Restore disabled (forgot passcode) iPad/iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 on ANY VERSION of iOS – Step by Step

Unfortunately, the message ‘Iphone is Disabled’ or ‘iPad is disabled’ is probably one you never want to see. Bearing that separation from your apple device is one of the most painful. Therefore never make the mistake of

entering the wrong passcode six times in a row or you will be locked out from your device.

Follow these steps if you never synced your device with iTunes, if you don’t have Find My iPhone set up, or if you can’t get to your own computer. You’ll need to put your device in recovery mode, which will erase the device and its passcode. Then you’ll restore your device as new or from a backup.

Disconnect all cables from your device.

Turn off your device.

Press and hold the Home button. While holding the Home button, connect your device to iTunes. If your device doesn’t turn on automatically, turn it on.

Continue holding the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

iTunes will alert you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.

Click OK, then restore the device.

If you receive an error during the installation please comment below or send us your questions directly.

Thanks for reading/watching.

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ali khalid says:

bro i need help!!!!!
does it delete everything on my phone?

Sean Ent | HowToTech says:

I tried but in the middle of downloading the software, it again gives the
message that the iphone is locked. What to do now?

Lual Kelei says:

thanks it worked

OPxGaming says:

my itunes crahes when it finishes extracting

Sneh Mehta says:

After restoration how do I put the old backup in the iPad? Pleaseeeeeeee
reply! Its important

24halonerd says:

It says activate this apple id with the account created with it

Pyro Hydra says:

Subscribed. Now I know what to do when I steal idevices. 

Blaze says:

thanks man lol
i just bought a new 5s again and then i forgot the pass, lol so stupid.

Cece Saber says:


Bloon Tower Defence GamePlays says:

Hey bro could you plz plz help me when I turn my phone and plug the cable
in the iTunes doesn’t appear on my computer what should I do could you plz
plz tell me ASAP THX

daboss says:

well i know im not the guy but that happened to me and you have to actually look it up

arafat zaman says:

After restoring how to activate because i dont know the icloud pass of the
previous owner? :/ need help

Ciara Muzares says:

Thanks so much it worked for me, at first I was pissed off because it
downloaded for about 3hrs and my phone was still disabled so I restarted my
PC and tried again and it finally worked within just a minute! You can
actually have your files back if you have a back up from itunes or icloud.
Just be patient and keep trying people. :)

PigeonPartyXD says:

I had a lot of trouble trying to do this but when it worked I was so happy-
thanks xx

Christian Contreras says:

Okay. I have an iPhone 5c. I have never backed it up or even connected it
on my computer. It is disabled. Would the process still work? 

faizal masterd says:

hi Sean… me again.. can u help me?? but this time my iphone lock with
apple ID… Can I remove apple ID because this one I just buy from someone
who found this iphone. and this is iphone 5c.

cash916 says:

Could you help me I did all the steps it keeps saying I have a error 

sidik rascic says:

Thank you very much :DDDD

Maria Perez says:

during the process of downloading my phone went back to the apple logo
and the computer showed a pop up saying that it couldn’t connect into my
iPhone cause it has a password

Faisal Majeed says:

Bro, what did you do then. Actually I am facing the same problem.

Supreme Stormer says:

Youre a life saver! thanks so much <3 i liked and subscribed 

Corrina Walsh says:

I LOVE YOU. I have been waiting a year to get back on my old iPhone 4.
Can’t thank you enough!

Laurel Desmarteau says:

You are a life saver !!!!!!!I was an idiot and forgot my own password om my
new only complaint with this solution is that it erases everything
and you have to start over but I won’t be picky,at least I’m not locked out

atikah syahidah says:

Can i just restore without updating it? How? Because my connection keep dc
while the updating is in progress.. 

Jayden Taylor says:


SgtSpecial says:

I get half way through the install then it says please respond to iphone to
continue and then it says disabled and I don’t know what to do please help!

Daniel Mota says:

I followed everything in the beginning but when I tried connecting it to my
Itunes, it said Itunes can not connect to this iphone because it is locked
with a passcode, so I dont know what to do because I dont remember my
passcode, I have the iphone 5s with the touch print but i cant enable it
till I put my passcode in. can you please help me ?

Olboi Khabb says:

Mine have a red iTunes showing and not blue. Help


it won’t restore my iTunes say updated software ? Plz help

kelly richards says:

Itunes tells me it cannot send message to Iphone when i try to put it in
recovery. It worked originally then I did the software update.



Tawhid Ali says:

My phone doesn’t go to recovery mode

vanessa lushetile says:

thanx allot yousaved my life$$$$$$

Adeel Imran says:

How to restore without upgrading to ios 8.1? I’m currently running ios
7.1.1 and don’t want to update to ios 8.1. HELP!!

Rachel Carmona says:

home button is broke and my phone was disabled how do I fix this???

quenbyhackson says:

Hey after I do this I get to the point where I have to put the email and
password that activated the iPod but I forgot my email and password I used
what do I do

maria jeffery says:

this shit don’t work tell people how long it takes. been trying all night.

Lil Portra says:

mother >>>>>>>>

Daniel Kang says:

Will the data stay the same?

Edcel Dela Rosa says:

is this working on my iphone 4s??

Mathew Lewis says:

Thanks man saved my ass

Apek Mess says:

i found an iphone 5s..but it is disable just like ur videos..when i try to
do the same as you does not work..can you please teach me.. ?

Jaycee Ancheta says:

so how can i completely use the phone coz i dont know the apple id and
password coz i only found it.i already reset to factory and thats my
problem again..take note since i found it no one call and it was closed

piraticy says:

mine says….””the iphone “iphone” could not be restored.the device cannot
be found”” iphone 4s

Savion Woodall says:

Wat site were u on because it didnt work for me

Fatima Galarza says:

i dont know much about this but here goes my question … in the middle of
the restoring it stoped and said to chech my network and try again and i
keep trying it but it doesnt work .. 🙁 help asap … 

Akeem Isaacs says:

help meee

Robin Wray says:

How can I restore and save the pictures before I do this?

Mohammad Hasan says:


Amit Saini says:

my iphone 5 is disabled, when i connect to itunes to restore it shows red
itunes symbol and the restore and update stops after a while..
help me to fix this


I get on the connect to iTunes picture on the iPod but my computer or
iTunes doesn’t detecT the iPod please helP!!!!!

Yaxeni Bojorquez says:

Thank you so much ! it worked !

Jess says:

Help my boyfriends phone is saying allow access from phone to continue to restore but nothing pops up in the phone my daughter somehow changed all kinds of settings and it’s not even getting signal as well as created a password be there was no password on there before please help to reset this phone iPhone 5

Erassy says:

Help me with my iPhone 5s model A1533, displaying iPhone disabled and i should try it in many minute later which is up to 34 years.

Jennifer says:

Keep getting error

Urip Haryanto says:

Thank you very much,…..

gary says:

after i restore in i tunes it goes back to the same prompt phone disabled go to i tunes

greg says:

half way through it says it needs permission from the iphone. asking to respond with passcode, but i have forgotten. what do i do??

lovely flame says:

i have tried all these things all everything and its frustrating cause i cant take it no more. my problem now is how do i get my ipad working without using all these falling methods. please tell me other way to fix this ipad please thank you.

Jean says:

I tried too many times with the incorrect password. The I phone 4 says to connect to I tunes . When I plug it into our new computer it says usb device won’t recognize it . There is a lot of data on this I phone which I need . Can you help please ?

phanindra says:

I get on the connect to iTunes picture on the iPhone but my computer or
iTunes doesn’t detecT the iPhone please helP!!!!!

phanindra says:

My iPhone 4s says connect to iTunes but iTunes won’t recognise it

Pizzaro says:

In the middle of the extraction of the software my iPhone 5 is turning on and after the extraction is writing that the iPhone is missing!!! Help me please

kim says:

Hi there I did what u said but when it shows conneconnectt to itunes I can’t

kanika says:

I have been locked out of my iphone and now when I try to reset it, it allows me only 15 minutes to download a 1.84 gb file which is practically impossible. How do I extend the time to download the software update (without which it just wouldn’t reset). Please help!

Sharon says:

i have reset the phone but still says it’s still linked to an Apple ID so still can’t use it, can u help me get past that

Sharon Laidler says:

December 1st 2015
i have reset the phone but still says it’s still linked to an Apple ID so still can’t use it, can u help me get past that

san says:

my phone is disable and it saids to connect to iTunes but it wont

Adam smith says:

Hi I’m Adam I have a iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s but say it’s disabled connect to iTunes every time I do it always half way thru phone starts the days disabled still adam

Lee says:

I did this and in the middle of restoring it came up with an unknown error. Now the phone is stuck in DFU mode and keeps displaying the same error when trying to restore. There is nothing I can do…

Nasher says:

I have iphone 4, my kid played with it and I ound that it was disabled.
I tried to connect it to itunes to restore it, It started the operation for about three hours, but suddenly the iphone was disconnected and the operation was lost. I tried another time and the same happened.
later on I repeated the operation, this time when my iphone was disconnected while extracting the software, then itunes give me the message “unknown error occurred”
I have no idea what to do, could you please help me.
Thanks for your cooperation

rachael williams says:

i have iphone5c ive forgot my passcode, i have followed all instructions but when i connect it to itunes and click on restore its saying theirs an unknown error can you please help?

Dishant says:

I have a problem… I tried the way it was mentioned but in the middle of the process it says : “restore failed as the iPhone is disabled, please enter the password” I am really tensed please tell me what to do… its been about 3 times that I tried it and It gets disabled again and says try again in 60 minutes.

Monique says:

Following your instructions, it started to download the software update, though the phone keeps disconnecting from iTunes and going into disabled mode. Is there any way to bypass the message and recover?

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