Top Ways To Unlock iPhone Disabled

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Shajith Mds says:

i cant restore my photos?????

Ali Amar says:

I have iPhone 5s it’s deasbled can this work without restore??

Art xharra says:

For me the itunes say the ipod cant be restored because there is an error
pleas help if you know what to do

CassAttack says:

Is there any way to backup the data if its on a computer that I’ve never
synced with my iPad before?

TheInkBat says:

This video is filled with scamers.

তানভীর আহসান says:

I lost my backup file of my iphone 4 and I wanna unlock my iphone with a
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Avaya Mcdonough says:

It didnt work , do they work if your ipod or whatever is not synced to the

Raj Narasimha says:

plz reply soon ..i got the message as
itunes couldnot connect to iphone ‘iphone’ because it islocked with a must enter your passcode on the iphone before it can be used
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Prince Richard Pellerin says:

Bro Help Im using a New Computer. to Sync. and restore But looking for
Passcode.i have the passcode and apple i.d but i cant input in mah iphone
..because its disable in 23,434,343 minutes… please response .thanks

Kevin Ranada says:

Why did it keep saying please respond on your iphone but there is nothing
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Hussain Babu says:

what i want to do

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Thank you very much God bless you

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Brian Kaptein says:

I found an iPhone with no way to contact owners. Since I can’t contact them
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I don’t have a computer?

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I try to do it did not work can you help me

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its not working

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comming error occured

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thank you

zak Alsaee says:

A are you sure this will help ok I will try.

TheCountryBuzzz says:

My husbands phone has been disabled for 2 days & THIS video is the ONLY one
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