Apple iPhone 4 HARD RESET Wipe Data Master Reset (RESTORE to FACTORY condition)

Learn to hard reset your Apple iPhone 4 with these easy steps. Before selling or recycling your cell phone, you should always remove any important data and information so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. This video will show you how.
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Ed Price says:

If you can do it without opening the case, then that’s called EXTERNAL, not

luke griffiths says:

dose this remove my apple id so i can sell my phone

md tawheed says:

My iphone is not getting restore through this method

Majestic PixelEye says:

I accidently wiped it out. HOW DO I GET IT BACK! PLEASE HELP ME! (I have a
iphone 4)

Misttie Burns says:

Thank you for your help I was able to reset the iPhone my nephew gave me
after he got his new iPhone 5

Aliene Weller-Sheppard says:

I currently came into a in iPhone 4S and it won’t let me do an erase of the
phone and settings because the original owner doesn’t know his Apple ID
password. Is there a way around that? Hope to hear back soon. Thanks!

ModernLifeStyle says:

please help mine just keeps doing the loading circle for like a hour and
does nothing

Uttam Rabadiya says:

it is always stuck on loading screen after erase data and settings.. is
there any solution for this?

Mr. Jever says:

My iPhone is completely fucked up. It can’t connect to iTunes and it gets
stuck whenever i try the reset button under settings > general > reset. 

Rafi Baltis says:

will it reset the activation because i have a virizon phone?

Tony DC says:

Thank You

yongslicer says:


June yodbun says:

fuck if i lost apple id & pass word apple id i canot login my iphone

Andy Villar says:

i did the reset content and settings like yesterday its been going on for
about 16 hours i really don’t know whats going on, its freaking me out; is
taking forever i don’t know why. it just shows screen gray buffering plz
some1 help me

CheckIt Productions says:

restore it on itunes

ramoncasaresphotos says:

Me too! 🙁

popey1970 says:

if i find a iphone can it be traced if i reset it with itunes ?

steve9348 says:

hey how can i put the hardware on itunes..trying to restore my phone

John Black says:

Ramona, just hold your home and on/off button. Then just do a manual
restore via Itunes. That shit takes to long to get restored. The quickest
way is via Itunes by using a custom Iphone firmware. If you don’t know how,
just message me.

Clan YAYO says:

How long will this usually take?

Stephen Anthony Evans says:

I have a question. So my dad came home from work and said that he found an
iPhone in the grocery store (where he works as the GM). He said they keep
them there for about a month in the lost and found and if no one claims the
found belongings, they just throw it away. But he decided just to bring it
home with him cuz it was still good. So he asked me if I had an iPhone
charger and so I got it out and plugged it in. But it was locked. How would
I reset it if its locked and not mine?

John Black says:

I did the reset but it’s taking me houres … Is something wrong??

Dave Haldane says:

how is this a hard reset?! You’re just using software! Argh. So hard to
find a hardware reset video that is actually a hardware reset.

Kevin Martinez says:

you probally already solved it but use itunes restore

muzakkir3005 says:

I have similar problems to i access this problem?

MikkShredz says:

If we do it now, will it force us to download ios7 ?

benette johnson says:

how do u do it?

Savannah says:

I have a I phone it’s disabled and I can’t use iTunes to reset it because my computer won’t let me what now ?????

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