Restore DISABLED iPad iPod iPhone 6+/6/5c/5s/5/4s Forgot passcode. IOS 8 and ANY other versions

If your iOS device (phone or iPad) has locked you out, you might find yourself somewhat at a loss. Being stuck without internet access or the ability to make calls can be a massive inconvenience and it’s highly frustrating if you need to use the device quickly. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to mistakenly type your password incorrectly a few times and to see the dreaded screen.

This video shows you how to easily place your device back into recovery mode thereby regain normal function. Follow the quick and easy instructions and you’ll be making calls and playing Angry Birds again in no time!

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Isyss Riggins says:

Can someone reply a link to where i can get itunes PLZ! ( hp chromebook )

Khem Chum says:

AHHHHHHH it dosnt work. It just keeps popping up with Disabled. How can i
do it??

LpsMinty345 says:

aww it didnt work for me

Marky1sharky says:

its crap!

Berek Lilla says:

I know a great site for AT&T users if you intend to unlock , it’s
attiphoneunlocking, the best site for unlocking AT&T stuff in the event
that you ask me

KraZedSexPoodle says:

When I get to restore mode on iTunes it’s still asking for log on password
for a old e-mail address.

whitefire1997 says:

What is after releasing sleepwake button and holding home button you never
get anything but the apple icon until the screen goes black. Then you are
back at the screen that says disabled? 

Mr./ Dr./ Professer Beef Montgomery says:

lol nice iMovie transitions

mitchneck31 says:

When I hold down the power and home button it just comes off with the power
off screesn. Help?

Matt Sloan says:

What if its not synced to my computer and I do not have an iTunes
account… Any help plea no icloud or what ever its called

Dave Stirder says:

uuuh i got the usb cord with the itunes symbol, (did it with it connected
to my surface) and now the ipod is just stuck(usb and the itunes symbol),
and nothing is happening?????

Barbara Miller says:

news flash your video DOES NOT

Rajczy Ervin says:

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joey shevlin says:

I didn’t forget my password I turned it off and when I turned it back on it
said iPod disable connect to iTunes

luis lorduy says:


XCamPlayzMC ' says:

It works and none of my apps got erased

AshleeEpicFace says:

Mine wouldn’t go in recovery mode

Rigo Bence says:

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after AT&T denied the access of many unlocking sites to their database
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Brett Lawrence says:

Go to this website before you start jailbreaking your iPhone!!
*JailbreakBJ. c om*.

The Waffle Gamer says:

fuckin pissed man,it dont work

CassAttack says:

What do you do if you don’t want to lose all your pictures, etc on the iPad
but you disabled it?

Mackenzie Franko says:

Yea this was waste of my time : (

karmakid123 says:

I’ve done it many times and its never asked me to plug it into iTunes and
it’s never deleted anything

armando tripari says:

I doesn’t work 

Darian Barson says:

How to jailbreak iPhone? Go on this website!!!
*JailbreakBJ. co m*.
Bestwebsite ever!!!

Edwar Leiva says:

when im restoring it doesnt let me

Leslie Sanchez says:

will it delete your contacts and apps 

Matthew Coe says:

ya wrong

Nevan Clarke says:

thank you it worked everyone else made it so complicated

edgar padilla says:

is there anything i can do if my ipad dosnt have a home button

Jake Downs says:


Sunshyne Dickerson says:

does this work with ipad 2

Dajah Carter says:

does this still works if you are logged in iclouds/find my iphone 

iMostCheats says:


Penny Bumgardner says:

I cant fix it dosent work

Hudra Csaba says:

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Etyeki Claudia says:

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Amani N. Chowdhury says:

It works!!

juggalette6974 says:

yooo dumb assses who think this works your just turning on and off the
fucking phone duh!

Brandie Sanchez says:

It worked thank you!

Valery Hernandez says:

None of this shit works -.-


it says its not eligible for a restore…

TheBladeNinja99 says:

it worked it beppen worked

TACU Fuzzy dodo says:

When i hold dwn the home button it doesnt show the itunes thing

Edward Reen says:

2 mutha fucking hours to wait :(

Guida Fearn says:

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JoeySwag Forever says:

it doesn’t work

aljhon austria says:

Thank You

tyler mcclenny says:

does it work on a windows 8

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