How to UNLOCK a Disabled iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone (ALL iOS)

So the other day my sister tried to break into my iPod. It disabled for ever (no joke). So I experimented, and it worked! I hope it works for you!

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Tank Tamara says:

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Jeremy Shuter says:

thanks, was having hard time with nephews ipod 5 and this worked

jayden wright says:

go to and
use that ti unlock your iphone use license key PYLSSLn4

Af10soccer says:

Thanks it really helped

Kaylen White says:

Step-by-step Guide to jailbreaking your iOS device.
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robyn williams says:


Matt Mangrum says:

Thanks helped me out a lot!

Luis Reyes says:

Is there a way to do it without a computer

Jasmine Smith says:

thanks your fucking awesome lil bro

IFMPN says:


Ryan Olson says:

Thanks so mucg

james armstrong says:

thank u you saved my relatoinship

Kayla Roundstone says:

thanks that rrealy helped now I just have to wait intell it is done
downloading ha-ho

Thomas Wayment says:

U know my cousin as in the one who slept in the tv room, the one who has
pokemon x, the awesome one.

romin ater says:

thanks kid your the only one it accualy worked for 

Doc Luvia says:

apple sucks

Myone Mack says:

How long does it take to finish the restoration? 

Matias Ayala says:

IT WORKS thnx ^_^

akire zepeda says:

thank you ery much

Serenitilove Collins says:

i love u :)

BiebsMyFlawless says:


Adam Abraham says:

[Detailed Tutorial] How to jailbreak iOS device!
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Check it!!

Greg Bernier says:

Thank you! My daughter is thrilled to have her iPod back.

abel p says:

tnx your the best

Ayonna Osagie says:

This really helped cuz i forgot what to do

YarranBrown Gaming says:

My ipod 5 keeps turning back on when I hold the middle button ur useless

Briannabowers Wooz says:

kid this doent work the restore i tune page doesnt pop up for me only the
one that says it need to be restored

angelo bermudez says:

where do you go to restore

66ezepeda says:

it worked!!! thank you!!!

Mari Black says:


sabrina. loves.the.direction says:

I have no I tunes

Zach Behymer says:

My bed now

Eric Domino says:

go to and
use that ti unlock your iphone use license key PYLSSLn4

Premacy-x says:

where did you go to restore it?

Hakuna Matata says:

didn’t work -.-

Luke Hemmings says:

iTunes can’t read my iPod when I plug it In :/

Brittie Patnode says:

I’m like so sad that I have to delete everything but i guess it’s ok if I
can use my iPod again 🙁 thx for the help

Cindy Silverio says:

Wow thank you so much! (:

lazer gaming says:

When you do not have it disabled you can save it on your computer

Jason Harris says:

thanks your awesome

Zach Behymer says:

Never loved a little boy so much ;)

Laura Ken says:

I was so happy when I learnt about *UnlockYourPhone(.me)*…They unlock any
phone & it’s completely free as they run on donations

David Reyes says:

thx dude

chloe white says:

ive been watching loads of videos to try and help me sort out my phone and
this is the only one that actually worked! 

Viveka k says:


Debrah Adedeji says:

Does iTunes or ios7 have to be downloaded onto your computer or phone
before starting this process

shifterspeed says:

dude this kid is top

Sunny Bristowe says:

You are one smart kid :3 it works everyone! Tried just now on my iPhone 5
and it worked.

Wrizzly Wax says:

When ur doing all of this do u have to sign into ur apple id or can u just
do it without signing in???

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