My iPhone is Disabled! How Do I Fix it Without iTunes?

My iPhone is disabled! How do I fix it without iTunes?

If it is disabled because you failed too many times with the passcode lock, you can’t reconnect without restoring it via iTunes.

And when I recover it that way, I lose all my files not already backed up to iTunes or the cloud.

It can be frustrating how Apple requires you to use iTunes to restore and defaults to connecting to iTunes when the phone is in recover mode. And if the phone is disabled and you can’t connect to iTunes, that’s a problem.

Why might I not be able to connect to iTunes?

You might not have a wi-fi connection, or might not want to use a public wi-fi to restore your phone. You might have a bad connection, or the phone may have damaged its antenna.

My iPhone doesn’t have an antenna.

The antenna is built into the case. If you dropped it and the antenna broke, it won’t connect to iTunes.

Are there any other options?

You could connect the phone to a computer and try to restore it through the computer’s connection to iTunes. Or leave it to a genius.

I though you were good with technology, which is why I am asking you.

I meant one of the geniuses at the Apple store. They even call their tech support group the Genius bar.

Are there any other ways to remote in and fix the phone?

If you have the Find My iPhone function activated on the iPhone, you’ll be able to do a remote wipe of the device. Then restore the phone from the iCloud.

But it has to have already had that function set up before I can use it.

And you have to have an iCloud account, as well as iOS 10.7.5 or a later version.

I haven’t heard of that function before.

It’s usually used to put an activation lock on the phone after you run the remote wipe, so that someone who steals the phone doesn’t have your data or a usable phone to sell.

I’m going to have to go to an Apple phone, because I don’t have a useable phone at all.

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Viktor Sečić says:

Just connect it to PC and press sync button. Your PC won´t really sync
anything because you are locked. It will reset time to zero and you won´t
lose anything. Then just slide to unlock.

Leo Mc'Cloud says:

Wtf -_-

kpm721 says:

Just backup your iPhone on iTunes and you will have all your data from
whenever the last time you backed it up

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SWiiFT Fortune says:

mine needs itunes to work

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Fuck both of u

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It’s the dullest video I have ever seen. Ever.

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This is a bullshit ass video

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FIRST! LOL Over 46K views only 2 comments fail

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will it erase my photos

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what the hell is this

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When it said “Antenna” I actually though it’s saying internet in this way!!!
==> In-n-ter-ne-ee-t

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