iPhone, iPod, iPad is disabled

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If you have the message about an iPod, iPhone or iPad being disabled, or having an incorrect passcode you have a few ways to get it working again.

– is disabled, try again in x minutes
– is disabled, connect to itunes
– iTunes could not connect to the iPod because it is locked with a passcode.
– you must enter your passcode on the iphone before it can be used with itunes.

This video explains how to do this depending on three situations.

1) You have a computer the passcode locked device was previously synced with
2) You have a backup of the passcode locked iPod, iPad, iPhone
3) You have none of the above.

Watch this video to find out how to unlock an iPod, iPhone or iPad and reset the pin code.

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AppleNerd FX says:

Last method should work for me. I hope so :)

Jayden Heath says:

My IPad wont turn back on now?

Prince Richard Pellerin says:

cannot restore ..also in method 3 bro .because. its still need a passcode.
using the PHONE ..but its already Disabled

তানভীর আহসান says:

I lost my backup file. What can I do or what step I should take?

bill wright says:

Best Working Tutorial check here :
*JailbreakBJ. c om*
Best one!

Nael Tulus says:

you sir are the people hero

Tushant Raut says:

Thanks.. It worked on mine!!!!

PregnantPotato says:

doesn’t work for me, just comes an error and it stops the whole process
after a while 🙁 what to do??

Kebeth Castellanos says:

I am extremely grateful for your video! 

Adib M says:

THANKS HEAPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChadDickens says:

Jailbreak your IOS now
*JailbreakiOSNow. com.*

Yilmaz Asik says:

Thx so much

Soufiane C says:

my home button is not working kan you help me please

Mandie T says:

Plz help me as well as u can :-/ Id appreciate it so much

cvieira12ify says:

I love u thanks so much I had to send it in recovery mode

allisonkunzen says:

I have an ipod touch 4g (in which I forgot my new passcode– I dare you to
judge me) and I got it disabled for an hour, then I tried this trick I saw
in a video that said it would make your ipod notify you of your passcode.
It made my ipod say “ipod is disabled connect to itunes”. I haven’t backed
up my ipod in about a year. Is there any way I can back it up when it it
is in this state? Or more simply– just get it out of this mode? And if I
back it up on itunes, will it save my pictures and everything (I don’t
really understand a lot about technology, lol)? Thanks to anyone who

Cherif Moetaz says:

Don’t works for me , i am using the 3rd methode

Mandie T says:

i am locked out and dont know my passcode. it doesnt show my iphones serial
number, capacity or anything just the pic of an iPhone and n/a next to it.
i think its not recognizing my iPhone but this is the ONLY computer i have
connected it to. Also cant use iCloud to wipe my phone cuz i dont have a
Mac or Windows PC

Plzzzzzzz help me plzzz
I JUST got this, the 5s, 2 days ago and i got locked out yesterday.

I have been looking up everything, called the apple store and went up to my
carriers store. Still cant fix it. I believe it has something to do with
the connection between my iPhone and iTunes

Oyez Raazor says:

but wot if u don’t have a computer and a i got a macbook pro does it work

Deborah Barger says:

Used method 3, worked. Thank you!

GamersGuide721 . says:

I use method 3

First time worked
Second time did not work

First time , restoring then still disabled -_-
Second time , the iTunes logo didn’t even show up -_-

Ellie Jamieson says:

How do I unlock my ipad without a laptop????

rodrigo moreno says:

Hey I jacked an iPad mini… Well not me,my friend jacked that shit. Well
I’m trying to unlock a lost and disabled iPad mini
Were getting really pissed off and thinking about just breaking this piece
of fucking shit
What the hell should we do,man. HELP

Sampada Dwivedi says:

Hiee I hav locked my Ipad mini and it shows disabled.
and when i try to restore from itunes its shows after 30 mins tht the
connection has an error or timeout.
Could help me to show how to download fireware separate and update my ipad

AlReem AlMarzooqi says:

I did all the steps till I reach the Restore but then I don’t know what to
do.. so please help me !

Kameron Harris says:

Jailbreak your iPhone Free and Safe!
GoTO *JailbreakBj. com*.
check, you dont have what to lose!!! 

jk swati says:

thanku its worksssssssssss :)

josh7120 says:

you half to make your free itunes account on your computer, using your
itunes. go thrue the steps, until it ses, payment, then click the options,
and it will say free. ur welcome 😀

mior aliff says:

thank dude

VienBienTv says:

The problem is, the damn itunes wont let me backup because there is a

Jørgen Thorsdalen says:

OMG! this is soooo frustrating! My phone says Disabled, connect to itunes,
when i do connect it, it says that you need to enter password AKA method 3.
The only problem, that it seems to only happening to me, is that when i
press sleep for a long period of time, the screen goes black. when i then
press hoem screen, the same disabled message gets up again! I’m not
possible to get my phone into recovery mode… any ideas?

Goochie Poochie says:

Thank you so much

Rais Mohamed says:

thanks bro you’re video was alot of help

Sherree Figel says:

Not working for me either 🙁

Jørgen Thorsdalen says:

and yes, i’ve tried pressing both sleep and home at the same time

Talal Abdullah says:


Kas Tur says:


Hi_it's_Michelle says:

I disabled my iPad i plugged in the wire and connected to iTunes took it
out but kept the other side in ( in the computer) the wire showed up but no
sign what do i do?

Suleiman Mohamed says:

thank you it worked:)

cg99la says:

My son locked his IPad Mini, your directions were right on. Thanks you
saved me a trip to Best Buys.. Thank You again

Jørgen Thorsdalen says:

google ipad error 3192, maby?

dgvette34 says:

I was fixing some ones iPod touch and when I was done, it said it is
disabled for over 22 million minutes. I don’t want to have to loose all the
data. Please help.

ZebulonBond says:

Things you need to know before you jailbreak iOS device!
www.JailbreakBj.com Just check it!!

Sanaullah Shinwarie says:

i have tried the third one and it works,it was very good, thanks

thebayareapimp says:

it will not let u restore if u have passcode

vikingfish2419 says:

Please help

Antonia Curlett says:


alway goodlife says:

bro out of the 100000 of yt chan i checked today you are the one that got
my iphone4s working i love you:) thanks so much

mary katherine says:

omg this helped my iphone is actually downloading it now

iErrorChannel says:

This means your backup is encrypted. There is a box in iTunes that lets you
set a password for backups, you might have done that. Another way a backup
gets encrypted is using an exchange mail account, such as a work email
account, on your device. A lot of them will force a password onto your
backups – in this situation you’d need to ask the IT guys at work what it
is. If you can’t figure out the backup password, then data loss cannot be
helped. Option 3 will get it working, but it’ll be erased

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