IPHONE 6 DISABLED (forgot passcode) – RESTORE IPHONE 6 Plus/5S/5C/5 – Step by Step

Restore disabled (forgot passcode) iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C/5 on iOS 8 – Step by Step instructions

If you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row, you’ll be locked out and you’ll see this message:

iPhone is disabled

iPad is disabled

iPod touch is disabled

Follow these steps if you never synced your device with iTunes, if you don’t have Find My iPhone set up, or if you can’t get to your own computer. You’ll need to put your device in recovery mode, which will erase the device and its passcode. Then you’ll restore your device as new or from a backup.

Disconnect all cables from your device.

Turn off your device.

Press and hold the Home button. While holding the Home button, connect your device to iTunes. If your device doesn’t turn on automatically, turn it on.

Continue holding the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

iTunes will alert you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.

Click OK, then restore the device.

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Ally Graceffa says:

What happens to all the pictures & that stuff?

redrumromeo says:

Seriously just got locked out of my phone. I have the 5c and I did what you
did but it shows the itunes logo is red.. what does that mean :c 

Silk Boxing says:

This friggn 6 is getting thrown against a brick wall shortly. How does the
thing just not let you into your passcode and comes up wait 60 minutes.
Piece of shit

musiclover58745 says:

doing this right now ! ;)

Victor Montalvo says:

Man this guy an asshole

Joe Jnr says:

I bought an iPhone6 from a pawn shop but i cant get pass the icloud screen.
There is no way to find the owner to get the apple ID and password. What
can I do? 

Loom Diddy says:

i have an at&t password locked iphone 6 in which i CANNOT get passed unless
i have the 4 digit passcode. Ive tried your process a couple of times (even
with my personal at&t simcard inserted) and the restoration stops midway
because itunes requests the 4 digit passcode before it can be restored and
used with itunes. What can i do to bypass the required passcode? 

javiergarcia88 says:

My internet keeps shooting down in the middle of the download which
prevents from restoring. any ideas? 

Nasty Nate says:

It says to allow access, please respond to your phone. The phone you are
showing isnt saying that part.

Jarrell Terry says:

Great Video

Troy Brown says:

Really Helped ! Thanks.

Chelsea Vasquez says:

This actually works!
Thank you so much!

Ricardo Alvarez says:

Hey I got the iphone 6 plus and I forgot mutt iphone passcode. I followed
youre instructions and its stuck on the screen like on minute 2:56-2:58 do
I do?

jhrflow says:

how long does it take if it says to allow access please respond to iphone

Chester Tanada says:

Do i need to fully disable it? or as long as it is disabled even just for
15 minutes this’ll work?

Clare Oleary says:

its an i phone 3g,the girl forgot her password,i did manage to do the
restore,but when i put a different sim in,it said it was not supported and
i think the original sim has been blocked.so i still cant get in the phone

vanilson gomes says:

If i set up as new iphone, will i still need to put the owners icloud
account password?

shreejal luitel says:

Excuse me I have iphone 5c updated to 8.1 and it doesn’t restart itself so
i decided to restart it myself after taking that step it still says iphone
is disable connect to itunes. Please help me!!!!

Ohh Essence says:

If I restore will it go to activation lock? I just bought this phone and I
don’t know if I should restore because I don’t know the Apple ID or
Password. Please reply!

Mario Langston says:

Life saver

Bjbbl says:

Do you know how to unlock. The iphone email when some one locks it with an
email using find my iphone app. 

Nelson Andrade says:

Hey I just bought Iphone 5s on craiglist i followed your steps but is
saying activation lock and I can’t get in touch with the seller idk what to
do can u help pleaseeee 

Enzo Lo says:

Does tgus worn on iphkne 4s ios 6?

michael brown says:

Okay I got it unlocked but I have to put the persons Apple ID .is there a
way to by past that 

Charisma Fife says:

Will It Erase Everything included your phone Number?
and can people still Call you if it say your IPhone is Disabled?

Cindy Medrano says:

This worked tgabks but then it asks for apple id and password can that be
bypassed too ? & if it can how ? Plzz help!!

m xa says:

thank you so much you really helped me out =)

Arturo Sifuentes says:

Thanks for ur reply got pasted disable part now stuck on activating the
phone help

Clare Oleary says:

Evan when i hold the home button down, i tunes still does not come up on my
computer,it is driving me crazy, any other ideas ? and thanks for your help

Bahati Namwija says:

My brother forgot his passcode for his iphone 4 so I put it in recovery
mode and when it was finished extracting it did the waiting for iPhone and
the apple logo had a loading bar on the bottom I got all excited thinking
it was gonna restore it but it completely faild and went back to the
connect to iTunes logo and so the phone was stuck in the loop for about an
hour so I downloaded this tool called tiny umbrella and it forced the phone
to boot out of recovery mode so now I’m stuck trying to restore again but I
get a stupid error saying iPhone could not be restored I’ve tried talking
to an apple representative in the chat support but none of their options

mustafa darky says:

my iphone Disabled and i was turn on find my iphone , is this works if i
restore in recovery mode ? 

Ashley Essig says:

I bought a iPhone 5s from a guy on craigslist, but didn’t think to make
sure he had restored it before he left. got home and it was not done so i
found your tutorial here… did it and now it says i have to enter the
password linked to his iCloud!!!! it won’t let me get any farther… is
there a way around this? I can’t get a hold of the guy i bought it
from!!!! HELP!!!!!

faizal masterd says:

thanks bro…

michael brown says:

What if the iPhone 6 has a finger print password. What do you do then ?

Clare Oleary says:

why cant i get the i phones page when i do this ??

BrownBoy says:

It keeps saying cant connect to iPhone because of passcode what do I do?

Nasty Nate says:

Cant you like email me on how to bypass the password screen? Youtube cant
touch our emails.

Arturo Sifuentes says:

I did what the video says to do and it worked. now its asking for apple id
and pw used to erase the phone. I do not have that info. what do I do next.
help! thanks

Sean Ent | HowToTech says:
problem child says:

Hey, I really needed help!!! My mom bought a IPhone6 plus and now she wants
to give it to me but she doesnt know her apple I.d nor her passcode i just
restored it too. OMG PLZ REPLY!!

Jamie Trangmar says:

Did u find a way to enable the disabled iphone 6?

sweetquinze says:

delighted u saved my iphone! :)) 

Callm3xChuyxD says:

It says I need to put the pass word first before I can restore it and tips

tacoby lewis says:

Does this work on laptop

Jo Smith says:

it says cant connect to itunes without passcode entered 

Allen Eaton says:

Halfway through the update, the phone turned on and I let it finish
updating but after that it stopped and didn’t restore. Please help!

Jo Smith says:

once it says cant do this iphone has password do i click try again and let
it finish or do nothing and let it finish or exit out of it and will it

Callm3xChuyxD says:

Passcode * any tips *

Jamie Trangmar says:

No iTunes or passwords for this iPhone 6 I just bought…..someone email me please send

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