iPhone 5, 4S, 4 disabled, disactivated problem fixing

Fix iPhone 4s disabled ,disactivated problem

Download itune :

How to enter DFU mode :
Plug your device into your computer
Turn off the device by holding the Sleep/Wake or Power button and swiping it off
Hold the power button for 3 seconds
Begin holding the Home button without releasing the Sleep/Power button for 10 seconds
Release the power button and continue holding the home button until you get a popup from iTunes that your device is recognized as being in recovery mode.

Apple iphone 4s details review :


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i try to restore and it says my iPhone aint eligible 

Lucky Fame says:

my phone is still disabled 

Dede D. Nyeplu, II says:

Thnxs for the video but what is DFU Mode?

Asovale Mosese says:

Hi trying doing these steps but it comes on to enter passcode but I forgot
the passcode, what can I do pls

michael blackstar says:

During the process my iPhone turns on and the iTunes and usb logo goes away
is this ok?

Dylan Isaac CB says:

what if the i phone has a tracker on it lol

Eugenio Vera says:

what if my power button is messed up too

James Allan says:

I forget my itunes password and when I go to restore my iphone it comes up
that I need to put in the password, what do I do?

matthew vancleave says:

i have this problem with my 5s :(

Sarath sivan says:

will go my all datas & images..?

Collie Aru says:

Wow this is cool.!!!
Thanks alot my friend.
Keep it up, and Keep it Maintaining Bro!!!

Haider says:

if i restore my iPhone 5c, will it ask for iCloud activation ?

mcmoppy07 says:

Thank you so much for helping.

Chops110597 says:

if my power button doesnt work and that im stuck on iphone deactivated how
do I to put it in DFU mode?

Diamond Williams says:

do you know what i would do if it said cannot restore from an unexpected

Makhai Stenbar says:

I get a error message when i its done restoring please help 

Maaorava says:

Thanks dude you safed my iPhone :)!!

Agtubegirlforever says:

Thanks you really helped i thought my iphone was gone forever

McKinley brigham says:

What if its jail broken will it go to iOS 7 ?

Alena Kachtíková says:

Hi, I have problem with my 4 months new iPhone 5S, software iOS 7.0.6. The
sleep mode is not working properly, it turns on and off spontaneously, many
many times, I can say I can’t control it, doesn’t matter what I do with the
iPhone … it is really annoying. I have tried to restore the iPhone
(before I backuped all my data into laptop) but it didn’t help. Can u help,

gypsy mom says:

You helped me save my phone . Thank You so much.

Danny Peter says:

You are the best

Steven Contreras says:

how long do i have to wait for it to say error?

willie DEE says:

thanks a lot.. everything was right on point

Simon Hurley says:

I try this with me iPhone 4 and after the restore bar at the top of iTunes
has finished iTunes pops up with a text box that says I need to respond on
my device, but I still can’t do anything, iPhone is still disabled…

World Tv Online says:

Hello and thank you for the video

i just did what your saying with my iphone 4s but is stuck on… preparing
iphone for restore ,

any ideas please ?

JPZosi says:

is this procedure work on a lost and disable iPhone? 

deaniel rivera says:

Does it work with an iohone 5?

MrJaydream15 says:

Harry nawaz what do I do if it comes up with another error page

william alderman says:

This was very good info. Precise to the point. Thank you. I see that you
have the old LG external dvd drive. I have the exact one. It’s been working
good for years.

Arthur Gukasyan says:

worked thanks 

Jodan Dillinger says:

omg! thank you so so much is helped me so much now my iphone 4s is in the
process of working thank you so much

Justin Talley says:

It is also not working with me either. I do all the steps but when I get to
restore and update it tells me that it is going to take like an hour. Like
3min into the download it says “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone
“phone name” because it is locked with a passcode on the iphone before it
can used with iTunes.” But I cant get into the iPhone to turn off the
passcode. Please help :(

jaspal singh says:

my one didnt work.. i got iphone 4s.. after connecting it to computer it
says could not connect to iphone it is locked with a passcode..options i am
getting is Cancel or Try again. i canceled it and repeated rest of the
step. after updating it is still asking me passcode. plz help mate

kevn soria says:

I have tried that but my iPhone won’t go on recovery mode

nancy estanfina says:

which website u put it? but my iphone 4s say no SIM but how?

Sergio Tamez says:

It doesn’t work with iPhone 5 plz help.

Harry Nawaz says:

Tell me which part u have problem exactly?? plz subscribe!!

Mohamed Amir says:

I tried with my disabled iPhone 4 and after downloading it says could not
be restored because file is corrupted. Please help

Thomas Bopda says:

Does your computer need to be connected to the internet?

FearTheRedLord R says:

But when i try to restore it it says i need to enter password before can
restore it. but i forgot the password Please help.

Gangsterbl00dho says:

I tryed but it said error 3004 plz help 

Azid Sanu says:

It doesn’t work with iPhone 5 plz help
I have done all you said
after some time in the downloading
It give me this message
“iTunes coul not connect to the iphone “phone name” because it is locked
with passcode on the iphone before it can used with iTunes. 

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