iPhone 4s iOS 6 WiFi problem (WiFi Disabled/ Greyed Out bug)

help please…. if anyone know how to fix this glitch/ bug please message me

How to Fix iPhone 4s WiFi Disabled problem

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Ammar kiani says:

Fuz.djbhkd. evzgU

Coin Master says:

I tryed all this solutions nothing works. IPHONE SUCKS!! I have mine for 2
years and 1 month, after 1 month of warranty void is garbage.

I have the solution, throw it against a wall and buy a Samsung. Thats what
i will try to do.

Salu Mikušová says:

same problem now with iphone 5s !!!!!!! 🙁 help people please

lee mash says:

same my iPhone 4s WIFI problem.

Saovry Sok says:

iPhone 4s iOS 7.0 WiFi problem (WiFi Disabled/ Greyed Out bug)

ivan labbe says:

i put mine in the freezer for 5 minutes not even powered off took it out
powered on and wifi was back on simple

MoMada aDmùUm says:

same problem

M.H.J_Services says:

hi youtube !!! i can fix this problem if you want to fix it contact with
me in youtube channel!

Roger Morales says:


Roger Morales says:

It works for mi Thor your iPhone off and like livet for 5 minutes off and
torne on an check but put yout iPhone with the Apple facing the floor

Lolita Lempicka says:

i had the same problem… i put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and it
works… automatically turned on. but wont it damaged the phone ? ?????? PS
i have an iPhone 4s

Cool Name Here: says:

Put it in airplane mode then reset network settings.

MrChantheman95 says:

but 6.1 not yet release… so, is that a beta version??

Magda Gąsiorowska says:

i’ve got the same problem and can’t find a solution on the internet :/

George Chin says:

same problem hw to fix it ?? any teach ??

Gladys Nunez says:

but I did that and the wifi worked for 10 min. and then it couldnt find any
wifi signals at all!

Daniela Suarez says:

your iphone is under warranty?

brugudoy dagohoy says:

hey dude did this workedon your iphone permanently?

Ali Akbar AK says:

My dear friend..this your command help me lots of………………thank
you so much my dear

alkharsa11 says:

Same problem

MrChantheman95 says:

if your iphone still have warranty, apple store will replace new iphone for
you or they will help you to fix it. i already got my new iphone from the
place that i bought

Jonatan Rafael Amador Diaz says:

Same problem

Jacky99 says:

are you kidding me ?

Rahul BJ says:

how did u fix dude

Raphael Ribeiro says:

o meu funcionou, porem ainda fico só buscando sinal wifi, apareceu a rede
somente uma vez.

iTzFedericoXx says:

i have this problem.. pls help!

Casper says:

Tried tonns of recommendations… Nothing works

Travis Chan says:

People have used a hair dryer to heat up the area under the microphone jack
on the back of the iphone. This has worked for many people including me. I
had the tools so I opened my 4s and heated it that way. I did this for 5
mins and let it cool down. It worked for one of my 4s but not the other.

Luke T says:

hi, it is easy: the thing you guys have to do is: Airplaine Mode ON Do Not
Disturb ON turn off your iphone for 10 minutes. turn in back on; Airplaine
Mode OFF Do Not Disturb OFF wifi works

Enmanuel Ferreira says:

my iphone have thats same problem (sorry my bad english) well…. 4s 6.1
32gb my wifi connection have problem you take your idevice them shake it
while looking for new networks as. thats metod is good for my iphone after
is connetc the wifi remain because you must try all time you want to
connect a wifi! & the problem gray wifi shut down 10 minuts , put it on! go
to setting ,general, reset, (reset network settins). Greetings!

Cameron Ray says:

just happened to me its a common problem either wait till next ios update
or get it replaced.

arabic1234 says:

Solución comprobada iPhone No Wifi/Greyed Wifi Fix

Paustovski Shay says:

no absoulty not do not get a new iphone go to the setting ~ general ~
cellular turn off cellular data and 3g if you have the reset network
setting and fixed problem

Tord Engen says:

I’ve got the same fucking problem..

DJKEN82 says:

Damn iphone!!!it’s suck!!!wasting my time go ti service center..better
think twice for iphone..it’s really suckz!!!

Choman Jalal says:

I have the same problem. Any idea how to fix it? I replaced the wifi but
the same issues appeared after 5 days. Am thinking about replacing the Wifi
again but not sure if it will come back again this time or not. Help PLease

osama shoora says:

does it really work for iphone 4s ios 6.1.3 ??

Shawn Martian says:

You may’ve gotten a TINY bit of water inside of it and it fried out the wi
fi circuit. It happened to me before, I suggest you put it in the freezer
(not trolling you) for 30 minutes. Try again and it doesnt work, bring it
to apple

Everythingapplepro ss says:

my 4s to bro wifi prob

Drago says:

same here. not yet resolved

DubstepGamerZzZ says:

How can you download a flash light app if your phone wont connect to the

Tiit Talpsepp says:

you ass i fucked up my phone

miat789 says:

Im having the same issue and my bluetooth is constantly searching as well

vu lam says:

after the update wifi problem still not yet fix , still no fix for wifi
greyed out disabled bug for iphone 4s ios 6.1.3 , help me !!!

Sliman Bsoul says:


kenjasPINOY says:


1badsmell says:

Ok so my 4s has just done the same. Heres how it went: Running 6.0, at home
enjoying wifi… pages slowing up.. wifi symbol on and off. Checked wifi in
settings – ON…. not connected could turn wifi off/on but not picking up
wifi router… grrr Checked another device … Ok Turned 4s off/on… still
the same Carried out soft reset… now wifi switch greyed out Back
up/download 6.0.1 Still the same. Deep joy (glad i had extended my
warranty… will speak with apple)

Ivan Peihopa-Goodall says:

Just backup all your content to iTunes or I cloud,then restore your phone
to factory settings and install backup. It sucks to do it this way but it
is full proof none the less. If you have a Jail broken iPhone you can
rejailbreak . But best if you have a purchased data and sources App like
Pkgbackup to restore all your tweaks.

gabe killu says:

I actually turned of my iPhone and put it in the freezer and knocked out
for like about 3 hours I got up went to the freezer iPhone 4s ran out of
battery plugged it in to computer and WALA IT’S WORKING AGAIN!!! But sadly
it will come back

protectyerself says:

freezer thing worked for me!

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