How to unlock a disabled iPhone

Unlocking a iPhone

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Jankovics Dominik says:

AT&t had a database renew, this means AT&T took away the access for their
database from many cheap unlocks, but I know a website that does, you can
google att.iphoneunlocking, they are still able to unlock any AT&T device.

Noreen Ward says:

My friends told me about *UnlockYourPhone(.me)*…They unlock any phone &
it’s completely free as they run on donations

Weismuller Abigel says:

For all having any difficulty unlocking AT&T phones, all that’s necessary
to complete is head to Mobile Unlox, we can unlock all AT&T phones.

حيدر مالك says:
Anthony S says:

This dosent work

Kenderes Marcell says:

Wow! I do believe the fastestiphone unlocking service on the net is
attiphoneunlocking. we are able to unlock phones that’s bricked by those
bad unlocking method.

Monty Brown says:

i didnt work

Dorian-MX says:

Best Working Tutorial check here !
*JailbreakBJ. c om.*
Just check it!!

Vass Orsolya says:

I know a good site for AT&T users if you wish to unlock , it’s
attphoneunlocking.(info), the very best site for unlocking AT&T stuff in
the event that you ask me

Nemes Tilda says:

Hey guys, by replying all the spam unlockers, i was searching hours on the
net to locate a reliable permanent unlock provider as im really informed
about all the iphon sh^it, the one i found between numerous sites was
attphoneunlocking.(com) they can unlock any at&t iphone as well as the new
iphone 6 & 6+ in 1-3 days or 24h.

Michell Rice says:

Hey , I finally jailbreak my new iphone thanks to this website:

Moreau Bernardi says:

all you AT&T folks that want to unlock AT&T phones, you can google
attphoneunlocking(.com), we can unlock most of the model current, including
the modern 5S and 5C.

Rearick Foutch says:

The most efficient unlocking site I know is attphoneunlocking(.com).

Kovala Adrienn says:

I understand a really good site for all the AT&T users who would like to
unlock their devices prior to the contract is over, it’s
attphoneunlocking.(com), also the fastest unlocking site I’ve ever use

Tank Tamara says:

If anybody want to unlock phones locked to AT&T, you can find extra
information on mobileunlox.(com), took me only 5 hours to to unlock my new
iphone 5, we have the ability to unlock the new 5S and 5C as well.

Zimacsek Olivia says:

Hi folks, after AT&T had their data base renew, many websites are not able
to unlock AT&T anymore, but there is still a site that may get it done, the
site is MobileUnlox, we are surely one of the very most secure unlocking
site among all of the others.

Nathan Gil says:

I tried it on my I phone 5 and it didn’t work how come 

Jordi Rodriguez says:


Bango Ica says:

For individuals that want to unlock AT&T devices, you’ll find good reliable
unlocking service at attphoneunlocking.(com), we are able to unlock any
type of AT&T devices updated, even the most recent 5S and 5C.

Uzsoki Abigel says:

I see many folks have trouble unlocking their AT&T stuff, for these people,
you can try,
oahu is the site I have now been using for many my AT&T stuff


work …work …the button disslike work…

Tmack1208 says:

That shit don’t work

Killer Beeos says:

+Rookie BB

Nice to meet you guys, I’ve used this to unlock my iphone:

FIster Runiene says:

+Karamail Enter your IMEI and UNLOCK your iPhone for free now:

dylan stacy says:

how to fix a iPod touch when it is disabled

Barta Lorand says:

If somebody has trouble unlocking AT&T phones, because you have used scam
unlocking site, you can have a look at,
it’s the most secure site for unlocking, we have the ability to unlock the
new 5S and 5C as well.

Csala Ibolya says:
unlocks any kind of AT&T devices in under 5 hours. Our facebook site is
really nice too!!

FIster Runiene says:

+Karamail Enter your IMEI and UNLOCK your iPhone for free now:

Harry Muff says:

Apple has so poorly designed the iphone. The home button wears out as well
as any other button on theiphone that is repeatedly pressed. i dont know
why they didn’t use touch screen tech to develop buttons on the iphone.
Anywas.. my iphone 4s also has worn out home button and also the power
button. All you can do is get tech savvy and do the fixs yourself or
replace thepiece of shit iphone. GLASS face! wtf apple? you people are

Sunnyvale RecCustom says:

shit dont work……

Szillas Gergely says:

Everybody using AT&T stuff but wants to unlock them, you can check out this
, it’s a clean fast and reliable site, they have unlocked all my phones so
far, it’s also one of the few sites that is still able to perform unlocking
service after the official AT&T unlocking server shut down, so take a look
at the site and try it out

FIster Runiene says:

Enter your IMEI and UNLOCK your iPhone for free now:

Toth Valentin says:

If any of you folks are looking for a unlock for your AT&T phone, I know a
good site for you guys: attiphoneunlocking, I used this site many times,
was not let down even once, they have unlocked all my phones so far, there
was a unlocking server shut down at AT&T, which caused a lot unlocking site
stop providing unlocking service, but this site still does, so take a look
at the site and try it out

alejandro noguera says:


Phillip Seth says:

Make money unlocking iphones for users with *247 Unlocker Software* i use
that use license key HpCzx96M

McKinley brigham says:

It didn’t work

micah hamlet says:

that’s bull shit

Hassan Kalik says:

Use *247Unlockers* works great

Jonathan Howard says:

Things you need to know before you jailbreak iOS device!!!
*JailbreakBj. com*.
only this website, tutorial will help you!!

Kimberly S says:

when I try your method it just shuts it off when I hit the lock button at
the same time can you help???????

Shotta says:

Does it work when my iphone blocked and disabled?

Akbar Golmirzaie says:

that was the most stupid and on way to unlock please do not post if you do
not know

loomy lovy says:

Blow your nose

luke owens says:

You can hack and unlock most iPhone users using *Unlock-AllPhones. COM* or
checkout their profile link just google ” *HAQABLE* ” an amazing software

Jason Yang says:

i need help , lost my phone and i found it 3month later under the sofa,but
i forgot my pass. so it’s noe inthos mode.ur method doesn’t really work on
mine phone

Indigo Washington says:

you aint shit dont nobody know how to fix no damn home button , you broke
my phone you snake ass motherfucker … ssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keonna Bell says:

how do you do it on iphone 4

Mostafa A says:

Sorry for the fail at the time I was somewhere around 10 years old so yea

janaja liggins says:

did this work for any 1 else

Kira Kenny says:

It didn’t work

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