watched several clips. This is the only one that
worked. IP4

ben adkins says:

the best iphone unlocking software is *247Unlockers* still works

jeana fennell says:

in by that i mean fucking great 

Maryan Rafevski says:

dude when did you cut your e finger nails lately???? i have avery good
manyquer to advise to you

Lounae Ramirez says:

are all my messages & contacts gone too.?

Edward Holmes says:

You’ve sowed a great iPhone unlock here?
It works without problems.

sdeeznuts says:

Remove this video,,this is how i make $$ by unlocking peoples iphone when
they are locked out…lol im joking

Jannat Bath says:


jakob björklund says:

what is MI ? or what is it?

J Furner says:

Great stuff, thanks.

Don Alaa says:

thank you man :)

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