Unlock Your Disabled iDevice (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) All iOS Versions Supported

1) Plug in your disabled device into iTunes and close/dismiss any error notifications and sync errors

2)Power down the Device

3) Put your iDevice into DFU Mode (NOT RECOVERY MODE). 1. Hold lock button down for 3 seconds 2. With out releasing the lock button, hold down the home button for 10 seconds 3. Release the lock button and continue holding the home for an additional 15 seconds or until iTunes notify’s you that the device is in “DFU Mode.” (which ever occurs first)

4) Once in DFU Mode, restore device in iTunes via two methods:

— 1. Download the ipsw that corresponds with the iDevice online (make sure the ipsw is latest iOS version) – In iTunes; press the shift key, and click on restore at the same time, (may take more than one try) – Once you get successfully shift-click-restore in iTunes, iTunes will request that you search for the ipsw and a search box will come up – (if you saved the ipsw on the desktop), then click desktop and then select the ipsw for that device. (if not on your desktop, well then all i can say is start looking ;D). iTunes will then verify the ipsw with Apple then begin the restore

— 2. Or you can choose the traditional method of restore and just wait for the OS to download from Apple’s servers.

5) Once ipsw is verified, and/ or OS has successfully downloaded from Apple’s servers, iTunes will automatically extract the software and restore the device.

6) Once the device has restored successfully to it’s normal state, all should be good

7) Good Luck :DD

Note: YOU CAN BACK UP YOUR PICTURES WHEN THE DEVICE IS NOT IN DFU, EVEN THOUGH IT’S DISABLED! And if you’re worried about music, don’t be.. You can download all your purchases for free from iTunes on your computer (With the latest version) if you can’t upgrade to iOS 5. because iOS 5 has that cloud feature. and if your music is not legally downloaded, then it should all be on your computer anyways and you should have nothing to worry about..

***This video is for those who don’t know this method to unlocking a disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.. The only down side is that this method will restore the iPod back to the factory settings.

***In the video, it shows me restoring with a custom ipsw. you don’t have to. I just downloaded the ipsw online. I only did it that way so I don’t have to wait for iOS to download. If you do choose this method of restore, you must have the correct ipsw for that iDevice AND the most recent iOS version ipsw for that device or it wont work and you will end up with an error message in iTunes. So before you do the restore, if you don’t want to wait for the download from iTunes, make sure the ipsw is up to date. and i’d also suggest downloading the iOS/ ipsw from online because it will download faster than if you downloaded it in iTunes. also because iTunes does all that verifying crap and it totally screws things up.

My first video guys 😀
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(in case any of you are dumb asses, i try to make, FINDING your firmware, a little easier by trying to make, more simple instructions on finding, selecting, and downloading your .ipsw file While still trying to make you feel like a complete idiot in the process. If you’re still confused, consult a magical monkey for further assistance ;D)

1) Just look for your device. (do NOT click on the list of iDevice’s on the side of the page when you get to the site)
There will just be a huge tables for EACH iDevice that has all the corresponding (compatible) iOS(s) that were ever made for that device

2) Look for your device

3) Then look for the iOS version that you want for the device in the table that contains all the compatible firmwares that were ever made by apple
(I recommend the latest firmware for your device)

4) Once you have completed steps 2 and 3, (keep your place on the table where you found the correct firmware version) Look at the top of the table and find where it says “IPSW Download URL” . In that row is the download link to the specific .ipsw file that you selected. So find and make sure you have the correct link to the required .ipsw so you download the firmware version that you are wanting to download

5) Repeat step 4 a couple times.. ;D just to make sure you are about to click on the correct link

6) Click on the link that corresponds to the .ipsw file in which you, want to download

7) (On PC), (When prompted), save the .ipsw in a place that you know you will find it. Like your desktop or a certain folder you save all your important stuff in or whatever! Just make sure you are able to find it! (i don’t own a Mac, but just save it where ever I guess)

8) Once you have completed steps 1 through 8, go back to/ or continue from/with step 4 or 5 in the Original tutorial and you should be all good

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Jason Waskahat says:

does anyone have frikn ipad video on how to disable.. not a phone but a

Ruth Buehrig says:

Hi Kyle, i recently disabled my phone and didn’t back it up to my mac or
ipad, is there a way i could recover my picture and videos from it, it you
could reply with any possible answer i wd appreciate it, i don’t understand
the jailbraking process i have an iphone 5 and not sure if it wd be okay to
do that or not, some pages are very technical in their description and i
don’t get it. thanks

DIQuan Woods says:

How do I find tha mode on my computer wat is it nd wat is the rest

DIQuan Woods says:

Wat did yu go to on yur computer to do all tha

gkyong says:

how do i backup my photo when my ipad 2 is already disabled??

Kyle Wilson says:

@joemen13 haha, thanks bro. It’s actually my first tutorial. The quality
was a little bad because i had issues with Adobe Premiere. And yes, my
descriptions will always be very detailed in exactly what to! I also don’t
talk much and so that’s the reason why i put music in and left a lengthy
description. (recommend this to friends and others)

Kyle Wilson says:

Adobe is on my moms computer and she kept nagging me to give her computer
back the night i made this.. and then the file was too big and wouldn’t
upload but it was in 1080p after i edited it.. but i convert it down to MP4
format. And dude I’M 14 YEARS OLD.. get over your self and stop nagging me
to put up a vid in better format. and i filled up the descripion box to
where it said i ran out of characters so i don’t know what you’re talking
about. Just be thankful I put one up in the first place..

Kyle Wilson says:

@ddanelzoe You’re welcome bro :DD Anything else you need, contact me bro!
Recommend me as well XD Also, send me video requests ! I’d be happy to do
so 🙂

God Himself says:

Annoying ass music. Fuck’s up the whole video, I couldn’t go thru 25% of it
with out having to hit the mute button.

Chloe says:

WHAT IS IPSW? and how do I get it on my computer???? 🙂

astralapache00 says:

NOT IN DFU, EVEN THOUGH IT’S DISABLED! my iphone is disabled and it seems
that the only option is to restore it but i don’t want to lose all my
pictures and videos, please explain the above statement.

alexandercelmare18 says:

hi man, i have a disabled iPhone 4S. i forgot my passcode and now my phone
is stuck. i not sure what the version of ios was …. i’m a n00b and have
not checked it. do you know how to find out?

Colachickens says:

Does anyone know how to fix the ‘USB Device not recognized, and I’ve tried
re-installing the drivers but does anyone know.

Kyle Wilson says:


Kyle Wilson says:

look, bro.. I did this with my iPhone 4S. it originally was in 1080p HD
format. But Adobe fu!ked it up.. and there was nothing I could do about
it.. I needed to get rid of the original audio because i was cusing and
sh!t in the back ground and talking to my self a lot and a bunch of other
stuff was going on so I replaced the audio with Adobe.. And I had to chop
the second part of this video into one video.. it took me almost two days
to finish it because i don’t have Adobe on my computer.

ahmad alghamdi says:

it not clear and does not help much.

Evan Moak says:

Thanks man I just let it download on its own I didnt do the Ipsw or
whatever but hey thanks for helpin me put it in recovery move this vid

kaexo says:

dude, you may have saved my life. thank god for little techies out there
like you

777rohail says:

thanks 4 this but plz can u give written description about it or show it
again in good quality as its not clear

Kyle Wilson says:

@azzee85 It’s a mode where iTunes knows nothing about the iDevice (iPhone,
iPad, iPod Touch), except the type of device.. So it’s able to completely
restore with out iTunes rejecting you because it’s disabled. There are
instructions on how to DFU mode in the description! Inbox mr for further

King Ricky says:

how do i back up pictures?

Evan Moak says:

What if I dont download the ipsw cause I cant find it

Ismael Kassim says:


Evan Moak says:

Where can u get ios 4 I want to unlock my Ipod TOuch 2nd Gen

Kyle Wilson says:

@jaden2555 Okay okay! I now have the link for the .ipsw!! in the link, you
will find any and every ipsw that was ever compatible with EVERY iOS
device. they even have iOS 1.0 for the 1st generation iPod Touch, hahaha XD
anymore questions, just comment or inbox me. THE LINK IS NOW IN THE BOTTOM

TwoDeeNoodle says:

Cool video dude, it really helped a lot. btw. Can you tell me the title of
the music you’ve used? Highly appreciate if you’d share it. Thanks. 🙂

Kyle Wilson says:

Hey guys. I’m commenting because i apparently ran out of space in the
description. BUT, When you (if you) do the custom ipsw method of restore,
you MUST use the latest iOS version for your device unless you know how to

Exuberance says:

no need to write a essay.. you can just do it?

Kyle Wilson says:

@sexinthecooch Haha, Love you too bro XD no homo :3

Kyle Wilson says:

@Stylisticz808 I shall post a link this weekend!! You don’t have to have
the .ipsw but I just used it because I didn’t wanna cut the video into two

Keith Dorsey says:


Mexican Taco Mann says:

when i turned my iPAD off it wouldnt turn back onn…

Jeffrey Pierre says:

u r the man.. it works perfectly

Lucy smith says:


Jose Menera says:

my ipod 5 dont turn on dude

alexandercelmare18 says:

by the way , i tried to restore with itunes , and gave the option to
restore and to update to ios7 , and i dont want to update… thanks in

Dexter Haven says:

Annoying music & far too long.

Kayla lawrence says:

Wat do i do my ipod wont turn on know? 😮

Gio Santos says:


Yuliana Hernandez says:

if you do this will it go back to factory mode?

liverpoolandbarcafan says:

my itunes account was on my old laptop which is now in bits and my ipod
touch 4th gen is disabled so what should I do?

Uncle ruckus says:

men god damm why the fuck did you need to put that hard attack giving music
in this vid bro

ddanelzoe says:

ohh my god bro your the best this really helped thanks so much bro

Kyle Wilson says:

You don’t have to have the .ipsw! I only used it because it takes forever
for the firmware to download from Apple’s server! And i didn’t have time to
let it download while recording..

emily judkins says:

@kyLewiLsOn1351 What if I don’t want to restore it? because its going to
delete everything..

קרן גרינברג says:

Does it do restart to the Iphone or it keeps everything like photos,
applications and stuff? please answer me back quickly

Ibrahim Shaaz says:

does this work on a disabled ipad2 also?..with a one which is never sync
with a comp?

Mrsbubbylover123 says:

thankyou verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Wilson says:

@KAREN11602 Okay, before you DFU the device, the computer can still access
the photos. so you want to transfer them over to the computer. the computer
will recognize the device as a camera called iPhone or whatever you named
your phone. so yeah. it will erase EVERYTHING off of the phone. if your
music is illegal, it should be on a computer so you are able to put it back
on.. if it is purchased, you can download from the cloud via iOS 5 if the
device is older, update iTunes and download them free

Abdullah Aldosari says:

dude calm your farm he just asked you nicely to make another video just say
“sorry i can’t.” he didn’t nag he just asked you once btw.

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