how to unlock your disabled iphone

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this viedo will show you that iphones can be undisable immediaty
you have to have a computer or a laptop
and itunes
this not a trick dont belive me then ty it out yourself

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Tina Reagan says:

I found it very useful to use *UnlockYourPhone(.me)*…They unlock any
phone & it’s completely free as they run on donations

Vance Springer says:

This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak any iDevice.
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Drake Washington says:

the best iphone unlocking software is *247Unlockers* still works

Jerry Skittle says:

the only iphone ulocker is *247Unlockers* enjoy

the awsome man says:

hey kevin daher and anthony very very rudeyou guys are so fricken rude

Drake Washington says:

This does not work , all you need is *247Unlockers* enjoy

Shyam Acharya says:

How to unlock itunes in Ipone 5 Please give me the process

Anthony_ says:

Horrible tut

Gabriel Castillo says:

Please people Apple is not a good software anything that runs Google is
great after having apple for 2 years the first time I got a Google phone I
noticed of grate difference

devins Parker says:

Latest iphone unlcoking software is enjoy it
guys use license key 9yJhJEkz

Yesenia xoxoxo says:

can you talk? this didnt help me at all im sorry but u really need to talk
in videos seriously i was like how the hell do i do this but really

XI Diamonds XI says:

I hope apple gets sued for making a shit iOS a and shit device they call a
fucking iPhone. Thnx to iOS 7 I’m OUT OF A FUCKING PHONE. Thnx to Apple and
their complicated iTunes bullshit. I am out of a fucking phone. Great job
apple, I hope your happy that you fucked over a million people that bought
your shit device. APPLE SUCKS FUCKING ASS. It’s just a known fucking fact.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Dsaina says:

stop uploading any more videos!!

Tessa Burkey says:

dude you can just wait for ten minutes !!!!!!!!! my phone is disabled and i
have to go to itunes and unlock it 

Drake Washington says:

There is an iphone unlocker called *247Unlockers* google and use

Darian Barson says:

Working jailbreak tutorial! GoTo:
Websitee *JailbreakBj. com*
This is real!!! 

nick sarip says:

sorry bro but ur the damn person i’ve ever seen

Mohammed Sulieman says:

Phone 5 is disabled for 23.088.474 I don’t know what happend I just put it
and that happend wtf plz help

kevin daher says:

sorry man but you suck, you need to learn how to type, and spelling is very
bad …..

Aaron Apathy says:

Can any one help

mohammad osman says:

thanx you save me

Nur nobi babu says:

waste of time.

Aaron Apathy says:

I’m trying to unlock a disabled iPhone but it keep telling me it can’t do
it because it is locked if I could remember my pin code I would not be in
this mess

James Wade says:

It is very easy. Solution is here:


Have fun!

Drake Washington says:

The best iPhone unlocking software system is *Unlock-AllPhones. COM* or
checkout their profile link just google ” *HAQABLE* ” all online based

sedrick haunis says:

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Eustace Stewart says:

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TheMaxchy says:

rettard !

salha tariq says:


Jacob mccrary says:

Do u know how to talk

Sabrina Fromm says:

My phone says disabled connect to itunes is there a way to unlock it
without restoring it. I never had anything backed up.

JANKSTER hoebag says:

firstly is not a word and you should just speak!

Lilmiss _jackson says:

u take to long

carzyohio says:

Why not just speak

Alexandra Fulgencio says:

just talk during the video because it would be so much easier

hayden powell says:

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Alex Paraskevaides says:

is talking to mainstreem

Priscilla Romero says:

ur no help

junlee7955 says:


SirBlackBandana says:

Commenting on your own video ?

vanesa123gmgmg says:

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Richard Lewis says:


turko famoso says:

men you video suck

LoveRhey Olaer says:

Great and Nice Done!

Furkan Kahraman says:

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GAME BOX says:

Brother show your text

A. Lambie says:

Learn how to type!

Priscilla Romero says:

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abbygale gomez says:

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Eden Hunter says:

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